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  1. look forward to the event and hope to get some deals!
  2. I'd like to break down tools and armor that are no longer being used. I believe this would be a good QOL feature
  3. Monkey: Stamina buff when on shoulder. Would help w/ those climbing discoveries Rabbit: Speed buff. Sometimes i like to farm fast Sheep: 25-50 wool per trim. would justify more people moving to polars bear: jump horse: passive tame would be nice to have some variety in meat so pigs (pork), cows (beef), and chickens (poultry) can be more in demand. then, it would add value to the cooking tree w/ more potential. pig: bigger poop vulture: decrease spoil timer aoe Elephant, or for most tames w/ 4 legs: improve the movement also seconding the separation of food, seeds from resources this reply: better grammar and structure
  4. i'm looking through a spyglass and seeing a discovery aura, but it isn't registering when i walk to it A7 The Desolate Cay long -90.17 lat 16.22
  5. in equator biome, and have no trouble planting on wood or thatch foundation. i use this as a reference:
  6. so, to get out of this, i loaded the boat up to 100% weight and that slowed the boat down enough to rotate if someone else gets stuck
  7. i love the +30% movement bonus added in the last patch with low wind, but now i can't make that turn out of the shipyard like i used to
  8. i was hoping it would allow a claim to at least be contested when the timer hit zero, but then it went negative and do not know when the actual expiration is?
  9. yeah, our island is counting down the seconds to contest those things. once destroyed previously, i saw resources spawn immediately
  10. right. had to raise awareness a bit. player base is gonna hurt in the long run if the game continues to allow this on pve
  11. a group of people are going around sinking people's rafts by encumbering the raft and sinking it. it's smart thinking by the offenders, but i don't think it fits in the PVE environment.
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