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  1. On Xbox one x and the game just won’t load , any idea when it will be fixed ? i can get to the primal game data_bp loading screen but after a little while it just crashes to Xbox home screen.
  2. Pretty sure even the island owners can’t sink a boat during peace time m8.
  3. Its horrible that there’s not enough cappable islands for all the companies but when I park a boat at an island in peace and I log in before the peace timer is up to move it , I expect that boat to be still intact. Nope I log in to move boat (peace timer had over 2hrs left) my boat was sunk , when I went to check map to see how long peace timer had left I was amazed to see no island had peace or combat timers (is this a bug ?) I got in touch with a m8 who was logged in he said the island I was at still had over 1hr left in peace which I knew . This is a fkd up game , fix it and make more islands cappable .
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