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  1. Im just saying it now.... I dont want to hear (read) all the people bitching about how they took the day off from work/school/whatever and they are pissed the update didnt drop. Just dont do it. These things frequently slip, or if they do happen on the day, happen very late on the date.
  2. archaegeo

    Do NOT take the 20th off from work/school/etc

    If you want to do it, that im ok with, its your vacation time. What I dont want to see is people bitching about how they took a day off to play and the patch doesnt come till 10pm on the 20th (or whatever day it turns out to be)
  3. While i like the idea of the new system and will help test it out, I do worry that on launch post wipe you will have a ton of griefers just go out, drop a flag on an island, and set the whole island to company only. Yes, they cant hold it due to needing upkeep, but for the first couple of days I could see it get very bad. Second type of griefers will be those who go out and find an island with no claim yet, but some building on it, who then proceed to claim and wipe all buildings out of spite. This sounds like a good system if used as intended, but it also sounds like it has HUGE griefing potential, and thats not counting those big companies that just dont want non-company members on their lands. This is a step in the right direction, and this is EA and testing, but this REALLY sounds like griefers will just have a field day with it. They wont care that they lose the island eventually due to upkeep cost or war, they just want the initial tears of all islands being claimed and set to no-build for outside company.
  4. I absolutely refuse to believe that people are so naive that they thought there would not be multiple wipes throughout early access. Its a two year development process. You knew this when signing up. Demanding no wipes, demanding increased rates post wipe, all of it, just stop. This is part of the development and testing process. If it is 10x after every wipe, there is no testing of levelling rates. If you cant handle this, wait for 2 years for launch and then you get to be amazed at what will feel like a totally different game by then.
  5. archaegeo

    New Claim System - Griefers paradise?

    Taking an island on day one just to prevent others building on it is not PvP. Its griefing. Taking an island others are building on, then running around destroying everything on it, even though you do not intend to hold or use the island is not PvP, its griefing. They dont care if they lose it due to upkeep or someone taking it, they just want to cause havok on day one when people are just looking to play.
  6. archaegeo

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    Umm, if you look where you buy the game it 100% says EA and has the disclaimer. Untrue, the wipes were not always prescheduled, or if they were, only the dev team new about them. We were informed sometimes with advanced warning, like now.
  7. i would be ok with buying it from some big company, but you cant even drive it if you havent killed the kraken
  8. archaegeo

    New Claim System - Griefers paradise?

    Thats not the issue @Percieval The issue is a griefer will take the island just to prevent others building on it and build nothing on it himself day one just for salty tears. Thankfully you have to build a tax building to build a claim, and it takes 1 hour to effect the claim, but i still see it happening.
  9. I absolutely hate that you need to kill the kraken to get a sub. It penalizes every single solo and small company out there. Especially since they cant even drive it if they were to save up and buy it from someone who did kill the kraken.
  10. archaegeo

    New Claim System - Griefers paradise?

    Jat said in the stream that claim owner can prevent building on the claim if they want, with the drawback that they have to pay the full upkeep. Also said that the claim owner can destroy anything he wants anytime on the claim.
  11. archaegeo

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    You realize EA is nothing more than a big long Beta right? (or alpha in some cases).
  12. archaegeo

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    You'll always get the rush at a new start, folks like that initial race for the summit.
  13. archaegeo

    Come on, how did you NOT expect a wipe???

