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  1. gnihar

    2-50 players

    Ehh, don’t be inviting that cancer from Entropia and second life into this community please.
  2. gnihar

    2-50 players

    I would prefer up to 10, not 50. And a maximum of 2 alliances.
  3. gnihar

    Submarine for everyone ?

    Yep submarine should not be tied to killing the kraken.
  4. gnihar

    Multi Server Types - A Change For Good

    Bullet force, it will all depend on how firmly will they enforce tribe limit and alliance limit rules on Colonies. Nobody wants stealth teaming, and if the devs wipe such tribes, and further cripple caps on alliances and tribe numbers, then we are talking about the right direction. In this particular case even I will be willing to adopt subterfuge and act like I accept teaming, and secretly I shall be reporting to the devs.
  5. gnihar

    Flame Bear Cart Meta Need Changing

    I agree that whole concept of cannon cart needs to be deleted from the game.
  6. gnihar

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I estimate it will be the other way around: zerg will want to fight against weaker tribes and will infiltrate Colonies, trying to dominate them and be safe at the same time. Server division will fail, and in that I agree with your estimation, as the playerbase as it is is too small for that plan. it could however be sustainable if they: - invest in manual admin effort to admin wipe zerg who try to circumvent the alliances and tribe cap and try to act like several unconnected companies, this is the most important bit, and will demonstrate to playerbase that devs care about small tribes indeed and not only in thought - further limit the number of crew a company can recruit - extremely limit the number of alliances to make it even more annoying for cheaters to pose as different companies - carefully monitor player reports about zerg teaming on colonies and act accordingly (ban all involved into illegal teaming, both zerg and the allies alike) This will restore solo and small companies faith in this game and the direction it is going, and might well cause greater number of returning players. Believe or not, I estimate the vast majority of playerbase in Atlas were solo players and small tribes. Yes, sounds totally contrary to what devs wanted, but that is what they got. My gut tells me it was 70% of playerbase and they all left for pretty much same reasons. And let us not forget the lawless, as the viable refuge for those who do not want to claim on Colonies; lawless bases are nice addition and in spirit with pirate world that is atlas
  7. gnihar

    Not even 1k ppl

    Overly ambitious and manipulative members can happen indeed (I'd say they are rare occurrence, but known to happen), and indeed they are bolstered by their IRL friends and family whom they also got to join your tribe. The point here is again being fully honest and just, and time and again show your base that you, as the leader, care about them, and in regard of those ambitious players, are willing to give promotions, but based on merits only. I had a single case of a manipulative and quite intelligent guy second guessing my decisions and countering where he could. It ended up in even his brothers turning against him, and choosing my side, and him being voted out of the tribe by, among the others, his own kin. In such cases, hard work, total honesty and power of your reputation and charsima are your shield and your main card. No need to be a manipulative bastard and work on dividing and ruling. Because, a tribe divided, serves nothing and no one. Not to mention crisis situations where a divided tribe will fail for sure. And if you , as a leader were the one who caused that division, you have a double fail.
  8. gnihar

    2 day to reset? No info

    It is going to get postponed, and quite substantially so. IDK why am I still here waiting for the update however xD
  9. gnihar

    Not even 1k ppl

    This is where I broke. "Ark meta" became too intense for me and resource draining, it was not even relaxing any more. Therefore I fled and broke that chain. This time though, in ATLAS, I want to focus on game play not discord and having 25 tabs open on steam.
  10. gnihar

    Not even 1k ppl

    To conclude my discussion with you, the example you have given above doesn't compare to what you did to your allies at all, so it does not prove your point to anyone that pragmatism is kinda above all. But on the other hand, it is very consistent with unhealthy philosophy you seem to live and function by. It is one thing to "tame" a capable freelancer and adopt him into the tribe after an open war. To betray your buddies you shared everything with, is quite another. Of course you sometimes have to make tough decisions, that is perfectly clear to a guy who rose from nothing to alpha ownership more than once on officials since 2015, and again nothing that I ever did compares to what you did and are willing to do. You see, my experience was quite different than that of yours, and while I have never led or even been in a zerg tribe which I detest (but neither have you, for you have been a proverbial servant and still are a "servant", and not an actual tribe owner), I guess I achieved the same status as you have, and arguably even more - risen to "alphadom" on officials. More than once. Heck, even though I may sound like it now, I am no friggin' saint, and have part unwillingly and part due to my huge pride wronged some of my Ark mates as well by making unfair decision which I today regret. But nowhere near to what you did and are still willing to do. If I did that, I would have no mates, no core members, only potential traitors and "interested parties" playing friends only to stab me in the back the moment I show weakness. I would have lost their respect and trust. I guess people in general are great when it comes to rationalizing even the worst things that they have done. The ability to justify anything and everything is uncanny in humankind indeed, but so far I have seen nothing here other than complete lack of character, integrity and perhaps even a hint of something worse, but not being a Freud, I will not go further. In the end, I will conclude that one does not need to be a douche bag to win in Ark/ATLAS, and being a douche brings nothing positive other than the scorn of general populace, who in majority are driven by honesty and justice, and not by values shown in the above post. I shall stop here as quite honestly I am a bit disgusted by myself even replying to this.
  11. gnihar

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Please, devs, allow us to build in lawless post patch again.
  12. gnihar

    New rules...possible griefing.

    That is why island owners would have 12 hours to radial menu delete any buildings they do not want on their island. I have little faith in even this new claim system, and consider lawless to be by far more clean. If there even will be the option to live on lawless in the new system - which I hope against all odds.
  13. gnihar

    Update 20/03/19 confirmed!

    cough asshole cough
  14. gnihar

    Not even 1k ppl

    What is of some concern here is the fact that these types are hidden among us as we speak. One needs to be very careful about their choices on who to recruit and where to be recruited as well. Can only be grateful that they sometimes out themselves like this.
  15. gnihar

    Official tweets ( update 18/03 )

    Well, you need to counter adderall with modafinil of your own lmao.