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  1. Is there any room live map looks like most islands are full and taken.Honestly I'm looking for a new server I own a 2x2 grid and have 30 days from nitrado, but gonna let that go and want to find a good server to stay on with PVE zones and PVP. Do you have a dedicated pc for your servers?
  2. Join "2x2 Sea Of Wolves PVE/PVP Hybrid 10xHarvest/50xTame". PVE on home server and PVP on other 3 servers. Full Wipe Coming 1/11/2019. Taming will be reduced when alphas get nerfed. 32 Slots 25x Exp 150 Max Level Structure locking on Structure Collision Disabled! Boosted Weight Crop Growth Boosted Breeding Boosted Unlimited Respecs All PowerStones and KRACKEN!!!! Also if Population grows I will expand. Any questions join discord and Ask. I'm open to server suggestions also https://discord.gg/MecUG4K Server IP: Looking for friendly people who wanna experience this game preview and learn game. I plan on hosting a server all the way to release and beyond. Join discord channel and say hello. Looking for new people.
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