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  1. You think so? Well, so are books, and anything that requires rational thought, which you appear to be lacking. Ok, how much do you realllllly want that schooner? Lol. However, regardless of intent, you are "progressing" like that crab in a bucket. If you what to see things, open your eyes maybe? Stop nerfing shit due to lack of game programming skills/understanding of how to play a game? Here, have a ramming ship. Hai guiz. we want to get you all out on the ocean sailing in ships, and now we going to blah blah blah trading ships blah blah yeah its not working, but blah blah we really dont actually want to pay for good servers, or create a game that isnt just spaghetti code so that it can actually run on the shitty servers we have. Yeah in a month you get wiped btw, lol? Seriously man, wake up. I cbf to reply to the rest of this dribble.
  2. Yeah ok. Or, pvp is a game, and just like a sport, if *you're* a "slob", you will lose. Cry about being punched (barreled? haha) in the face all you like, that is the point of the game.
  3. Played pov? It is an artificial time sink, that exists due to inability to balance the game/make the game something other than a useless time sink. Irony, huh? Remember when people were asking for more ships? Less grind? Now its just hey man make me mindlessly grind so i can get my 1st "real " ship. er, Ok man, hope you find some more maps/figure out how to not suck at finding maps
  4. Thought so. How sad. Hahahaha what? You don't feel you get rewards for playing PVE in this marvelous game? Huh, wonder why.
  5. What? Barrels havent always been around, you couldn't just build a cheap ship in a hour and load it with barrel bombs and go fuck up a mythical ship. Nobody will build a myth gally because its just stupid and a waste of time. Why do you consider that to be progress? Smh. I say that you appear to be ignoring things, and you reply im the one opting out ? Mate, you quit a longggggggg time ago......... and you dont appear to know what you are talking about, regardless of where the game stands or did stand.
  6. Which is translated to "we are desperate, have no clue, and will try to get dat wipe hype lolz"
  7. Are you guys xbobs? 5th dimension sucks? lol. Oh yep, that "dashboard". Good advice for life.
  8. Really? I guess fun is in the eye of the beholder.... People like to do things and have fun... Yeah fun. It would make sense if you were the one to make barrel bombs a "thing", as you are quite clueless.
  9. Grills are good at producing heat, wtf are you talking about?? They are the most efficient. Newbie Whatever, I do suggest using camp fires however, as they do not blind you compared to the bullshit brightness of grills and wall torch things
  10. lol? Uh huh. Maybe, but you know, fuck that? Sounds like effort.
  11. Oh noes, access to farms blocked because of signs and storage on foundations!!! Thanks for that VALUABLE information, i mean, nobody even dreamed this would happen!
  12. I would hope backsides generate heat also. AHHAhahahaha
  13. Yeah, its called a PC, because then you won't buy games that are made for PC and then ported to mass consumer bs things like xbobx.
  14. OP is asking the devs if they have ever played they game, not you. But thanks for your input, kid?
  15. I trade you a barrel in your face for a barrel in my face, let us spend our time to do this trade in this awesome video game.... oh also do you have any gold? I cbf grinding needlessly for hours upon end so that i can be wiped.... edit: derp
  16. Atlas on xbox going to be a fun evening? Okay....
  17. Seems saltier to me that you want to just ignore what is actually going on, because you decided that "you wanna play now". :/
  18. If only they could think of atlas as a ark dlc, so maybe they would put in the effort to get the moniesssssssssssssssssss
  19. Lol. Hey man, the broken issue isnt a big issue because theres even bigger issues that prevents the game from being fun! But, you know, the devs are working soooooo hard, and im having fun because I quit when the game was actually good and now I miss it.......... sigh lol man reallly Indeed. You just wasting your time with this nonsense.
  20. My condolences, here have a barrel bomb to your FACE@!!!
  21. We could make a gofundme or whatever, but how to make these people sell for a **REASONABLE** price?
  22. Ark dinos are just single entities on the server, the ships in atlas are multiple entities, and the devs have said that the server cannot handle more ships that are coded in way they code ships. Also, apparently the person who originally coded the ships left the dudes a long time ago. Thats you why get camelophant, and sub, and ramming ship. Yeh those mods are funny, how they add ships...
  23. If you have these types of "complaints" about PVE, you are the one that should do something and play PVP, because the PVE in this game is simply PVE without the PVP, so you are not actually playing the game. The pvp game has not been doing so well btw in case you didnt realise.
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