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    Game Wipe and PVE

    I was ok with the wipe and keen for the update until i realized those changes were for PvP only and PvE got a minor change which will change nothing for the better, the claim/tax system proposed for PvP would work for PvE IF it was restricted to a max of 1-2 claims per company and 1 claim per player or you would end up with those 250 strong groups heading out and claiming all islands they could and have the ability to handle the upkeep with other 250 strong allies, If they looked at Life is Feudal's claim system ( I know any players do not like that game) they would see it can work, if you want to expand your build area then make donations to your bank/claim flag and over time it would grow and shrink if you didn't maintain it, you would have no spam as you could only build in your claim, and bigger claim means more gold for upkeep, over time groups would find a balance between the size they want and the cost to keep it
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    Random screenshots

    Post your random screenshots here