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  1. Powerstone island, up at the top of the waterfall above the Mermaid lake.
  2. Way above the Mermaid 'pond' on the PS island. In the waterfall.
  3. Single Player Mode : Silos not working Crops cannot be grown because none of the islands have a proper biome
  4. It's coming. Crossplay has been worked on for months.
  5. There are so few players left on any of the servers they may as well try a wipe. However I would only do it in conjunction with a pirate encampment roll out. Also lets hope they just launch with the 2 servers 1 PvE and 1 PvP this time. Only bring up extra when those are brimming with people.
  6. Max level is 150, and you will not have enough skill points for every skill.
  7. Build some decent sails, a combination of GOOD speed and handling and you can maintain good speed even with shitty wind. Game is already easy enough with the ability to sail directly into the wind.
  8. Actually you don't get a message until after your claim finishes going through. We had no idea anyone else was claiming until after we waited 60 tense minutes. Then as soon as the claim is finished we get a message saying a 'new settler' has arrived and our flag appears as contested.
  9. Hi, You do not get notification that somebody else has started a claim if nobody owns the island. We started the claim 47 mins before you did and sat in the area for 60 mins while the timer worked its way down. It's a bit of a sucky system but i think it came about as a result of a bug fix to the issue after the wipe of people claiming last getting the flag. As to the issue of the claim points being displayed, that does look like a bug as we actually have 250 points (and have now spent 248 points). - Red Sonja - Blackstorm Raiders
  10. I'm with Blackstorm Raiders, we have nearly 50 members and the big 122 point island in D5. I'll point our Guild LEader in the direction of this thread as we are always open to working with other groups.
  11. NA PVE server will be as dead as Empire. Most of the PvE players just rerolled on to the EU PvE servers and most aren't interested in rerolling yet again. Just rename the EU PvE server the PvE server and delete the failed Empire server. Try and find a use for the 4th network at a later date.
  12. No No No No No What a stupid idea.... You don't bring up the EU and NA PvE servers a few weeks apart, that is a receipe for disaster. What will happen is you'll get flood of NA players on the EU servers resulting in a bunch of islands being claimed for a few weeks by NA players who will then leave. (This will piss off some of the EU players) Then not all the NA players will leave for the NA server on it's launch and that will mean lower population on the NA server. (That will piss off the NA players) This is literally the worst way to launch a mmorpg game, and I've played over 50 of the damn things. Either delay both PvE servers or launch without the Empire server.
  13. 18 players is 71 19 players is 74 25 players is 88
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