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  1. I am stuck inside a mountain on cracked rock in F9. I went into what I thought was a cave to kill a tiger. Killed the tiger. Turned around to go out and a wall appeared in front of me. I really do not want to lose the bear. Need a dev to pop the bear out and fix the freaking mountain.
  2. Not sure if this is by design or not. If it is, it is beyond stupid. I placed a ship resources box and placed 982 gold in it. I didn't like the placement so I picked it up before the timer expired. I had thought the gold would be in a bag on the floor where I picked the box up. It was not. So, I had hoped it was like a water barrel and would be inside the box when I put it down again. It was not. The gold is just gone. I do not belong to a large company. We do not own an island. We play lawless. 982 gold represented a lot of farming for me. This is a broken mechanic and needs to be hotfixed. I will chalk my loss up to a learning experience, but it should not ever happen. There was in no way anywhere that I can find where this has ever been broadcasted as an issue. So, here it is. DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PICK UP A SHIP RESOURCES BOX WITH GOLD STILL IN IT!!
  3. The current cyclone mechanic is definitely ridiculous. They don't just spawn in fours. They CONTINUE to spawn in fours around you even after leaving a group behind. They NONSTOP continue to spawn and right in front of you no matter which way you run. If a player had physical controls of cyclones, with unlimited ammo (cyclones) and was trying to destroy you, it would look like the current mechanic.
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