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  1. A slice of our animal trade port in d10 NA PVE
  2. YES!!! I sell animals all over the pve server and i drive a galleon for most deliveries. normally ill take a shot here or there if i zone close to one but its not to bad today I got shot by almost every ship that came into view range on my last delivery. its like they were all turning right for me and shooting from way outside their range too. its making it extreamly costly to even travel in a galleon.
  3. The most simple and non exploitable way to fix this is to make it so an anchored ship cannot be sunk by access players or weight its that simple. If people are standing on your boat or trying to overload it it wont work as long as you stay docked. you might have to wait for them to leave but at least you wont lose hours of hard work making a ship...This would stop all the bs griefing without allowing you to exploit weight after unanchoring your ship
  4. the taming process is a lot longer than 15 minutes. you have to find an animal of good level which can take a while. then trap it if you don't when it gets up it will run and lose efficiency. taming without the preferred food takes a long time not 15 mins. also bears take the same amount of time as an elephant or any other animal i have tamed so i don't know why your all hung up on tiers. we don't have bears on my local island i have to travel to tame them that's why my price is what it is. Now i'm sorry you don't like my prices but spamming on discord and now in my sales post being rude to me is really not appreciated.
  5. I am looking for a color palet for use in gimp for atlas. the ark one does not have all the colors for here if anyone has one let me know please.
  6. do you by chance have a color palet for atlas for gimp or photoshop? it has more colors than ark.
  7. @spank the giraffe harvests thatch similar to the picaxe but it can carry a fair amount and runs fast. its stamina is also really good and then you dont have to repair picks all the time.
  8. The Iron Vanguard has all of your menagerie needs! Tired of repairing your pickaxe or making endless treks through the wilderness on foot? Look no further! The Iron Vanguard has tamed creatures available for sale!! Creatures currently offered include: - Elephants (Great for gathering wood!) *High carry weight my personal elephant is nearing 5k weight! - Giraffes (Primarily gathers Thatch) *Fast traveling, High Stamina! - Bears (Amazing Fiber collection skills!) *High base weight capacity (580+), Fast sprinter! -Rhinos (Works like a pickaxe) *25% weight reduction for metal! -Tigers (quick mount descent fighter) -Shoulder pets Parrots and monkeys (parrot gives a bit of fortitude and monkey throws poop/slows targets) -Horses (ok carry weight and FAST) Pricing Guide: We also Accept maps of journeyman Quality or higher that are within 4 tiles of D10 as payment contact me with offers. -Elephants/Giraffes: 20,000 Wood/Thatch or a mix of the two i'm flexible or 2000 gold. You can order these any time! -Bears: 20,000 Wood/Thatch or a mix of the two i'm flexible or 2000 gold. Check stock availability. -Tigers lower level ones 800 gold High level 1500 gold *high lvl out of stock currently. -Rhino 3000 gold. Check stock availability. -Shoulder pets are 500 gold. Have quite a few to chose from come by and take a look! -Horses 3500 gold. Check stock availability. Premium Tames: These tames are wild level 40+ after taming and are double the price above. Current stock will be listed below. Elephant wild level 41 Elephant wild level 41 Elephant wild level 44 Elephant wild level 43 Rhino Wild level 40 General stock: *These tames are a minimum of level 20 before taming so normally in the 30's after tame. Elephants/Giraffes: Always available for order. 4x rhino 1x bear *Delivery extra ( 20 gold per tile traveled up to 5 tiles anything further talk with me.) *Based in D10 Contact Gerokzule on Steam or add Gerok#9619 on Discord for questions or to place an order.
  9. As the title says we are offering fiber 3 to 1 for wood or thatch let me know.
  10. this did not work the remove paint option only removed thigns i drew not the region colors
  11. i used the paint region option to fully color my sails but i cant remove it now only apply new colors and its messign with anything i paint over those colors witht he brush. does anyone know how to remove taht region layer back to default?
  12. The only way i can connect to any public server is to run my connection thru a vpn. If i don't all i see is connection timed out. i spend my first 12 hours "played" of this game trying to connect to your servers. is there any possible way to fix this so i don't have to PAY for a vpn to play your game?
  13. wow you actually got to play???? ive never even got to the charachter creation it times out at the node selectionscreen for me and my wife.
  14. I'm honestly wondering if the servers are locked from new players at this point well over 12 hours straight of attempting every node possible and timed out every time restarted pc forwarded every port known to man. disabled firewall. i'm literally out of options here.
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