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  1. I do think they should be soulbound and I also think the mobs on those islands could do with a real aggro radius nerf.
  2. True Sonja

    Looking for large Alliance (EU PVE)

    I'm with Blackstorm Raiders, we have nearly 50 members and the big 122 point island in D5. I'll point our Guild LEader in the direction of this thread as we are always open to working with other groups.
  3. NA PVE server will be as dead as Empire. Most of the PvE players just rerolled on to the EU PvE servers and most aren't interested in rerolling yet again. Just rename the EU PvE server the PvE server and delete the failed Empire server. Try and find a use for the 4th network at a later date.
  4. True Sonja

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    No No No No No What a stupid idea.... You don't bring up the EU and NA PvE servers a few weeks apart, that is a receipe for disaster. What will happen is you'll get flood of NA players on the EU servers resulting in a bunch of islands being claimed for a few weeks by NA players who will then leave. (This will piss off some of the EU players) Then not all the NA players will leave for the NA server on it's launch and that will mean lower population on the NA server. (That will piss off the NA players) This is literally the worst way to launch a mmorpg game, and I've played over 50 of the damn things. Either delay both PvE servers or launch without the Empire server.
  5. True Sonja

    pve PVE Land System-A Mess

    18 players is 71 19 players is 74 25 players is 88
  6. True Sonja


    PVE SERVER They changed it from a flat 150 to a sliding amount based on company members (which is a good thing) 1 person company has only 30 settlement points, 2 person is 32. 18 person company is 71 points 25 person company is 88 points. and so on. We had managed to claim a 122 point (the largest) with a single player initially which is why the initial system was warped. It is now better.
  7. True Sonja

    PTR Patchnotes (and PvE PTR LIve)

    Bigger tribes (25+) need more than 150 points, maybe a tiered range. 0-10 members - 100 points 11-25 members - 150 points 26-40 members - 200 points 41-50 members - 250 points
  8. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    This is feeling more and more like the plot of : Maybe we could organise a musical called "The Developers" about a group of developers who plans was to get a bunch of investors together, over the profit share and then decided to sink their own game so they wouldn't have to payout. However unlike The Producers, The Developers were successful in their scheme.
  9. True Sonja

    merge pvp and pve

    No. PvE players want nothing to do with the PvP players.
  10. True Sonja

    Merge PvP and PvE to one server

    No. PvE players want nothing to do with the PvP players.
  11. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Oh good, then the obvious exploit that I feared will work...
  12. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    So somebody can own an entire island and if anyone builds on it they can have it removed / raided after 12 hours? How exactly does that equate to allow more people to build vs the old system? Unless I've misunderstood the whole 'settlement' changes they've got planned?
  13. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    But anyone can still build on the claim past the 12 hour point, so after 12 hours what is stopping somebody from running round and plonking down thatch foundations everywhere? Also the 12 hour demo window has a massive exploit that should be obvious to everybody.
  14. True Sonja

    New changes

    So how many islands are going to be in the game? And apparently as a company you can claim an entire island? Not to mention a single player can own an entire 'small island' whatever that means in relation to size I have no idea. Yet owning the island doesn't allow you to stop resource blocking which is what everyone was complaining about. Is this really what they are planning? Are they insane or stupid?
  15. True Sonja

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Also still no word on Discovery Points and Player Characters. Anyone who played much knows the real deal is in Discovery Points and not in XP. We need current characters discovery points kept either actually, or just as a raw number. As to the PvE changes, does this mean there is only 1 'flag' per island? (You claim an entire island?) How are they going to stop resource points being griefed if people can still build anywhere within a claim? What most PvE players want is the CURRENT flag system (minus the sea flags) but with a REALLY low cap like 1 player = 1 flag Companies: 2-3 player = 2 flags 4-5 players = 3 flags 6-10 players = 4 flags 11-25 players = 5 flags 26-50 players = 6 flags 51-100 players = 7 flags 101-150 players = 8 flags 151-200 players = 9 flags 200+ players = 10 flags Is there still building health decay? Cause that was another silly idea, can you imaging trying to repair a really intricate building. Flags should also cost resources / day AND should cost resources to BUILD the frikken flag to start with.