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  1. As a resident of the Tundra, I have to agree. The Fog/coldfronts would be nice 1once a day. But several times within the same hour, I literally just pull up sails and afk. if theres an island near I park. Fog IRL is extremely headache inducing, You have nailed this effect in-game perfectly, But it comes far to often. I live on the coast and deal with fog once daily Irl. to have to log ingame and deal with it 20 more times, really fucking blows.
  2. And a stone res, On a ship is just immersion breaking. Cant build anything stone on ships, but can slap a stone res on it. And the res hold less than a barrel, Is made of heavier materials, and weighs less. Most likely not intended. If so, Not well planned out.
  3. My only worry is that we are able to build insane super structures on land. But this game is based around our boats. From day one, the Goal, Get a boat. Limiting the build limits on these boats seems more detrimental to lowering the overall perception of the direction of this game, rather than say, limiting land structures. I know its not as easy as that, as we do spend a great deal of time inland as well. Hopefully they can find a way to optimize ships to eventually allow for more creativity in the shipbuilding section.
  4. So I've been doing alot sailing and then this idea pop'd into my head! My next project is to build me a custom steering wheel. Question is, would atlas recognize it? Say if i modded one of the many steering wheels already available and adding something like this too it (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F1O6GOI/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01F1O6GOI&pd_rd_w=pQMos&pf_rd_p=2bd81721-c115-4b8d-93a3-2ecd17466ded&pd_rd_wg=PTSg8&pf_rd_r=H2JKNQ9XBW0DR7DZGHD9&pd_rd_r=9de69f0a-2b22-11e9-91c7-79eddbe046cc) Or modding a mouse like this fella? ultimate goal would to be able to get a forcefeedback steering wheel, Throw a ship steering wheel on it and cross my fingers it works lol.
  5. "Peaceful Solitude" Skip McFearsom day :1099 EA i-15
  6. i have managed to capture some good pics, some not so. have any you'd like to share? lets see them!
  7. I live in the Polar region and had wanted to start breeding. But the bears refuse to as its an undesirable Biome. Which leads to question, If bears dont breed in the polar regions, Whos bringing loads of them in and dropping them off each day?
  8. Ive noticed in the polar zone, reservoirs and water-barrels only fill up when logged off, Or when the base is inactive(You and your company are are another tile.
  9. I was sailing to Roseville in I15, like I have before, outrunning a SoD when suddenly every front plank just blew off my ship, I had only two backups. I went underwater, There as nothing It was extremely deep water. no rocks, no pillars, No nothing. The SoD only hit me twice mid ship nowhere near enough to blow four schooner front planks off . Im standing on the island, Creatures are floating in the air, That SoD is just sitting there glitching out. Something is wrong with i15. As a solo player this really hurts. Having to worry about sailing in open water to hazardz like this shouldnt be a thing, This felt like a damn dev having some twisted fun at my expense.
  10. Hopefully a Hardcore mode server is released soon. All those who feel the regular PvP/PvE are to "softcore" can go be super hardcore pirate survivalists over there.
  11. Same Here, Been HOURS waiting to die. Worst yet is im a pve server so I cant even ask anyone to come kill me. Everyday a new frustration presents itself.
  12. Try using steam to scan and repair game files. Every so often the sky goes completely black and the lighting gets messed up. A file validation fixes it for me.
  13. until they glitch through the walls to kills you. Remove hostile creatures, Or they will remove your player base with every frustrating minute that passes. Im Literally stuck on my boat with crocs isnta killing me as I spawn. I cant leave, Cant run cant do anything. This is FUCKED Im on the brink of uninstalling and never looking back. The first impression was garbage, But I see potential. But can only withstand so much before it becomes unhealthy to continue playing this game.
  14. I'm right there with ya, Im down in the southern tundra and spend more time re-spawning from hostile creature kills than anything. Yesterday though I noticed alot more bears, I love the basterds. I started aggroing wolf packs to the bears and the bears would make short work of them. Until the lions came around...... And snakes in the Tundra? Uh they should be slow af if anything due to the fact that they need WARM environments. Also Hostile creatures do not aggro on eachother. Ive seen a pack of snakes/lions/wolves running the same path around the island. One big NPC raid group. This is stupid. If they at least killed eachother from time to time it may balance out the island a bit.
  15. Im right there with you.....I understand they want us to party. But this is just ridiculous.
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