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  1. JadedGamer

    PvP Claim Timers

    I would like to know how it works as well. Does every flag you place decrease the timer by a min? Any one figure out how it works?
  2. JadedGamer

    PvP and Teleporting.

    Just make it so you can only fast travel across zones if your spawning on a ship. I know there are ways to inclose boats in stone garages. But large stone structures over the water are much easier to locate than the little huts in the center of the island.
  3. JadedGamer

    NPC Isn't repairing after last update?

    Stupid question, but do you have enough resources?
  4. JadedGamer


    Here is the patch notes. “Explosive Barrels will be undergoing some changes with this patch, please note that they're still in the process of receiving their redesign, but this puts them close to it: Limited to 1 carryable stack per person. Stack size will remain at 10 You will not be able to store them in creature inventories, however, legacy ones will remain there. They will be able to be placed near enemy structures and water without needing a claim flag, but not on boats itself. You will not be able to equip them into your hotbar, they must be placed from within the inventory. There will be a restriction to how many can be put down at a time within a certain radius. Reduced Explosive Barrel damage by approximately 20% Reduced Explosive Barrel explosive radius by approximately 20%”
  5. JadedGamer

    Lawless area's

    If your new to the game just be aware lawless zones are a tough place to call home. Your things will get broken into. This game right now is not friendly to small groups so you need to make friends fast. A lot of larger alliances use lawless zones to farm materials they don’t have on their islands. Start up a conversation (if they speak your language) and see if they have an opening or maybe land to rent. If you want send me a message and we can talk. We’re always looking for some new people.
  6. JadedGamer


    We use them all along our harbor. I don’t think that will stop some one from swimming up to the front of our boats from the sea. We’re going to need to redesign them for that reason.
  7. JadedGamer


    You can’t put them on ships but you can place them next to ships in the water. You can also place them on claimed land. So walk up to some ones door, wall ect and throw them down. So instead of making it harder to offline raid they made it easier.
  8. JadedGamer

    Npc keep coming off cannons defending

    Epic use a mess table to feed your AI. I never used a trough for anything other than animals.
  9. JadedGamer

    Cannon NPCs missing.

    My base defense large cannons show there mounted but the npcs are gone. I’m not able to mount new npcs or use the cannon my self. We have gone through several server restarts without it fixing the problem.
  10. JadedGamer

    Missing NPCs from large cannons?

    Thanks guys. Did your cannons fire before you went through the zone walI? I was hopping they would have come back after a server restart but no luck there.
  11. So a couple days ago I noticed some of our large cannons we use for base defenses were missing npcs. The cannons still say there manned so I can’t assign new npcs to them. Any one seen this bug before? If so will the cannons still fire?
  12. JadedGamer

    Final Straw

    You will never be able to hold an island with a small to medium group. You need to share the defenses with other allies. We’re on a small island with 3 other small/medium groups. It makes defenses so much easier to maintain. We may not live in a tropical paradise withh unlimited resources but we do ok. You also have to watch which bear you poke. We had a mega show up on our door step one time, and that was because an alliance member took out a friend of theirs. 24hrs and 2 dragons later they decided to make peace. They never really wanted our little island to begin with. If you an your friends want a second chance send me a message and we can talk. We’re always looking for some new blood.
  13. JadedGamer

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    Think we have all made the mistake of our tames being on passive. It’s not a big deal until a lion wants to say hi.
  14. JadedGamer

    Disable console commands on PvP

    How do you turn off water? And does the fog command still work? It didn’t work last night while sailing. Then again I might have had a couple drinks in me at that time.
  15. JadedGamer

    Hackers destroyed another brig.

    Instead of running solo we have openings. Send me a message if interested. We’re not a mega guild. We do have land and a alliance.