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  1. So, I just exported my character from my Ocean.atlas save to my Blackwood.atlas save, and... Uh... The freeport swamp looks different. First time I've experienced this. Anyone else?
  2. Still finding shipwrecks on the coast in single-player, on the Blackwood map. This one was off Leery Island.
  3. After finally finding crystal and gems on the southern island, I built a sextant to get that sweet sweet extra hud info. Unfortunately, it looks like the minimap is borked. Picture attached.
  4. Yeah, in ARK, you could use the keys on your numpad to swap between tame groups. There was also a hotkey for cycling tame groups that you can declare in keybindings. No such luck in this game, though.
  5. We're getting this same thing on our unofficial server. Basically, you can't put more beds down than what the base ship will allow. Putting points into accommodations lets us put down additional beds, but those extra beds disappear after we leave render range.
  6. What we've specifically noticed on our 3x3 server is that maps are only lootable if they're for the region you're currently in; i.e., you can loot a treasure map from a bottle if it's for B3, and you're in B3 currently. All other treasure map bottles just despawn, when you click on them. There's no way to really tell what sort of maps are in the bottles that just despawn without awarding a map, but we can definitively say that the only maps that are lootable are maps for the region a player is currently in.
  7. Yes, I know, "gold is heavy". Like many people in the modern age, I don't have any real world experience with carrying around gold coins. But the extreme weight of gold coins (one thousand coins weigh 400 pounds??) made me start to wonder... Were gold coins really this heavy? So I looked them up. The British sovereign weighed around 8 grams. One thousand sovereigns would weigh approximately 17.6 pounds. The Spanish doubloon weighed around 7 grams. One thousand doubloons would weigh about 15.4 pounds. The only conclusion I can make from this is that the gold coins we're digging up and trading in game are actually the size of dinner plates. We're dealing in giant gold, people. This is why the colossi are so angry, all of the time. We took their gold.
  8. We're having the same thing with our 2x2 grid. Last night, we did a rollback, and everything seemed okay. Then today, it was a cascading failure again; first one server was unable to transfer to/from, then another, and now we're back to all four servers unable to transfer to one another.
  9. Has anyone figured out how to select a different Tame Group? We have a keybinding to add/remove targets from the current tame group, we have a radial menu option on our tames to modify and sort them into different groups, but I can't figure out how to actually switch to a different tame group for my whistles. In ARK, it was 0 - 9 on the numpad, but that no longer works. I'd really like to be able to use group whistles with my wolf pack, without telling all of my other tames to "go attack that thing", as well.
  10. I hired my first few NPC crew members last night at a freeport. I'd parked my brig a ways out from the port and rowed my dinghy up to the dock. When I opened up the radial menu on the npcs I'd hired, the option 'Move to boat (Dinghy)' was gray and unselectable. After a lot of getting into the boat and out of the boat and raising and lowering the anchor and standing on my head and crossing my eyes, I finally just put them on follow and made them swim after my rowboat. If they made it to the ship without getting eaten, they got to be part of my crew. Once I'd gotten them to the side of the brig, the option to Move to ship worked, teleporting them up to the main deck of my brig. So, I guess my question is... How the heck do I get npc crew members to get in a rowboat?
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