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  1. 7 of 1 is how many farmhouses are anywhere near my base. I cannot place a Farmhouse ANYWHERE on a the pve server. Why is there 7 of 1? Logically there could never be more than 3 of 1 because of the nature of circles. UNLESS! they where hack, exploited, or some administrator was STUPID enough to change the radius on persistent server in the middle of a season. I'm so sick of your garbage content drops. I have to play this game because my wife love the pets. The least you devs can do, is stop being completely irresponsible with every single patch. Reduce the decay timer to one day and fix your garbage. So garbage.
  2. Well i see that lawless is there for people to stepping stone out of freeports. Okay so it IS that, and even while settled by some permanent residents, it still is that. While based on lawless i do not try to hinder others on the island, or block off resource nodes, if some dude is building a schooner on the other side of the island, i let him do his thing, if he starts triggering my puckles more than id like, now we have a conflict. Where i am going with this now that we,ve established that dudes can build a schooner on lawless, and you can, on most all of them. Is that there is a second use for lawless. It is the only pirate heaven. And this game requires a pirate heaven so that mega companies can have to deal with pirates.. Because if you have only megas on claimed land, and no safe heaven for pirates, well then you have just a war game, not a pirate game.. And before you say "pirate themed" or whatever snappy its not a pirate game comment youre thinking about typing, just remeber you ARE getting a pirate hat for compensation for the wipe, and with that in mind i think we can conclude that it is a pirate game... So really what im saying, is if i cant "small tribe" or better named "pirate company" in lawless "pirates heaven" well then it just makes that PIRATE hat, just useless doesnt it? May as well just give us navy hat instead hey?
  3. honestly... not being level 50 has a large advantage of being able to respec while you level naturally. Cap level is over rated.
  4. Can we add toggles to turrets to include every possible MOB flag type and toggle them? Up to killing absolutely everything except the turret owner. People inside alliances and companies can steal from there members. itd be great to designate an area to no admittance under the penalty of a puckle to the face.
  5. On that note, i would love to see my puckle guns have more targeting options like: target ally, and target company members under rank x . And choose do not feed allies, and such. because feeding peoples AI is annoying AF and i dont necessarily want allies and company members able to walk freely around my stuff.
  6. I would assume that repair would not rigger on anything recently damaged, for whatever time. Therefore not raid defense at all. And it would only need to tick repair at the same interval as decay. Once an hour tick 100 damage repair 100 damage.
  7. if there is a repair building to negate the damage, that would actually be perfect, thing will autodecay quickly and dudes would actually have to do stuff on the island, instead of just grief and fast travel in every 3 days... (also another reason to disable fast travel between servers. let alone be able to select anywhere as a home server.)
  8. @gnihar well yeah there is that. And it could be that they do that and ruin lawless living. Ill tell you... Ive lost lots of buildings and boats..... Ive only lost one boat and NO buildings to enemies... Everything else was demo'd and sunk either by appropriation or incompetents by people in the mega company i was in.. I wasn't happy until i left them and went to lawless.. The LORD and VASSAL system in place is not very considerate to the individuals playing inside of these mega companies. And the game mechanics NEARLY require you to be in a mega company/alliance to be able to play on claimable land at all. So if they ruin lawless then it really will be a sad sad day.
  9. I am pro lawless rules. The lawless rules are much better than the claim flag systems. the only thing appealing about a claim is having a tax bank, once youre over the fact that you can farm your own resources just fine without a tax bank, the disadvantages of the claiming system make it so completely undesirable for any player that is adept enough to defend their own base without a zerg to fast travel in and save them. Lawless becomes the clear choice for anyone that has thought enough about the liabilities of each system. The new claim system proposal sounds even worse than the existing, and so.... More lawless servers please.
  10. There's no reason to change them. A petition to add more sizes would make more sense. I would say yes absolutely add more options. but there's uses for the existing gates, therefore there's reason not to change them.
  11. When they walk into your base perimeter and you cant kill them.... and then pvp flags... and they drop explosive kegs on your boat. Cuz you couldnt kill them... or just drive 8 fully manned galleons to your front door.... wait for pvp to flag and unload 300 well placed cannons on your base... cause you couldnt stop them from sailing up to your front door.... Im ridiculous for not thinking through? really, is that so.
  12. Pirate game bro. not fancy pant look at my pretty pve base while you cant shoot your cannons neener neeener neeeener.. GTFO
  13. There is no reason ever i should not be able to shoot my cannons. Its a pirate game. i wanna shoot my damn cannons whenever the hell i want... GTFO garbage
  14. Seriously. I cant build cannons and shoot them from my own base? Or from my own ship? In a pirate game? Are you really serious? Seriously? Ok bro. Enjoy your empty servers. Dont you guys remember what dudes did in freeports when you PVE'd trolls and griefers? You know before you killed the freeports with massive decay. Youre just setting up a griefer/exploiter playground... I cant defend myself on my own ship. and my own base... GTFO
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