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  1. RogueSnowMan

    WPE and Megapatch Live on PTR

    This will be available to play on single player and non-dedicated at the moment.
  2. RogueSnowMan

    To Wipe Or Not To Wipe

    So with the last stream many feel no new real information was given and no player questions were answered, that maybe the case or it may not but i have played since the chaos of launch and be honest it was chaos not that the game wan't ready or to many ppl were trying to log in, in any case me and the ppl i played with still had fun but when the first wipe was announced @6 weeks out it killed it for many ppl as much as we all had issues with the way the game was at the time we kept coming back, but knowing that what you did from that point to the wipe essentially meant nothing many ppl just walked away, many with 1000+ hours or just a few hundred and for those that left i say that's your choice but to entice players to come back we got a skinned hat But now with console release and cross play the feeling of another wipe maybe be on the horizon.... i have mixed feeling about this many ppl have already stopped playing we are now down to an average of 2500-3500 in a given 24hr period on steam charts, now spread that across all the official, unofficial and non-dedi server that is not many per server (on average) so i digress about the "wipe" console/cross play topic, if they total wipe both PvP and PvE the game will loose a lot of current established PC players but gain console players but not enough to out way the total loss and some will say so what and either start over or just walk away but and this is just a thought and if they can do the console release without a forced wipe then only save PvE but wipe PvP now before ppl comment about how PvE is a was of time or those that choose to play PvE con't handle PvE this is not what i'm talking about what i'm talking about is simple, PvP is kill or be killed, join a company or die, many will say if you can't hack it the leave well i'm sorry you can't chuck player into a game like this when you have already established companies that can and most likely sail their brigs or galls up to a player in a ramshackle or worst case raft what do you think will happen.... that's not to say all companies in PvP are like that but you can't say it wont happen all PvP games of any type do and will have a toxic element that is reality but a total wipe of PvP will have all player on a relativity even playing field, yes returning PC players will have a somewhat small advantage that of experience from pre-wipe so ok why save PvE well there are many islands small and large still up for grabs so no issue of no islands to claim also with a pre-established companies the new players will have for the most part in-game support, have alliances they can join to help and the opportunity to make trade partners and from the established companies side they will have new players to trade to and make alliances with and in turn hopefully bring the player pop up from the dark hole it is in at the moment I know many will not like these thought but these are just thoughts may sails be full of wind and you resource chest be full of loot
  3. RogueSnowMan

    Game Wipe and PVE

    I was ok with the wipe and keen for the update until i realized those changes were for PvP only and PvE got a minor change which will change nothing for the better, the claim/tax system proposed for PvP would work for PvE IF it was restricted to a max of 1-2 claims per company and 1 claim per player or you would end up with those 250 strong groups heading out and claiming all islands they could and have the ability to handle the upkeep with other 250 strong allies, If they looked at Life is Feudal's claim system ( I know any players do not like that game) they would see it can work, if you want to expand your build area then make donations to your bank/claim flag and over time it would grow and shrink if you didn't maintain it, you would have no spam as you could only build in your claim, and bigger claim means more gold for upkeep, over time groups would find a balance between the size they want and the cost to keep it
  4. RogueSnowMan

    Random screenshots

    Post your random screenshots here