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  1. Grongash

    wipe is confirmed?

    How? There is hardly a sector that even has 2 players online at the same time..
  2. Grongash

    Goodbye ATLAS !!!

    Is the wipe actually confirmed or still rumor stage?
  3. Grongash

    Totally chocked about this stream

    It was generic, without any actual information and sounded more like a presentation you would give to present the idea of a game to someone like an investor to get funding. Not like the presentation of a game that is already on the market, struggled, failed and needs to be saved. After this project went down they can at least all consider political careers.
  4. Grongash


    Squeeze the last drops of milk out of the cow before you bring it to the slaughterhouse.
  5. Grongash


    Yay then i could stop maintenance without feeling bad and finally uninstall Atlas.
  6. Grongash

    New Lead Designer

    Id play that game, sounds awesome. But i wouldn't get my hopes up, it seems they have their mind set on the Ark reskin.
  7. If you take a look at the steam charts and comments you will find that "No Mans sky" is actually a pretty bad example overall. Yes, they somewhat managed a comeback (if you are that deep into the crap zone it is however not hard to get better), they are currently dumping back into that zone tho. They did not fix the core problems at all. It is great that you enjoyed it, but it is hardly an example for a success story.
  8. Maintenance (in case they do get their act together at some point), then log off to play something that's actually fun.
  9. Grongash

    Atlas and steam charts

    A lot of those are just logging to do maintenance.
  10. The only thing a wipe would do right now is to finish off the rest of the player-base. They need to fix the problems first and bring some game-changers to have any hope of making a restart a success. Personally i think they should have waited with the console release as well, i don't think its going to translate well, but we will see.
  11. Grongash


    Taking a closer look at the decay timers would go a great lengths, at least for PvE. Tailor it to your customers, small groups of friends or Solo players, i would see it more of a CO-OP really. There are almost no Megas in PvE, people don't like to aggregate in large groups unless they have to. More and better communication would help a lot too, i always liked the "to come" part of the patch notes, it gave you an idea about what you worked on (even without dates, just as a road map). With the lack of communication on the official forums this project does feel abandoned, even if it isn't. QoL, QoL, QoL.. i know you did a lot in that sector, but take a look at the mods around and consider weaving it into the basegame.
  12. Grongash


    Probably should have done that the other way round. Now 99% of your Player-base on officials are gone and for pretty much everyone i know there is little to no chance to return. I know, you dont care right now and hope to regain them all (or even better, new ones) when your alpha phase is over... but the initial hype is over and the window of opportunity probably closed for good.
  13. Grongash

    When should we just pull the plug

    Yeah, they don't seem to get that their game isn't fun enough for that type of commitment and that their player-base (at least for PvE) is too old for that shit. Change the timers back to 3 weeks for buildings AND tames (its idiotic to begin with that they are different, as the lowest timer dictates the maintenance interval).
  14. Grongash

    crossplay xbox

    Nice, more development time that would have been needed to actually fix the game split even thinner.
  15. Grongash

    When should we just pull the plug

    This was the straw that broke the camels back in the end. It became more of a job, and when you are FORCED to do something all the time or your progress is lost its not going to go well in a game where all you do is build. They could have changed it at least for PvE, their playerbase there was mostly small groups and Solo players to begin with.
  16. Grongash

    New Players

    I am not complaining about the fantasy part. My issue is with the focus. Every time they add a new tame instead of a new Ship-class the game dies a bit more.
  17. Grongash

    New Players

    They promised a 40k+ MMO "Pirate" game. We got some fantasy hybrid mix with Submarines, Wooden ships that shoot magically powered torpedoes out of Cannon bays (??), a zoo of magical creatures no one asked for and a development focus on Single-player. Man did they deliver.
  18. Grongash

    New Players

    I spent over 1k in this game. I liked it. But a lot of that was mindnumbingly boring sailing, half afk waiting for the boring breeding parts and fighting bugs left and right. It got less fun every time i logged, and somewhere last week i quit for good, the last of the group of real life friends who all did the same. Its just not fun in the end. Great potential, but totally wasted, and instead of trying to fix the core problem they focused on all the wrong stuff. I wish they would all play it for a week without any console commands.. from scratch. So much stuff would get fixed within that week....
  19. Grongash

    Island clear

    You knew about the buildings before you took the island. Go find one that better fits your needs. You are like someone testdriving a crappy car at the dealership, knowing that it is crap, buying it anyway and then complaining about the stuff you already knew beforehand. Go play PvP if you want to ruin other peoples stuff.
  20. More ships. Like you would expect, you know, for a Pirate game. Actual use for Crew instead of adding a Zoo of tames. Fixing the claim system. Fixing the "endgame" content.
  21. Grongash

    How to broke cargo saddle in PVE?

    Hasn't worked since release sadly.
  22. Grongash

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    What a way to die for a game that was sold as a 40k+ "MMO"
  23. Grongash

    What happened to the player Market?

    You need the Master Builder, the one that also lets you build stone walls etc.
  24. Grongash

    What happened to the player Market?

    I agree, that plus ship decay makes them worthless in the only place they make sense in. It would really help if the developers would actually play their game. Apart from messing around with new stuff via console commands. It is pretty obvious that they are not knowing about how impractical most of their decisions are.