    so dont play till then. They will wipe when the content is ready. This is EA testing, not play the final game.
  14. Yes, bugs will still be present. Thats what EA is for, testing, wipe, testing, wipe, etc, till release. If they were to wipe post release, then there could be doom and gloom. The number of bugs and exploits they have quashed since release will make this feel totally different this time. What will be fun is people bypassing lawless islands since they dont have alphas on them anymore and alphas were prime levelling tool.
  15. (Lets try to keep this to things that actually help people play the game, and not "wish i had known not to buy an EA game" type posts. Ill try to keep the list updated with additions.) This is meant to be a list of things the game doesnt tell you but that is very helpful to know. Get water to drink by hitting X and lmb on grassy area and do a short minigame, you will get about 60 units. If you use a shovel to do the minigame you can get about 600 units. These cant be used to fill waterskins You can use a grapple to get flotsam rather than jumping into the water. Fire arrows do amazing damage to most critters and pc and set things on fire, including oil globules (Greatly nerfed but still useful) Bees give up chasing you if you jump in water. A level 2 pig is a different level of difficulty compared to a level 2 bear. You can respec 1x/level for free by hitting the respec icon above your XP bar when you hit I. Respec potions are sold at freeport for 250g When you have the map out, holding left-ctrl turns the compass into a poor mans spyglass and camera You can search for items in the skill list, crafting search field, to find the item and what skill / station it uses (works for almost all items) There are more attacks than LMB and RMB, and some give combo bonuses. Starting in tundra = death due to cold if nothing else, dont go there till you have furs or can take the dying. Putting food on your hotbar in same order as the vitamins lets you keep track of what food you need for the Equilibrium bonus Eating in this ratio keeps vitamins balanced: 5 vege / 1 meat / 5 fruit / 1 fish (assuming not prime or cooked meals) A sloop with a single medium speed sail placed far back position will let you solo sail it without moving from wheel position. (still not as efficient as having a PC or AI crew member) You can build platforms even on sloops, and other ships, to let you place forward facing cannons (making it a glass cannon boat). You can sort your inventory by weight, ascending or descending Hitting T while moused over an item in inventory/container will transfer all of it. Hitting O while moused over an item in inventory/container will drop all of it. Build with defenses in mind, AI NPC's and pets will defend your area with cannons, weapons, or themselves. Not all islands have all materials, its intentional, but can be brutal aka Tundra where fiber is missing or very rare (modified some to make tundra easier) Different biomes have different materials, i.e. Sap is found in temperate regions. You can only equip one back item at a time (bow/spear/shovel/etc) Metal Tools from Advanced Tools should be first priority, you can build a smithy on a raft to make them. Holding H without a tool out shows you info about the world and any buffs/debuffs Holding H with a tool out shows what can be gotten with that too from the current thing you are aiming at. Freeport decay rate is super high, it is not a "safe" place to leave your ships overnight. This is intentional. Blueprints with numbers in upper left like 24x means you can use it 24 times. You can use a shovel to dig for potatoes pretty much anywhere there is grass and potatoes are a vitamin A food. I found keeping vitamin A in check to be super frustrating until I knew this. Also taking all three vitamin decay skills and pumping fortitude to at least 20 if not 30 changes vitamin management from a time consuming PIA to extremely manageable. When a blueprint says 2x or 3x of a mat it means you need 2 or 3 different kinds of that mat category. Luring wolves and lions into the water makes them easy to kill. Levels donĀ“t mean that much. A level 30 character still dies really quickly to a level 1 predator. You can cut up your own corpse for free skins and meat. Water barrels fill with rain even if you don't see rain. Open the lid to collect it, close the lid to stop it depleting. (Same for reservoirs) You can prone to deplete vitals slower / recover stamina faster Your ship gets slower when it gets heavier, weight sails combat this. (There are 3 types of sails, speed, handling and weight) Don't build too close to water as you can get sieged by ship cannons Pressing the " ` " key give access to commands. Type "gamma 4" to raise brightness and make night time nicer, type "gamma 2" to lower it in the morning. (or use gamma slider) Ride bears and right click to farm fiber. You can get about 3k fiber in like 10 minutes with one. (Elephants