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  1. if my system was old i would not been able to run at all, so its not my systems age, its since the last patch they messed it up, my system is fine as it run really well, ok its quad core q8300 but runs well, so its either a game issue or a gpu issue,
  2. hey everyone, ok i am at lost of what it could be. me thinking its my gpu giving up the ghost maybe since the last patch, my game has not been rendering some of the grpahics correcly, after 5 mins of login , i think like 95% of the graphics has rendered but theres a couple of animals that render correctly, see screen shots links below https://imgur.com/QAJXd8C https://imgur.com/ykoa4mv https://imgur.com/iwgspA4 things i have tried, setting the nvidia card settings manually from the nvidia 3d control panel, still looks the same veriftyed cache, restarted, uninstalled, cleared the steam download cache and deleted any related folders for atlas, restarted pc , and then reinstalled, still the same thing, drivers are up to date, its all fine, i would be greatful for any advice i can get ,. i personnely think its my GPU on its way out, i dont no.. thanks in advance
  3. thats only thing really u can do, sometimes a wipe is better, ok we done a alot of work of building wise, but a wipe is the common answer, in the patch notes in this topic first post , the game save location was changed which caused everyone to recreate there char etc,
  4. Mojoroc, everyone has the same issue. even when u do admin stuff, eg reclaim it all and with the same company name, doesnt always work, if the data is say a few days old or a week,. a wipe is recommended, and if u read the last patch notes carefully you know why and plus, the games save data has been changed thats why its all messed up
  5. will they had to restart a new char and completely make a new company, but then when they went use a station and yes they did learn engrams , it wouldnt let them, but they did a wipe anyway, and plus since the last patch,. my rendering has gone to bust it takes my pc 30 mins to render everything in, were it only used to 2 mins, ark is fine, and no its not my gpu, the game devs of atlas have broken alot of the settings and graphics ,. i think roll back would be called for as it was all workin on my pc fine the other day
  6. admins- after the patch a friend of mine told me they logged in today(tuesday), and they had to create a new char etc, but when they did the commands you said in the first post, they worked but some of the stations wasnt working correctly in a way they couldnt access them or anything any ideas before we do a wipe????
  7. hey everyone, apologises in advanced if this is the wrong area of the forums but it fits in the same subject, admins and or moderators please move to a different forum area if required. anyway, i joined a unofficial private server a few mins ago, (19-04-2019 12:25pm UK Time and about 5 mins later game just randomally crashed for no reason at all, it hasnt crashed since i got it its the first crash i ever had. all drivers are up to date, software is fine, i shut down everyday, start her up in the mornings, do normal checks like verify cache which i am doing now current specs are windows 7 64 bit cpu: quad core q8300 system ram: 8gb (ddr2 i think) gpu(Graphics card) : nvidia 960 gforce with 4 gb of gpu ram. ssd 250 gb with extra hdd 4tb sata 3 drive when ever i get a error on a steam game, i goto settings>downloads> and then click the clear download cache button, as most of the time that helps aswell and then verify the game cache of the game.. the game runs great on my pc,and doesnt norammly crash like that, ok it takes like a few mins for it to load its textures etc but thats fine, attached is a text file with the fatal error i got . any one got any ideas? atlascrash-19-04-2019-12-32pm.txt