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  1. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    This is feeling more and more like the plot of : Maybe we could organise a musical called "The Developers" about a group of developers who plans was to get a bunch of investors together, over the profit share and then decided to sink their own game so they wouldn't have to payout. However unlike The Producers, The Developers were successful in their scheme.
  2. True Sonja

    merge pvp and pve

    No. PvE players want nothing to do with the PvP players.
  3. True Sonja

    Merge PvP and PvE to one server

    No. PvE players want nothing to do with the PvP players.
  4. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Oh good, then the obvious exploit that I feared will work...
  5. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    So somebody can own an entire island and if anyone builds on it they can have it removed / raided after 12 hours? How exactly does that equate to allow more people to build vs the old system? Unless I've misunderstood the whole 'settlement' changes they've got planned?
  6. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    But anyone can still build on the claim past the 12 hour point, so after 12 hours what is stopping somebody from running round and plonking down thatch foundations everywhere? Also the 12 hour demo window has a massive exploit that should be obvious to everybody.
  7. True Sonja

    New changes

    So how many islands are going to be in the game? And apparently as a company you can claim an entire island? Not to mention a single player can own an entire 'small island' whatever that means in relation to size I have no idea. Yet owning the island doesn't allow you to stop resource blocking which is what everyone was complaining about. Is this really what they are planning? Are they insane or stupid?
  8. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Also still no word on Discovery Points and Player Characters. Anyone who played much knows the real deal is in Discovery Points and not in XP. We need current characters discovery points kept either actually, or just as a raw number. As to the PvE changes, does this mean there is only 1 'flag' per island? (You claim an entire island?) How are they going to stop resource points being griefed if people can still build anywhere within a claim? What most PvE players want is the CURRENT flag system (minus the sea flags) but with a REALLY low cap like 1 player = 1 flag Companies: 2-3 player = 2 flags 4-5 players = 3 flags 6-10 players = 4 flags 11-25 players = 5 flags 26-50 players = 6 flags 51-100 players = 7 flags 101-150 players = 8 flags 151-200 players = 9 flags 200+ players = 10 flags Is there still building health decay? Cause that was another silly idea, can you imaging trying to repair a really intricate building. Flags should also cost resources / day AND should cost resources to BUILD the frikken flag to start with.
  9. The current gateways are a hold over from ARK where we had things like Brontos and other tall dinos. Even the smaller Dinos were tall (Raptors etc) But the creatures of Atlas are not the same as ARK (with a few exceptions) and the gates do not need to be as large. Do you support halving the height of gateways?
  10. True Sonja


    Thatch foundations are extremely cheap to make, hell you don't even really need to upkeep/repair them, just throw a new one down every 3-4 day.
  11. True Sonja

    Official tweets ( update 18/03 )

    Thank you very handy.
  12. We are now at 57% of the population at exactly the same time 7 days ago.
  13. My prediction is that Grapeshot will use the rapidly sinking numbers post wipe announcement as an excuse to merger the servers and combine the EU and NA servers together (Both the PvE and PvP ones). So look forward to a future server where every nation is playing and the lag increases either for the NA players or the EU players.
  14. If you want to PvP there is a whole server dedicated to it, go play there. Besides there is already a PvP system built inton the game, just go find another company and have each declare war on them.
  15. Now that its the weekend all round the globe, peak to peak for same day last week shows a 33% reduction in total players online. The majority of the losses will be on the official servers, some players will be back, but many will go off and find a new game to fill in the next 3 weeks, in which time their memories and desire to play Atlas would have faded. Grapeshot have royally screwed up. The only way to save the official servers is to keep the playerbase engaged, and the only way to do that is for something, anything that we do now to count towards something after the wipe. A silly hat just won't do it. The best and the one with the least impact on future balance would be to have the DP's prior to wipe count towards something. Then at the very least players can remain engaged with the game by playing for the next 2-3 weeks and hopefully do not drift off to other games.