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  1. Madam Doomkitten

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    I was thinking about the use of gates for people roping off harbors. What about instead of the gate/wall spam, we could use a combination of towers or bollards and boom chains? The could be raised and lowered to allow the passing of ships.
  2. Madam Doomkitten

    Choice of Gates, Please...!

    I think another tool that'd be extremely useful instead of large gates that swing open could be something like a portcullis of varying widths/heights to allow for the passing of ships/animals.
  3. Heyo, When making a tattoo out-of-game using 8bitpineapple's program + Photoshop, it seems that anything even remotely complex (i.e. your character being half-covered in tattoos) results in a connection timeout and it ends up using whatever resources it managed to get through and you're unable to get any dyes back. I've gotten it to successfully work on all my previous sail/flag designs but tattoos are always problematic. Currently on patch 16.2
  4. Madam Doomkitten

    Getting Disconnected while working on a Tattoo

    As of 16.2 this is still an issue.
  5. Madam Doomkitten

    Bounty system - keelhauling

    Alright, we've got hanging and beheading. What about keelhauling? From ye olde wikipedia:
  6. Madam Doomkitten

    Rain/Snow(?) conditions in tundra/polar

    Oh definitely! It'd be nice to arm ourselves with ways to fight against the weather. I like the craftable idea a lot.
  7. Madam Doomkitten

    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    Would love to see pennants and streamers added to the sails for more ship customization—
  8. While in the midst of a storm at sea, I was thinking of a cool use for oil (or perhaps whale blubber?). What if we could add it to our clothes to waterproof them for a temporary amount of time to avoid the Wet debuff? Apologies if this has been suggested already.
  9. Madam Doomkitten

    Does anyone have a color palet for atlas?

  10. Madam Doomkitten

    Show ‘n Tell #2! Deadline: Monday 14th Jan

    Here's another sail creation! Company: Carrots of the Pirabbean
  11. Madam Doomkitten

    Show ‘n Tell #2! Deadline: Monday 14th Jan

    The S.S. Rock Bottom takes her maiden voyage!
  12. Madam Doomkitten

    PvE ship damage vs PvP ship damage

    Had a shower thought last night about ways to keep it interesting when people get on your ship. I was thinking about the monkeys and parrots in the game and thought it'd be cool if you could set them aboard your ship as an "alarm system" if you will, and they'd trigger an on-screen alert that trespassers were aboard your ship. Could give them another interesting utility, plus it'd keep some of the semi-realism in the game.
  13. Madam Doomkitten

    Way to resolve players sinking ships on PVE

    I had a slightly different suggestion regarding the PvE issues for boat griefing but yeah, I agree. Some changes definitely need to be implemented. My PvE griefing suggestions
  14. Isn't it safer to leave them locked? I've heard people are creating small scripts that brute forces the password by guessing the PW from inputting the digits 0000-9999.
  15. Madam Doomkitten

    PvE ship damage vs PvP ship damage

    Yeah, we're currently in a lawless zone with several solo players and companies.