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  1. Anubissan

    can't connect to servers

    There was some connections problems, dont kbow if they are fixed already
  2. Theres no reward for you maybe, but its rewards pve player. If you where a pve player you would understand that. Ohh, and you are wrong, the game is not pvp base, its pve base, why? You need to pve in order to pvp
  3. Anubissan

    Why are gold coins so heavy?

    This make no sense, since you can carry lots off itens, stones/wood for example. Why you can carry alone the huge sails for the bigger ships then? Carrying a lot off floors/walls/roofs/etc... But no, for coins you need a bulldozer because they are the size off a house.
  4. Anubissan

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    Dont like it, make it optional for the players that want it. Dont want to spent hours travel to those shity fountains. The first time my character dies and i loose everything, it will be the end for me in this game. Not funny mechanic this non sense stupid age mechanic.
  5. Anubissan

    Rent price

    And that resources % is cut off from every island/zone i collect or only from the zones they Control? Lets say owner have is flags in an island in A1, i go to zone A2 and collect resources in A2, will it get the % from there too?
  6. Anubissan

    Rent price

    Hi there. Can someone explain how this rent work? I mean, what do we pay for the land owner? Coins? Resources? When do we pay? Everyday? Ty all.
  7. Anubissan

    Death should have consequences...

    Before ask for some consequences, why not ask for fixes and then ask for those death consequence? Sure, ppl die on purpose to recover vitamines, i do that too, why? Becouse i dont have a full stable access to all the food i need to recover them. I dont like to die from time to time just to recover that, its annoing after die some times. I play pve, and when i find a place to start my "home" i will start to build a stable food suply as i do not like to keep dieing over and over to recover. But they need to change a lot off the food aspect. They need to add some kind off food that will last for days. You cant go on see travels with the current system, they do not work.
  8. Anubissan

    Another Server

    Im hoping they will add other server, cant find a simgle place to place one flag. And if they add a new server they need to add a system that prevent players from create new characters in others servers iff they already have a character in one server, and creating a new character in the new server will delete you character in the other server. This to prevent ppl from rush to the new server just to claim land and fuck up tje server once more time. Or the new server with claim limits, like 1-3 per company.
  9. Anubissan

    Death should have consequences...

    Its suggestions like yours that f.... .. games. Why instead off asking for nerfs/consequences, you do not ask to fixes thoses things that make ppl want to die to recover vitamines? Food spoil to fast, really fast. How much days can you have for example onions in your home without spoil? We need to eat like 2 or 3 cows a day just to recover hunger, to balance vitamines you need to eat a lot diferent foods. Ask for fixes/tunning some stuff on game, do not ask for f....... nerfs/consequences.
  10. Anubissan

    Our little house :)

    Nice one
  11. Anubissan


  12. Anubissan

    Massive Data Usage?

    My super internet (2 Mbs -.-), and i had no problem with it, apart from the time i need to download stuff
  13. Anubissan

    Bed Spawn bugged?

    You neef to sail there, or build other bed in a raft and fast travel there, i think fast travel work.
  14. After sailed so many hours that same thing happened to me, tryed like 1 hour to take the raft from there, no way to take it out, had to destroy it and start in freeport again, ....
  15. Explored a lot off islands on lowless to see that, just needed some espace for a 4x4 "base" and a shipyard, but some ppl are to greed. Pve its a mode off game off share and help each others...