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  1. Barrel bombs, do something about it. How many times does your community have to tell you this, or you folks just that disconnected?
  2. Stop barrels from being shot from cannons. How hard is it for you guys to understand that this implementation pretty much single handily killed the game. Yet its still in.
  3. My company of 40+ members quit this season because of Barrel Bombs and lack of Dev communication on the subject. Nothing changed and guess we aint coming back.
  4. unfortunate there are folks that are collateral damage in this process. But what else can the dev's do? Megas and their continued abuse of exploits has pretty much ruined the game for everyone. Yes, Dev's should fix the game so it doesn't happen, but players also have to take responsibility in the longevity of a game. Hopefully next they go after companies that are using Ship/player trackers.
  5. They will not come to help you. Sorry for your loss.
  6. Gotta Make the End game more attainable for Smaller companies. Megas get to 120 with in days, or hours, while the smaller guys can't. Maps are hard to come by since most of hte islands are pillared off. Hard Kraken and Yeti you need large groups to complete.
  7. Until you fix the barrel bomb terror the fixes and advancements you do will not matter.
  8. Ground PvP is broke as hell. I come from Life is Feudal where they had directional base combat and physics involved. The skill involved in actual fighting was rewarding. Didn't really matter what level you were, it was how good you are compared to your opponent (Along with ping. lol). This PvP system seems to be all about Dirty Tricks.
  9. unfortunately this game is not made for the small tribe. Unless its a small tribe filled with no lifers. But, there is always Freeport and you can annoy the hell out of those megas that hold the islands. Not like they can harbor run ya in FP..........................
  10. Barrel bombs were able to fired from cannons like a season or two ago, and even then it was a bad idea and was disabled. What has changed all of a sudden that made the Dev's think this failed PvP mechanism was gonna work? I don't remember anywhere on this site, Reddit or your Discord that anyone lobbied for this to be a thing. How about optimizing the game. How about adding more ship classes.........
  11. Its not allowed and is a bannable offense and your entire company can get kicked. So don't be one those people.
  12. Guess the Dev's are taking this very serious now. Love it.
  13. Me and a few of my members are getting the same issue.
  14. Island owners can wreck your boats and structures even during peace time. Its why you always ask permission of the land owners before parking. And even then you are taking a risk.
  15. They did not roll back the levels of those that were blatantly abusing the exploit. So, i think you are fine.
  16. You are literally triggered by people calling out Exploiters...............
  17. abusing a game mechanic in a fashion that its not meant to be used is considered Exploiting. Hence why it was fixed. Exploiters are not different then cheaters/hackers in the game. I understand why they do it, especially certain mega tribes, for they need to stay competitive with the ones that have done it already. But....... its still a stupid move and honestly, if folks that were using it and did not report it to the dev's as this game is still in early development. Then you are really not the people this community wants in the game. Defending said exploiters actions shows your true colors and that you are all for the down fall of Atlas.
  18. #EXPLOITERSLIVESDONTMATTER Its time to hold the factions accountable for their members actions. I don't know what that would entail, Temp bans, all out bans, De leveling. Punishment needs to happen period. The moment i saw These MEGA companies at max level just days in. I am like, well. Here we go again. Real issue has not been fixed. The groups and the individuals that are trying to cheat the game for their own personal gain are not the types you want in here. They are not here for the long haul, just the quick MMO fix and off to the next game they can cheat and exploit and bring on the salt miners. I know Conan Exiles was banning entire companies and Lost Oasis was taking similar actions. The Devs need to earn some trust back with their gamers.
  19. I honestly think that the game should be One Server. The PvP and PvE divide in my opinion is wrong. What they should be focusing on is finding a way to make the game attractive to both sides of the coin. I ran a company in PvP NA. Most members we had on roster was 70 with 30 being active on a daily average. A company can't survive with out the PvE folks. The PvPers can't go off on their ships with out those that are willing to put the effort in. And the PvE folks could not play in somewhat safety with out the defense the that PvPers provided with their brutal nature. As a company leader it was a balancing act, had to keep both parties happy and rewarding while at the same time squashing the stigma between two types. Everyone pulls their weight, everyone fights when the time comes. Easier said then done but it was doable. And for hte most part we had fun. Had some very good people in my ranks and i made some good online friends. We had our share of run ins with "Mega" Companies and we had to play politics to survive. Most of the time in dealing with them, they respected you if you actually fought with out crying and the usual salt. Come to the realization that its just stuff that is easily replaced and rebuilt. Only thing that ended us was the lack of Dev involvement in handling cheaters, especially the Chinese. The Aimbotters were horrible to play again and it was moral crushing.
  20. If this new take on Atlas pans out and the new additions to the Dev team can be trusted, is there a chance we can make this game subscription base, so we can keep you folks focused on this game and not ditch and run for the next money grab? This game has soo much potential that it really need to be a main focus for you guys. And real gamers have no issues paying subscription if a game is worth it.
  21. I had a lot of love for this game, over 2k hrs in it. But it was the chinese cheaters that ruined it all for me. Months and months of reporting them, for nothing to be happened. Then i hear a mass banned did happen, weeks after they destroyed us. Damage was done. Dev team was way too slow in dealing with these matters. So i would love to hear how this will be changed? Cuz i will not waste another minute in this game if it hasn't.
  22. IS this new Dev team gonna stick around or are they gonna bounce the moment Ark Needs a new DLC? And are they gonna be much faster at dealing with Cheaters, especially those that rely on the aimbot?
  23. Well, don't count your chickens yet. Last Oasis might have F'ed up. Breaching upon worst steam EA launch title that Atlas has held. They might come back this way if LO can't get their act together. Me on the other hand, i have quit weeks ago. I would love to say i am coming back to Atlas since i have enjoyed it greatly, but i can't trust the Devs. Let alone to act in a time fashion to deal with a cancer before he destroyed my company. Nothing wrong with getting foundation wiped by an enemy that either out skilled you or out numbered you. But to lose all your hard earned "stuff" to a bunch of hackers that paid for aimbot and knowing full well that it was the aimbotters that carried them to victory. Yeah, that ended it for me here. 3 months of reporting it took to get some bans, way too long and the damage already done.
  24. actually we do have a lot of power/sway in the Future of gaming as customers. Our reviews and social media influences greatly impact the wallets of these companies. And when the bottom line begins to hurt, thats when they know they have not been listening to their customers. I am not a streamer, but i have contacts with over a hundred other gamers in my online community. And so do hundreds of others.
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