for wood, etc, if needing mass materials, tames help) You can whistle T at your boat to get the ladders down and Y to roll them back up. The transfer all inventory arrow that's in top right and top left when accessing an object with storage. Giant whale tails are a surface only animation that slap the ever loving hell out of your ship. Serious damage. To get new players into your Company, have them spawn at a Freeport that is open, you die and set that Freeport as your home region, invite them to Company, then both die and respawn at your base beds When you craft an item from a blueprint, it will tell you how many times it can be upgraded and then show how much gold and mats required for each upgrade Ships have robust customization, from where the sails go to being able to build walls and platforms on them to mount cannons in positions they normally wouldnt go. A sloop can be configured to sail solo easily by putting a medium mast in the aft most position and the wheel right behind it. Then you just let go of wheel, adjust sails, regrab wheel, no movement. Instead of spamming left mouse button on a tree to hopefully get wood...use left and right mouse button one after another to use your magic punch and get more resources When anchored, NPC crew will do repairs if removed from sail/cannon and set to neutral and not follow (it looks like they are sweeping the deck) In the Captaincy tree there is a ship storage chest that NPC's will use to conduct repairs, along with a Mess Food Locker that they will eat from With a NPC on sails, Z is full stop, SPACEBAR is full go, LEFTSHIFT-A and LEFTSHIFT-D rotates sails. Turning General Shadows to Low removes weather Fog (not fog of war) When on the wheel of a ship, hit X to drop anchor and close sails at same time if you see the light grey anchor symbol on right indicating its shallow enough You can make folders in your inventory and storage chests. Double Tapping M only takes out the compass, Holding M only takes out the map, Pressing M Once takes out both the Compass and Map When placing items on a ship they look different than using them for a building. When placing any item, hit T to see if it has different functions (ie a wall is a doorway and a railing and a halfwall, etc) Where you place the Wheel for your ship becomes its pivot point. Crew Storage Boxes do not have a maximum capacity will stack every resource up to 500,000. Use this to hold all of your harvestables instead of large boxes. These guys only hold harvestable material and gold. Shift-Drag on any stacked items only drags half of them, Shift double Click retrieves 5 instead of 1. Craft wall hooks. Attach them to any surface on land, put torches/lanterns there. Craft and put somewhere a lever. Set the same pin code to lever and hooks. Now lever control all light on hooks with same pin code You can put skulls on wall hooks. If you screw up the rifle mini loading game just drew your one handed weapon and it will cancel the load. You don't lose ammo. List your TIWIHKS items and Ill add em to the list.
  16. Riding needs to be its own branch, either in the survival tree, or its own branch in beast mastery. There is no reason to need to be able to tame to be able to ride. Also, the new note should be in survival so everyone can use it, and the new bookshelf should be in Woodmaking, not stone works. Of course with how many skill points we end up getting its kinda moot, but for those who are on RP servers or if the skill points ever go back down, it would matter. Quality of Life skills shouldnt require everyone be a full tamer and a full construction
  17. archaegeo

    Think I'm done here for now.

    Wow, you guys bitching about nothing left to do, just wow. 1) Its in development, it has 20 more months to release 2) There are TONS of private servers that are radically different than the official gam 3) Try a RP server, just a HUGE blast when its not all about the pew pew pew
  18. Does it work well GF? Sounds clunky
  19. Yes, we get it, you play different than we do, still no need for bookshelf to be at same level of effort as stone building.
  20. Its in Esotery, the last skill in building, which is where stone building is too.
  21. archaegeo

    Secrets of Atlas you may not have known

    I just put him on ignore a long time ago. I only see his posts when someone quotes him
  22. archaegeo

    Secrets of Atlas you may not have known

    @Crete21 You coulda just posted here:
  23. archaegeo

    How to reduce the advantages attackers have.

    Read his post again. As long as your online.... Thats the issue, not profiles or anything else, its offline raiding, it was even addressed in the notes today. yeah, attacking with superior numbers always smart, but when defenders are asleep and cant even get on to defend, it doesnt matter what profile you have loaded if such a thing existed. If # defenders = # attackers, then yes, defenders have a big advantage right now, but that almost never happens