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  1. Atlas being similar to Ark is no issue at all. Only people who are fans of “pirates” have problem with that similarity. You are right partially though, when you quote “lack of anti griefing measures”. This is correct. However, Atlas is failing because of 3 other things. 1. sailing to already discovred places takes too long and gets boring, which caused many leavings from game (solution:fast travel) 2. too much oriented towards Zerg companies, majority of players left due to that (some facts say that 70% or more players are buddies and solo players, who stand no chance vs megacompanies, and they left very early on) 3. in pvp aspect, raiding is too easy on land (solution: improve peformance of passsive defenses)
  2. Yep - i uninstalled in june and will not be coming back at all. From my experiences and what we percieved as problematic though, devs could profit and improve atlas image.
  3. Yeah - devs should not listen official pvp players with over 1k hours in game. Actually that is exactly what they are doing, so your complaint is redundant.
  4. In the first days, there were 50k players. in month after the wipe, the game had steady 11k players during peak times, which i found barely enough, as that number should be divided by cca 2 (official/unofficial) and then again divided by 2 (pvp/pve) and then again by 2 (na/eu), and voila that was your server community.
  5. Puckles should be by far more deadly, at least twice more. Perhaps even the relative damage should be dealt by them, not absolute numbers, to scale with sick levels and sick hp. AI cannons and ballista should outrange player cannon. Id be shocked if they implemented that tbh.
  6. I provided several 90% polished solutions that would maybe restore the game to the right path. One of them was central npc feeding, which was implemented very similarly to what i suggested. Other 3 still havent been implemented, as the devs obviosuly find no worth in 1k hour player experiences on offiical pvp. One of them being a done solution for fast traveling, which i posted on several places, as people are leaving the game due to boredom of sailing on already discovered places for hours (and some polls even proved that was the reason of their leaving), but nothing was done about that as to date. Second one was regarding AI passive defenses and their buffing - still not implemented. Third one was about scalability of war timer based on company size in personell and the number of players that are allied to the fompany, boiling down to war being a permanent state for zerg companies, and for 3 member companies or lower, war would last 2 hours which would be a minimum. Still not implemented afaik. Until those have been addressed it is my firm opinionthe game would not be reinstated to its former glory. I stopped playing and uninstalled more than a month ago, but still keeping track.
  7. Seems that out of quanitity there comes a quality and indeed, all server top 20 shows that 13 of 20 are unofficial. But looking at general server population, seems that in average, officials are much better populated than unofficials. 90% of the unofficials are wastelands and do not justify their existence. 2 main reasons why unofficials might be popular at all. Wipes, and structures+ mod. Third reason might be ping availability in regions that do not host officials. Because when i ran a no mod search, only officials appearead on top 20. This in turn suggests that if officials did ie 6 month wipes, and s+ becomes a thing in officials, much more people would play them.
  8. I am not using battlemetric at all, as it has proven to be unresponsive and incorrect at times. What I am using is this https://arkbrowser.com/servers?q=country%3AUnited States This is with a filter included; you can change the server hosting country from there. Basically it comes down to usa and germany as two biggest server providers, and seems that most people play on servers located in those 2. As you can see, officials dominate when it comes to number of players on a server in top 20 usa, and you will get the similar result for Germany as well. Other places are way lower in population as it seems (with China nad Canada being the biggest of the rest of them). Also only the look on top 20 in ANY region that hosts officials shows that officials hold 15-18 of top 20 places when it comes to number of people currently playing.
  9. I have stated the fact that the number of unofficial SERVERS is far greater than the number of officials. Closer inspection reveals those are either empry or have 1 player on them though. I have ran a quick check again, this time with EU and USA both. From top 20 in population count, 17 of 20 are officials in both regions. Numbers in all other regions speak otherwise, and there are no official servers anywhere else. But all other region player numbers (people who play on servers that are not physically in usa or somwhere in eu) are way lower than in said 2 regions. This again, is not a proof of anything, but it is suggests that the most healthy and populated servers are generally the officials. I dont have the data that proves that the number of official players is greater than unofficials or vice versa, and it does intrigue me. Emptiness of unofficials suggests that even if the unofficial number is bigger, the types that play it play it almost in single player, which is curious.
  10. Indeed, and I am curious about just those unofficial online types. Because now I found some unofficial servers in Canada that have better pop than official ones, but th total number of players there is way lower than that in usa or eu (where top servers are officials by a large margin). Slash might have counted the total number of official players from battlemetric, but he might have divided that number with a wrong total (a total where single player number is included).
  11. I asked for a simple thing: a total number of players currently playing on unofficial servers. I am really curious where those types are. I am now even suspecting that steam totals are off (oversized, maybe even artificially pumped). Because those players are either 1-2 per server or on offiicals (which have healthy numbers of pop on both eu and usa).
  12. I just proved to you that, in the top 20 NA servers there are 17 official ones, that is, 17 of top 20 NA ark servers with most people on atm are officials. That does not prove that majority of ark players play on officials atm. But you didnt prove your claim neither. Give me raw data, any serializable format will do, but it must be one file (not many pages), that shows the current number of ark UNOFFICIAL players. Let us see where those elusive guys are... because 90% unofficials are literally singleplayer modes or empty alltogether.
  13. Wrong again. Steam charts clearly say the new average is 50kish, and its due to valguero map. And again, a quick analysis simply proves your theory wrong. Out of top 20 servers with people on in NA atm, 15-16 are officials, while most of the unofficials are totally empty. https://arkbrowser.com/servers?q=country%3AUnited States
  14. This is not a fact. This is your estimation. Out of 35kish people daily, very few seem to play unofficial. You might be mistaking unofficial servers count vs unofficial player count, because there is far more unofficial servers than official ones, but vast majority of those unofficial servers are empty.
  15. Wrong. Official Ark is where it is at. Unofficial ar dirty, boosted, nepotistic and with 0 sense of achievement.
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