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  1. Tillman

    Mega update may? Another wipe?

    You mean the august update?
  2. Tillman

    Feedback Medium Stone Gateway.

    I made a medium gate then went to put it down and laughed then made a large one.
  3. Tillman

    Forum names.

    Can we get a name reset option. With the wipe and new characters I will be making a new name that isn’t the same as my forum name.
  4. Tillman

    Atlas map on launch

    Since the ptr is a replica of the current map with added islands. Does anyone have an idea if that how live will be too? Or are we planning on getting an entire new layout so there isn’t an advantage for companies that already know the islands.
  5. Colonies and empires is not 2 Colonies servers. Pay attention and stop trying to boost your post count. Empires is a different set of rules than Colonies.
  6. Its very very VERY simple. 2 Colonies servers. 1 with tribe limit and the other with no limits. END OF DISCUSSION!
  7. I think 10 max in a company would bring the game to its full potential. It would be so full of players.
  8. I totally get it SS Chicago. It’s fun winning. But it’s only fun wiping noobs when there’s and endless supply. That’s what makes it fun. Let’s take an example. You are playing your favorite FPS. You enter matchmaking and in 10 seconds you get a game. You stomp all over the new player or the guy that’s not as good. Then you enter again and then 20 seconds later same thing. Then it’s a minute hen it’s 15 minutes. Pretty soon you are waiting for hours to get 1 game. That’s pretty much what’s going to happen. Now I agree with you on the devs. This game has the potential to be the greatest ever made in the right hands. It just wasn’t put in the right hands. I’ve played some private servers that are amazing with a couple qol changes. It would be so simple. Now maybe I’m still unclear on what a bob is. If a player cries because he got wiped on a pvp server trying to pve then says I’m not coming back blah blah blah. Then peace. But is a small group that has good relations and pvps hard and respects others a bob?
  9. Question. If you eliminate the idea of the empires server because it’s a stupid idea. And you had 2 equal servers but 1 has a company limit of 10 and the other no limit. What server would be more popular?
  10. I’m on my phone so I don’t feel like editing out everything. So I will pick apart the last bit. All of the bobs were already eliminated from 1.0. They got tired of getting wiped and said change the game or we quit so they quit. That left a massive player drop with no signs of new incoming players. Thr game was almost dead. Devs decided to try and make a change to get players back. I get it. You like being in a mega tribe. But what’s the point when you don’t have anyone else to play against. Except dynasty. But doesn’t it get old? Just keep fighting them. After you wipe out the bobs again it’s just going to be you guys fighting each other again. So why not let the bobs play with each other. It sounds like it’s either join the mega or quit the game. We aren’t joining the mega again and if there isn’t a way for us to play then we will more than likely find a mother game. I’ll pvp all day against you in a fun way. But if it’s tpg main mission to burn atlas punish the bobs. Then it’s gonna be a short mission. Now I know for a fact that lots of the other Megan’s actually want the bobs to be around. I remember them talking about it in the sexy cats aop discussion talk they had like a month ago. Wipe the bobs kill the game. Sounds like a good longevity strat. im just generalizing btw. Not singling you out personally. Just as the mindset.
  11. I’m in a small tribe but we love to pvp. In fact we welcome pvp. But everyone thinks this new system is a bad idea so punish the small company. Last week 2 of us had an insanely fun ship battle with n3. We fought for like a half an hour until we both ran out of repair mats. So we both had a friendly agreement of same time same place tomorrow and we will do some more. But guess what I couldn’t come back because a Chinese dude offline my ship at 4 am. So I rebuilt all day. Farmed up the journeyman cannons and then didn’t get it built in time because it actually takes a long time when you don’t have a huge company’s resources to draw from. Got offline again by a different Chinese player at 4 am. So I said eff it and quit until wipe. Now our clan we were all in a mega at once. It was awful. Couldn’t build ships because of cap. 3/4 of the people you never even talk to or heard of. And not to mention the alliance chat was more aids than anything else. What’s wrong with playing in a smaller group? It’s basically the same thing just without the blanket of a mega name. You have less blue ships in the ocean. When I log off to go to bed and then go to work and then log on is it so wrong to want to still have my shit to play with. If this was a land based game then who cares about ships. But it’s a pirate ship game and I want to ship battle. Like me I said in the beginning I would of went back everyday and ship battles if i didn’t get offlined.
  12. If I’m offline and have npcs. They should be able to replace planks if I have them on my ship. Let the npcs help in offline protection. I don’t Molly them put them to work.
  13. Tillman

    Get rid of megas

    There’s nothing wrong with bear cannons. Just the amount of recourses used to destroy things by them. It shouldn’t take 12 cannonballs to destroy a stone large gate. It should take 50. The amount of stuff it takes to destroy is far to low compared to the amount it takes to build.
  14. Can we have it so the resource box can be drawn from using the smithy and forge etc. so if I have a resource box in my base and then load it with mats. I can make stuff in the smithy with out having to take it out of the resource box and put into the smithy.
  15. This would be the funniest post ever if the op was in qm