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  1. Fix your map issue before you decide to make double gold rewards. It's going to be pretty effing difficult to go treasure map hunting when the maps dont work. Whoever is the lead on this game should be fired immediately. This game had so many people in love with it, and now look, 90% have left, and everyone hates the devs. quit expanding, focus on what is in front of you first. I would be so embarrassed if I was the lead. It's not rocket science to look at the numbers of attendance, read some comment sections from the players, and realize there are some fundamental problems.
  2. If you guys need a better Public Relations, I would be happy to discuss with you. This Q & A only answered ONE question that everyone on the discord is talking about. The Q & A talking about future additions to the game, when there are a lot of questions regarding the game's current condition that people would really like some answers to. This is kind of customer service 101, to retain the current players and keep your current customers happy. Otherwise, you'll lose them, and they may not come back. Plenty of other developers putting out similar games. I would think player retention would be a top priority. Focus inward before focusing outward. I am a modest gamer, I only play at night when my wife and kid go to sleep, lol, but really do enjoy the game. However, I have been experiencing some serious problems with the game, keep getting kicked out, and unable to spawn back in without getting kicked out again. I would be happy to share my experience more with you for a better understanding of a basic user on an Xbox. My two cents anywho.
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