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  1. Tanchyon


    I'm just waiting for the moment they say there'll be no more wipes. Then I'll probably be back. Too many other games to play.
  2. Tanchyon

    So i'm back to see how the game is.

    Waiting for them to say they are finished with wipes.
  3. Tanchyon

    Dev Team focus

    So I know that most of the team has gone to grapeshot, and Wildcard has reorganized and rehired. There's also some cross pollination going on, with each studio helping each other. So any idea who's working on Ark Genesis and who's still with Atlas? Because I'd find it hard to believe the original Ark team wouldn't want to be working on the new Ark season pass.
  4. Tanchyon

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    I don't care about wipes I'm just waiting for the moment they say "No more wipes". Then again who knows what I'll be playing then, might not even be worth coming back.
  5. Thanks for this. This is spot on. If I were a betting man I'd say no.
  6. Tanchyon

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    I see you have a lot of experience in this forum... even though you don't have the game. Is there a block option? Can you test it out by blocking me? I just don't like scrolling through irrelevant stuff.
  7. Tanchyon

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    I'm just using my experiences with Ark as the base for my knowledge on the issue Wait, aren't you the person who doesn't even have the game?
  8. Tanchyon

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    We won't be returning until they commit to no more wipes, we don't have time to waste especially when there are plenty of other games we can play where we get to keep our progress.
  9. There was a single wipe a couple of months after Early Access release due to an exploit. After that any exploits that were discovered were patched and dealt with on an individual basis.
  10. Commit to no more wipes. Or at least just a wipe on launch. Take Ark's example, there was only one wipe.. ever. Any changes they needed to make was localized and if your base was there, it was notified that it was going to be wiped soon.
  11. Tanchyon

    What is/should Atlas hang it's hat on?

    We know there are going to be multiple wipes. We don't know when that is going to be. The game is pretty good, not perfect but it is getting there. The problem is, as far as I'm concerned and a lot of my friends that used to play it is the whole instability issue. Why put effort in now when it could wipe any time? Would rather just wait for final release where we can be guaranteed a decent amount of time to keep our work. That is of course depending on the state of the game upon final release.
  12. Tanchyon

    Suffocating The Growth of Atlas

    They never really solved the large number of players lag in Ark.
  13. We've been making the best of the pre- wipe conditions, hopping islands and doing treasures. Parked our galleon at The Withered Island in N10 in NA PVE Hydra's Den for a few hours, and come back to this... https://ibb.co/dJC9zQK https://ibb.co/J3Smxv4 https://ibb.co/KKFFQHy https://ibb.co/K2g94q4 https://ibb.co/4RTDcNk https://ibb.co/rMdbmDk https://ibb.co/GswDWgW https://ibb.co/VxsBdJ7 https://ibb.co/W5J7gtZ With PVE relying on pillars a whole lot more after the wipe, the no-lifers are gonna have a field day.
  14. They don't care about "their stuff" they care about relative strength compared to everyone else, and hours after a wipe they will be exponentially more advanced than before compared to everyone else.
  15. One of many future wipes before launch