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  1. Herasea

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    Cause there's no way for anyone to retaliate in PvE, if someone griefs you in PvP at least you can rally some people and wipe them. In PvE you can't do anything other than sling some words at them, which they get off on as they know you can't do anything. That's why i felt the older claim system was better as you didn't have this forced relationship and deal with griefers as much. You or your group didn't have to interact unless needed, I.e bosses or trading. With the newer system they literately gave the tools for people to grief others and given player this god complex. People have come here and said, "I own the island, how do i get rid of everyone" or "It's my island, i should be able to do what i want" Which their not wrong, but it shouldn't be a thing in the first place on a PvE server. The numbers say it all when they made the change. Overall it seems they're trying to force PvP gameplay into PvE and it just doesn't work at all and at the same time they're trying to trivialise the PvE content on PvE?
  2. Herasea

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    I agree and disagree. The only thing i disagree with is the claim, to me this ruined PvE more than anything. It was a system no one asked for, in fact it was what people were against in the first place, as you had a group of two who got lucky getting in the server and claimed up entire grids. So they thought it was logical to make it an actual feature? Imho the tax system made sense with the older system, if the the made small twicks, because if you went away for a while and people were just clearing the land bare around your house, how are you meant to do anything yourself? But it didn't work as the problem was people could claim everywhere and tax everything, if they reduced the amount of claims, the problem would have been sorted, but no and were are here. The rest I agree, things should be a challenge. It also boggles my mind that there was any focus on single player when the main game isn't even ready or at an acceptable level. Overall i don't care if we have it or not, but their playerbase is already disgustingly low, so they want to further reduce that by giving people a reason to leave the main servers? Like you said, they've done good stuff, but then they do stuff like what i mentioned and they just completely screw it as it drastically impacts the players. It's a 1 step forward, 9 steps back scenario. What makes it even sadder imho is I've seen them fix a problem the community has been out spoken about, but then you see them make a major mistake, then do noting about it. The flag system for example. I do have a horrid feeling they may try push a singleplayer game for the final product
  3. Herasea

    When should we just pull the plug

    I am sad to see the state this games become, wish I could just teleport to their studio and just ask "what are you doing?". Left after the wipe and hoped i could come back to something, but nope. They seem set on forcing things into PvE that just don't belong or ideas that just don't make sense. What's upsetting to me is they had it at the start, they just needed small changes in terms of the flag system, decay and other things. If they took their time and tried little changes, note the communities reaction, then move on from there, they would have been fine, but they choose the worst possible choices and ended up doing these massive shifts that just disrupted the dynamic of the game. This game can recover as it's not released yet, but for that they need to really start being more consistent with the feedback they take in. Also push back single player, push back console, focus on getting he PC stuff up to par, then think about moving on to the other two. They can barley hold the PC crowd, splitting the already tiny player base is silly and do they honestly think console is going to stick around?
  4. Herasea

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    Not sure why they don't just have someone log in once in a while and check up on things, people do this cause there's ZERO presence of authority in-game, tbh it would solve a lot of grief issues, not sure why game companies don't do this anymore, having a CM jump in wouldn't be out of the ordinary. Once players know that a CM will log-in, the spam will reduced or they risk the chance of getting a ban or a punishment, not saying it's perfect or they should check every island, but if word gets out of people being banned for the spam, others will give up on the spam and maybe start removing them. Add this to high decay timers on structures that have less than a certain amount of pieces. What happened to the structure upkeep that was meant come in as well?
  5. Herasea

    leveling ships is so slow

    SotD are the quickest way to gain quick levels, not sure how you're only lvl 4, just traveling should give quite a few lvls. Unless they lowered it since the big patch
  6. Herasea

    Claim vs Lawless

    There is no comparison at all, for one you're spending potential 10 - 30 mins with this person, where as here you're potential spending your entire games life on a island. Also the "administrative functions" aren't in the same ball park and the times people do have full rights in a mmo tend to be in a guild raid, which is community you signed up for well in advance or a pre-made group, which you joined as it matched your requirements and if you're not happy at any time you can leave find and something else or make your own group and set the rules. Also the arguments you make for against the old system weren't a problem at all, with SotD people aren't suddenly going to go out and kill them now because of the new system. if they did before they will now, if they didn't before they won't now, also you don't need a company to do it, I was clearing them myself as a solo player, resource blocking, I ran into the problem once, out of all the hours and islands i travelled too, never ran into resource blocking, even on lawless where people can build everywhere, also there a many ways it could be solved, the devs saying, you take care of it is the lazier option. Overall you make the system sound great, but in reality it isn't, especially for those who are not landlords on PvE. PvP it's fine, but PvE makes no sense. While i would rather the old system i more than happy for them to improve and make it fair for both parties.
  7. Herasea


    The things i think they were thinking of PvP when writing that, because you can at least on PvP say, "screw this landlord or as a pirate pillage", gather a group to take them out, potentially reinstating someone worth while or keeping the island lord free and make it a pirate stronghold. In PvE, there's nothing you can do, it's put up or shut up and i think that's the overall thing people dislike, being placed in a situation they don't really have much of an option, on top of that, people can mess with your stuff or bully you into what they want with zero ways of retaliating. Overall there seems to not much thought on, how will this work with PvE? Imho, leave this on PvP and place the old system with limits on PvE
  8. Herasea

