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  1. Yes they do. You can have a server without settlements enabled, and it will function like the old system. However instead of the 14 days decay on the flags, it has a 6 hour decay timer.
  2. Why is the non settlement system for PVE servers only have a 6 hour decay timer for flags? It was suppose to be 14 days and scales down with more flags...
  3. You probably got weight glitched, people always find new ways to weight glitch ships.
  4. You can try the back ups in the savedark folder. They automatically generate.
  5. It seems to be a cap set by Grapeshot. Before it used to be 70, then 40 now 120.
  6. They work fine on all my servers. This is the first time I heard of this problem.
  7. I have our set to true already. The in game days are all in sync but not the players age
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