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  1. The only naval fight I had fun was in the beginning of the server we had no npcs. in a schooner using the canons manually, the capital said go to portside or shoot starboard side. I find ship battles very boring. Only the capitan have fun, others are just playing hammer and bucket simulator, until you are boarded and granades destroy you. I would like to use the canons and let NPCs repair the ship or the planks to set automatic. It Would be cool if players could use a top deck morter, or something useful im battle that cannot be used by a NPC. NPC take all the fun and leave the boring tasks to players. This game is all about people having their personal ships, and when you are raided you have 2 people online having to move 12 ships anchored fully manned of NPC. As a crew member, in a ship battle you can only do podium, hammer, bucket, gliding and trying to board a ship when you are not laggy rendering a ship. Shooting canons is something NPCs do better. Devs should go and play blackwake until they realize what is a naval fight.
  2. major update: CATS! Sure, they are not hiding content to use after wipe....
  3. The wipe is so close that I can almost smell it. It would be foolish to think the wipe is not coming after watching steam charts of active players, and the fact that they didn't release a major update in months, they were saving a lot of new stuff to attract players after the wipe.
  4. 1.- render lag, and lag in ship battles. 2..- maps disappearing when looted in the shore. Maps in pillars. Maps in foundations or close to structures made by players. AoD stuck in mesh. 3.- tames stuck in mesh forever, when doing maps. Tames stuck in pits. 4.- all defense towers NPC being completely useless against ships, crabs or high level players with overgeared items. 5.- gold sink of maintaining the useless NPCs, leading you to point number 2 and 3 in my list. A repetitive cycle of boredom. 6.- losing ships for random reasons, losing ships when getting to close to the shore at 10% speed, losing ships when trying to go throw a large behemoth and crashing with the door closing, close the door when your ship is going half of the behemoth. The ship will bounce around doing 360 degree circle. 7.- encouraging megas to be the center of the game, locking content behind powerstones, neglecting solo players and small tribes letting them become cannon fodder for megas. Until they left. And megas left after losing their prey.
  5. Force megas to fight each other by system.
  6. You just said, enclosed structures. Not all structures are enclosed. Raided structures spawn AoD inside. if only the roof or a wall is missing. They spawn inside. Spawns of maps a defined places. I had did 5 maps in the same spot before. I builded foundations over a pillar in a owned island and they respawned over foundations. If you kill them you can't loot the treasure because shovel don't magically penetrate stone. One of my favorites is when they spawn over a platform. You cant shovel either because you can only crawl under the platform, but not dig. Maps always spawn in the same pillars, when the map is at level of sea there are more spawn points, but when the map is in natural pillars or over boulders is always the same spot. Block all the AoD spawning points with stone foundations. The game will keep generating maps for that areas. They always spawn in the same areas, anyone that had done thousand of maps in the same island know this. 90% of the maps I did maps where common maps farmed in the same location, 1 grid away of my island. My island had 20 natural pillars and AoD only spawned on one of the 20 pillars. So yes the areas are defined and you can know where this pillars spawns will be.
  7. The diferente between berrys and veggies, is vegetables last longer than berrys, the berrys weight more than veggies, when the baby is born his inventory is very limited. Like 1% of the weight, when is growing that % increase until.he reach 10% and can feed from feeder doesn't matter anymore when it reach juvenile. You can deposit in his inventory more veggies than berrys that's the only difference.
  8. Offer random generated quest based on the reputation of someone. Better reputation, you get better quests. Give equip already crafted with no extra % increased by int. It would be nice that normal players can get fine, journament, mastercraft, legendary or mythical gear like armors, melee weapons, ranged weapons, pistols. Depending of what the quest is the reward. Could be a farming quest and you get a legendary shovel. Or a quest of killing a NPC in golden age, and you get a gun. Or a quest of fish a rare fish and get a fishing rod mythical. You need to do great quest with good rewards. The gear have to be good like myth legendary or mastercraft. Like 95% of the general population have no items better than fine. Usual players dont move more than 2 grids away from their islands. Let them take quest in Freeport and get some useful items. People will raid more to get more items. And if you are wiped you can always do quest to recover some items, you dont need to travel around the world to get good stuff for equal PVP. Right now only big tribes or organized have access to end game weapons and equipment, the pvp is not fun when an average Joe with common equipment have no chance to fight a guy full mythical that can tank carbine headshoots. Or implement a shop to sell stuff in Freeport, the coin to buy is points for quest. Also give experience with every quest.
  9. With a bunch of planks and luck.
  10. I sailed yesterday to do two mastercraft maps to A14. Like 20 grids away. I had a route of 8 maps on lawless before reaching A14. I did 2 fine of the 8 maps. 3 of the maps were in cliffs and throwed them. Another one was over a base with puckles. One of the maps was over stone foundations, couldn't use a shovel over freaking foundations. My favorite map was one that was in a cliff base, I somehow made it, jumping with a tiger to the area, I got stuck between structures and AoD., couldn't move and the tiger with the maps of A14 was killed. Couldn't recover the maps, because AoD don't despawn when the map holder die or no one is doing that map. It was a blue map and I only had an option. Throwing myself in a hole full of lvl 50+ AoD and trying to kill them with the sword, circular blade didn't help me in this one. I had to go back 8 grids to my base. And still don't know if the 2 mastercraft maps i got had structures or were on a freaking mountain. I lost 4 hours to do 2 fine maps of 800. What a waste of time. I will rather do 40 shitmaps in close islands, but there is no other way to get exp past lvl 80 faster than maps. Not to mention that I expend from Monday to Friday collecting maps. all my week to collect over 500 maps. With a 50% of maps over 14 quality dissapear when you collected and still got 2 maps mastercraft, and throwed other 300 because were useless maps of low gold and exp.
  11. It could be, if the information is not relayed the map dissapear, the far the map is difficult for server to generate it. But I dont think the game check if there are no structures in the map, I often receive maps with respawns over foundations, there's a thread of a guy who lost all his tames to a mastercraft map spawning in his PEN.
  12. I know all the respawn points of maps in my island. Building over pillars is advised. You are in PVE you dont have to be a douche about blocking spawns. If you were in PVP I would understand if you blocked spawns to maintain a defensive position. But since is PVE I can only say that is something you did to yourself placing yourself in this position.
  13. I dont know if someone had posted it yet but I picked 4 maps quality 13 to 15. I only looted 1 of 4 maps. Is ridiculous and is happening in all the islands. I usually gather 200 to 300 maps every week before Saturday and 75% of the high quality maps I pick in the shore are bugged and dissapear not giving me a map.
  14. Yes, pillars maps suck. I used to buil swivels on top of pillars in my local island to do this maps, but not anymore. Devs haven't fixed yet the bug of maps quality 15 or more disappearing when taking them.
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