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    Ahoy pathfinders and developers! First of all: I think Atlas is a fantastic game with huge potential. I've spent 1500 hours just during the last two seasons. I decided to quit though until 2 things are adressed that cannot stay as they are: 1.) Ever since explosive barrels can be used in cannons, catapults and so forth the PvP has lost its variety. Tigers, Crabs, Footsoldiers are almost worthless as they just get one-hitted by barrels. Everyone is running around with either canon/barrel or catapult/barrel horses. Same on the seas: No one dares to bring out the BP Ships for PvP as common schooners with barrels are just too much of a threat. The ship damage and cannon damage scales with the barrel, which makes it way too strong. Some people level their NPCs for additional weight now, so they can carry multiple barrels and multiple volleys of explosive barrels can be shot. Now we are starting to see Ministerio Players who put barrel horses into submarines. The explosive barrel is the MOST urgent issue for PvP Players. 2.) Fix buggy SOTDs. You see Ships of the Damned everywhere that are not shooting and barely moving. Since PvP is broken I tried to make some Kraken V2 runs the other day. The Center Maw was so spammed with these broken ships that we could not fight the boss. They were unmounting NPCs from cannons, blocking sight on the Kraken and at the end a galleon just glitched out of the combat area, totally random. I really hope that you introduce some Hotfixes to address these issues, because in the current state i can neither enjoy PvP nor PvE. Happy sailing!
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    Left official about 5 weeks ago, playing some SP till next wipe. Still having some hope the game will be fixed enough to play official PvE. Someday that is. 1 Thing is for sure, this game has plenty of potential. Such a waste seeing much of it being unused.
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    How dare you, we got cats! and hats!
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    What promises it’s early access I think to many forget that concept, you knew it when you downloaded it that’s it’s early access which means anything you do now won’t exist at official release. Anything can change at anytime at any point. That’s the purpose of a early access game, it’s testing.
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    yep, barrels killed the game. I have gone from a daily player to signing in once a week and going meh can't sail anywhere without someone one shotting your ship with barrels. no point in having mythic ships and planks if one barrage of barrels sinks it in moments.
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    Barrels need to be completely removed from this current iteration of the game. This is going to be your biggest contention point for any type of PVP player. They are just too powerful. They do way too much damage. There is no real way to mitigate barrels right now in this game. Barrels should only be able to be used from Catapults. Or placed manually and lit. They should NOT be able to be fired from cannons. Full stop. Barrels should not be able to remove a row of planks from a ship. Either make them incredibly heavy, or make the materials excessive. They are too easy to make, too light and too disposable for the amount of damage they can do to not only ships but player structures. You say you want this to be a sea focused pvp game. Barrels have made it so you can no longer leave your harbor because you're too busy trying to defend the structures it took you weeks to build and get destroyed in under 5 minutes. This is ridiculous and you need to change this if you ever hope to get any player base back into the game. Limit the number of catapults on a ship by ship type. Remove the ability for cannons to fire barrels. 0 on sloop. 1 on schooner 2 on brig 4 on galleon. Reload time on catapults on animals should be 10+ seconds.
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    Thanks for the laugh :) also @Chismebeard what do you mean you don't know how to login to the atlas forum? What do you mean by there is nothing for you to say? Can I ask, what do you think is the point of a community manager if they don't manage or even communicate with the community?
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    If you guys need a better Public Relations, I would be happy to discuss with you. This Q & A only answered ONE question that everyone on the discord is talking about. The Q & A talking about future additions to the game, when there are a lot of questions regarding the game's current condition that people would really like some answers to. This is kind of customer service 101, to retain the current players and keep your current customers happy. Otherwise, you'll lose them, and they may not come back. Plenty of other developers putting out similar games. I would think player retention would be a top priority. Focus inward before focusing outward. I am a modest gamer, I only play at night when my wife and kid go to sleep, lol, but really do enjoy the game. However, I have been experiencing some serious problems with the game, keep getting kicked out, and unable to spawn back in without getting kicked out again. I would be happy to share my experience more with you for a better understanding of a basic user on an Xbox. My two cents anywho.
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    I have a question, why reduce 1 wood type to 1 island and on that island only have it spawn @10% of that island, how dose that make sense especially in PvE, i can only image the hell that is going on in PvP for that island oh and by all means ignore this and every other question that you can't try and spin in a stupid positive way and just pat your self on your back for making changes that the previous Devs would never have done
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