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    You shouldn't be able to demolish anything of anyone's, be it an 1hr or 24 hrs on PvE, That's the whole point is to avoid conflict with players, my point still stands, if someone wants, they can destroy your base, if it's outside the time frame they can foundation spam you or do as they please. it's already been said people are noticing more in lawless areas because people don't want o deal with the system. Not saying there's no where at all, but you have to look hard for it or accept you'll be someones resource cow for the foreseeable future. "Btw this game is build about landlord/tenant system" Yes now, before I don't remember being a tenant of anyone. "It is not intended EVERYONE has its own land" Again, only now, before people were able to clam a little area for themselves and that system was fine, it just need limiting. You're acting as if this was something the game started with, when it didn't at all. Also this game isn't kings and queens or about government, it's a PIRATE game, whether it's fantasy or reality pirates never were "tenants" They were rulers of their own fate and domain. In truth it doesn't fit the theme at all, but as i said, i'm happy to with it if they're willing to improve on it make it a 50/50 exchange for both landlord and tenant, right now it's all in favor for the landlord or also allow player to live on their ships comfortably
  9. Herasea

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    It wasn't just 20, if you go back to even launch, people were saying they should just limit flags because anyone could just spam an island with no down side. I had a island that was dominated by 1 person and they got pissed i expanded my base to 2 claim flags, no on said "we need completely new system". Either you didn't browse the forums at the time or are willing choosing to ignore it, literally every other thread was was asking for limiting claim flags The problem with the current system is, first come first serve, which is stupid if this game wishes to keep going long term. You're at the mercy of anyone who owns the island, you could set up your base, a guy comes along with he's mates and claims the island, they want your spot....demolish, or they choose to foundation spam the island not allowing anyone on (This is the biggest problem). Another I saw was big companies are taking smaller up keep islands as it's easier to maintain disallowing smaller companies anything or even taking both, cause they can. It's fine if they support, but trying to deny something that happened is my grip. I'm all for the new system if people are willing to help make it better and not bury their head in the sands over the issues
  10. Herasea

    From an island owner view

    So far people have just said "benifit of the land owner". What about none land owners? I said this before they need something that benifits boths sides, not just those who own the land. Right now, there is no reason for others to set up a base on someones land as all the benfits are given to the land owner. There should be a reason land owenres want people on their island and want them to stay and vice versa. Also, i'll keep saying it as I belive this is what a priate game should be. allow players to live on their ships, claim it as your home and it has increased stat to allow comfortable living. i remeber playing on a private server and just traveling from place to place, crafting and doing normal stuff while sailing, it felt amazing not having to travel back cause my ship was overweight and i'm sure it would do wounders for RP.
  11. Herasea

    is this what u envisioned devs

    Pretty much. I was trying to keep an open mind about trying a new claim system, but the simplest is always the best and was suggested by others and myself. Limit the flags, increase radius a little, done
  12. Herasea

    is this what u envisioned devs

    that should not be a thing if the game wishes for long term growth. kinda says, if you don't play day one, don't bother. It seems the game is back to square one with people not being able to claim anything or being bullied of their plot. As i said ages ago, this is a pirate game, not sure why there is even a landlord system, but if they're set on this then allow players to live on their ships like pirates would, it would mean if a player isn't able to get a spot or doesn't want to deal with a overseer, then they have the option of being their own master. Create a ship and place a flag or something on it, which sets it as your home, increasing stats to allow living to be manageable, which also could open up more skill lines or stats to further customize and improve ship living.
  13. Herasea

    How you will do 1 flag per island system?

    With the island idea, there needs to be a mutual agreement, you help with the upkeep and there's a buff in it for you, increase gold, resources something. Also to lighten the load, allow people to live on their ships, were pirates at the end of the day. There should be a risk vs reward. Can set it as home which it increases it's carry weight a bit and bit more health but because you have everything on the ship, if that sinks, your pretty much screwed. I would rather temp stop on a lawless, setup a ship and leave exploring stopping for resources, i rather not leave on an island tbh
  14. Herasea

    One week is not enough for the PTR

    Yeah no to those sayin rush it out, these will be the same people later saying, "why did they rush it? Shitty devs just trying to cash in on a quick buck. They don't listen". Agree with the OP, but maybe if they increases rates to like 50x for the first day or something so people can get to certain point quicker?
  15. Hmm, the problem is there is not real "you help me, i'll help you vibe from this. How will it differ from what we have now? At least if i took a spot no one could destroy it, but it seem if the land owner catches you within the set time limit they will just demolish it or make your life hell if they choose so. Yes there are nice people and i'm sure some great communities will come out of it, but there are also dicks, i think it's very naive to think as system like this is not going to cause a ton of discord. I mean look at the crap show when the game launched, people non-stop griefing and this will be used in the same way I feel. As i said in another thread, there needs to be beneficial agreement for both party's, landowner and tenant, so even those toxic players will have a reason to allow people on the island. resource buff, defense buff, something so players who live on the land don't feel like cows being milked for their work with nothing in return.