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  1. gnihar

    Im out

    All that you heard is true. In my strong opinion, only owners and admins are the ones that are having fun in a zerg company. All the others are replacables with no name and personality, seen as drones and cannon fodder. Stick to your freedom to build what you want, sail where you want and do what you want for as much as you can. Of course, where was this particular exploit born? You have 1 guess. Yes, in a zerg, a breeding ground for all glitches and game exploits.
  2. gnihar

    Im out

    stop fretting about a few of those who are "ahead". most of the base is not.
  3. gnihar

    Squid not spawning? H6

    you in submarine?
  4. gnihar

    Wind and Sailing

    No, I just find the sailing to be a huge time sink. That is why I rarely do it. Everything in this game takes 5 hours to do lol.. and once you have seen a few islands, you have seen them all. At least in other sims, like Elite, you have a hyperspace
  5. gnihar

    Giant Crab

    No, but my aim is solid. Would love to be able to pick off the zergers faster than now. As it is now, zerg has all the advantage with 0 pvp skill. Are you a zerg?
  6. gnihar

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    1 central structure that feeds all the npcs on 1 island with gold and food.
  7. gnihar

    Server Loading

    Same problem, loaded primal game data 3x and stuck on final 4th pass.
  8. gnihar

    Giant Crab

    That is correct. I want ark 2.0 and not a "pirate" game. I also want the pvp to be more fluid and to have more tames for it, and faster firing hitscan weapons.
  9. gnihar

    Wind and Sailing

    its very boring
  10. gnihar

    Giant Crab

    this is not a pirate game, its multiplayer sandbox survival game, steam punkish mostly. only thing "pirate" is some of those retarded skins. id like to see more tech and tames.
  11. gnihar

    Combat phase too long

    If that would be the case, the smaller companies too will have a chance to increase their numbers, due to all that fresh blood coming in. Again allowing them to retain their islands. But it is not going that way. The steady numbers are here because of ORP, and let us face it, majority of PVP official players that have remained now belong to a zerg company (over 50 strong). Vast majority of initial players though, hated the idea of being in a larger company, where honestly, regular players are reduced to a repairman and farmer role, and a meat shield case of war. All the fun in a zerg is had by owner and admins The rest can be kicked whenever the owner and admins decide they dont slave/farm/obey that much, or if they build something owner does not like. Some remained in the zerg, exclusively because sense of security in a herd. Majority of players, that we have seen in the launch, were solos or buddies, who wanted their own thing. Failing to do that, they already left ATLAS. If devs continue to cater to zerg, and don't offer something spectacular fro pvp official solos or small, it is not gonna get bigger. One of the handicaps that come to mind is reduced resource farm intake the more members you have. up to 10 members = no penalty. Each aditional member=less yield per node. But I can understand that now from their perspective. Zerh is all they have left. So now they must cater to them-
  12. gnihar

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    Please do that, pleeeeease - allow them to feed from claim flag or in case of tennants, a different structure. Or screw the tennants, leave that option to owners. Another suggestion would be to allow banks to do it automatically and allow tennants to use banks only for that purpose. Or allow res boxes to feed whole island with dropdown list of defense stations to feed or not. Or, “feed company npcs” allowed or disallowed for specific res box. With “land and ship”, “only land” and “only the ship” options, thus retaining the ability to feed only the ship its placed on. Another thing to consider is easily mount npcs on high areas like platforms and cliffs without having to drag them and without them stuck when whistling to a cannon. Because atm it is a major chore, consider doing the same to food at least. I know ammo should not be fed from central structure, and it should be left as it is.
  13. gnihar

    Giant Crab

    Sad to see so many bases are little to no passively defended, without consideration for many different attack and tame types. Yet they whine about being raided.
  14. True. Lvl 80s with huge health pools and ascended flak make guns even more useless. In ark we could 3 shot anyone with ascended snipers because some of us could land 3 consecutive hits on target. Tested the 150 carbine on blue flak headshot, it does NOT one shot 200+ health. Not even close. Devs really hate guns I see. Plus, only zerg admins have the luxury of having lucky reload perk, others have to do with utility perks, unless they respec to oblivion, which is boring af.
  15. gnihar

    Combat phase too long

    Idk if I am agreeing with you - probably not, because I think more peace phase would be welcomed. This game owes its steady player numbers to ORP. To weaken the ability to wipe someone would do well to increase casual numbers.