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  1. Incarnate

    [POSSIBLE FIX] Loading Issues.

    I know this is a while ago, but are you still suffering from this issue? If so, could you post your pc specifications? However I think it's likely that you haven't done the fixes correctly, or you have updated the game afterwards, which resets the fix as it redownloads the video sequence files.
  2. Incarnate

    Black sky bug with high details

    I've been searching for a fix too, as I also suddenly began to have this issue, and it seems it doesn't matter what level of graphics quality one has. I'm not sure why this happens, but a theory is that the asset that is the sky has been corrupted.
  3. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    @Jatheish - I was able to get on the official network, but it did stutter quite a bit and seemed sluggish on my system, even on low settings. So obviously, the crashes I were experiencing with the performance test applied, would seem to be due to mods.
  4. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    It's stored in ..\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.
  5. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    @Jatheish : Here you are, the crashstack on pastebin.com: https://pastebin.com/0mbJ6J1d. I haven't tried yet on the official, as I was too quick to begin reverting back to the normal client, however I stopped it, when it was at 20%. So when it was done applying the performance beta, I couldn't actually launch it, because it kept and is still causing issues. I now keep getting the error, that there aren't sufficient resources. So I'm now working on getting the client working again, when I do I will update you with regards to the trying on the official network. [EDIT] Apparently, 89 files failed to validate, ~78MBs of data was re-downloaded. Will test on official servers, once they're up, because it seems none are currently up.
  6. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Sounds good. I've tried using the beta, but crash every time, however I've also been trying to join an unofficial server that are using a few mods, do you want the crashstack and/or dmp file?
  7. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Maybe not, but it certainly is impacting in a way that affects loading into the game detrimentally. Consider it, I have a lot reports from people saying that had 12-15+minutes when trying to load into the game when those video files weren't moved, but after for those people where it worked, they reported the same results or similar results I had, it after that fix was applied only took ~3 minutes or less to load into the game. That was only moving those two video files, so it certainly doesn't something. Also to note, a lot of people also have reported getting a lot of new fragmented data after running Atlas without the fix. @Jatheish - One shouldn't have to use low memory mode to disable those video files, especially not when one isn't experiencing memory issues - I suggest adding a seperate startup parameter for it, like -novideos or -disablevideos. Those two video files being constantly loaded when loading into the game, is NOT a memory issue, but a design/coding issue, that can have or has severe implications to harddrives. Apparently, those video files being constantly loaded from disk during loading into the game, on a lot of systems seems to be severely impacting the harddrive's performance and potentially its lifespan. You need to fix this ASAP.
  8. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Kind of weird that they haven't actually done something about this issue, like a permanent fix to the game keep trying to load those two video files constantly when trying to load in. You reporting that it worked removing those two video files, is just another confirmation that there is an issue they need to fix in regards to those video files.
  9. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    I don't know if re-applying the beta will replace the video files, because if it detects they're missing, they will be redownloaded - which is basically the same that happens if you verify the game's cache and those files have been moved or deleted. If they're redownloaded after applying the beta, just move them again. Low memory mode, has never worked for me anyways, what worked for me was moving the AtlasTitle.wmv and LoadingScreen.wmv to a different folder, which low memory mode also has been made to encompass, after my fix was discovered.
  10. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    I concur, extracted size is the same for me, though download size was 2.8GBs.
  11. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Yes, those two specifically. It's basically using up most of the harddrive's amount of reads it can do. I know this is a culprit when it comes to loading into the game, as I've had issue loading into the game, where doing that, fixed it, where before I could not even get into the game. The majority of those who've used the guide I've provided to accomplish the fix, have reported that it worked and that it cut their loading times down significantly. Personally, I went from 15+ minutes to ~3 minutes or less.
  12. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Try moving them to a different folder - doesn't matter if it's to a folder within the same folder. Thats basically the same issue a lot of people were having when people were trying to connect.
  13. Incarnate

    Beta Client: Client Side Performance Gains

    Download size isn't ~500MBs though, it's closer to 2.6GBs. I'm curious to see if it does anything on my end.
  14. Incarnate

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    ..or what about those people who've been in CONSTANT PvP CONFLICT during this time? The loss of materials doesn't mean much, especially when you've been fighting a battle being outnumbered and actually been able to win and repel their attack. The 2x doesn't mean much for those where so much time and intense effort has gone into the game. This are peoples time they're not getting back, and all you can do is 2x bonus rates, that doesn't even remotely compensate for the loss of time and effort.
  15. Incarnate

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    Good update notes from you @Jatheish, appriciated time and effort you put into those posts. I think Tames really should be toned even way more down in terms of being efficient gatherers, because this isn't Ark, granted it's based on the build and framework of Ark, but this intended to be a completely different game, so keep it that way. There is absolutely no reason why tames should be good at gathering anything, other than maybe a very select few animals, where some tames would be better as mounts as tools for farming, or could be trained for various functions like a monkey being able get to hard to reach locations and get things, wolves for protection and so on. Another thing I really think you should consider - a server region that blends between PvE, lite-PvP and full blown PvP, large city freeports that are hubs oozes with life and all kinds of activities to engage, trades to be made, social interaction. Where lawless islands could become those areas where people would go and claim land and build their communities, lawless regions where outlaws would often be found waiting to attempt to pirate tradeships, raid caravans or bands of adventurers. Outlaw and unknown regions to be explored to find treasures and loot, that kind of thing. Why am I suggesting this? Because both PvE and PvP are facing some serious issues in regards to limited space, and in regards to you want this game to be an MMO game and you want more players into this game, you're going to have to realize at some point you're going to be running out of space. For instance on PvE servers, there aren't any battles between players taking place, the only battles taking place are ship battles against the SoTD, which aren't that many in contrast the amount how many ship battles that takes place on the PvP servers. Which means that more and more ships will take up space, and also this means that eventually, it will become difficult to actually find space to settle down and build. So I think you should consider a different approach than what you're attempting now, consider how other MMOs are doing it, probably your greatest challenge is what all other MMOs struggles with when they attempt to have player housing, and why do they struggle? Limited amount of space, and in Atlas you can make homes and bases on massive and elaborate scale, so that means that Atlas is attempting the housing part on a super massive scale, so unless you do this differently, the servers will eventually run out of actual building and living space.