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  3. When going between beds or even changing grids while sailing I keep getting bugged out. Going between beds I get a screen which just shows my last viewpoint without HUD etc. I just freeze there and struggle to get back in, when changing grid servers sailing it just says now entering grid and then i get kicked out and again struggle to get back in. Never had a problem before but last few days its all gone pete tong.
  4. Pin codes for shared warehouses are not working is anyone else having this problem?
  5. Here is my question: why was my character deleted off the one and only pve Xbox server after buying day one? when I bought ark Xbox day one, while in early access and after, I never lost my character? (Until legacy servers were made)
  6. I've done lvl22 map solo with a Tiger - so it definitely good for PVE. (I really don't like that there is just no alternatives to tames right now and tames are in most stupid way like you order them to bite your enemy. If I would do the game, I would make "knight style" fight. Like you riding and hit your enemies with your weapon, or you have an animal that fight alongside)
  7. Last week
  8. Hi all I am looking for codes to spawn in mythical torpedo launchers for my private server and cant seem to find any but I have seen them where admins have spawned them in game and they refuse to share the codes and it was for console servers not a computer server.
  9. This is a great point, kinda what killed this season a bit for me everything I find a map go to the location and massive wall and puckels everywhere. You ask the island owners if they want to buy the map and they shoot you in the face sink you ship and take it anyway PIRATES! So, it brings you to a point of yawn and boredom and when I get bored don't know about you I play other games and won't ever bother. Someone suggested getting rid of the SOTDs and making them have real boardable ships. A maps finding could be the starting of a script that spawns a real ship with Soldiers of the damned you have to fight. No more bear fights to these. Kinda stuck because they made the grid 11x11 and the 15x15 wasn all that bad with walls. Redesign the game! It's a good game but if your even ging to bother having maps there should be a way to do them.
  10. I have the server (from the Boise Quick Start guide) running on an Ubuntu server 20.04 guest. I can connect to it using the Steam link, but it isn't showing up in the browser, probably because I don't know how to set the "Friendly Name". When I connect to it directly, its name shows as "ATLAS Test", and that and "Tropical Freeport" appear to be the only names the server has. Any ideas how I set a server name? I found this in ServerGrid.json.
  11. The developer need to find a way for new players or players who gets completely wiped that has to start over from beginning to help them out to get back on their feet since their are players that wipe out noobs that start off and players that keeps on rebuilding, but can't get stronger because of raiding and wiping them back to nothing. Lots of players are having troubles because of this and are leaving the game. Players get started, but can't build protection in time to protect themselves since it takes lots of crewmembers and lots of hard materials just to build protection around the base, so it becomes easy for players to raid and make it less fun. Instead we need two factions for pvp like a Royal fleet for npc and players to protect to even joining the Royal fleet to get paid to take down objectives and Pirates. Also players can hire the Royal fleet to protect them up to a week in real time so players have a chance to build and get stronger. If anyone attacks the Royal fleet or certain NPC will get a Bounty on their head. The higher the Bounty, the more Warships Royal Fleet will send after the Bounty Players and gives more for players who join the Royal Fleet to make gold from the Bounty themselves. Also NPC towns/city is needed for questing and buy stuff at the markets from the NPC, not players. If making More NPC towns and cities, make sure players can't build on NPC Islands and will be taxed every hour depending on their ship type. Also crewmembers and animals cannot leave the ship on NPC Islands. I believe that NPC towns should be where new and other players that get wiped to start off to build back up their strength before getting back to the sea. Especially if you give NPC repeatedly quest that gives gold to buy stuff from NPC town shops that sells everything thats basic to ships, weapons, and anything that helps to get back into the game.
  12. You are damn right i stopped playing this abysmal piece of shit game in early 2019. There, fixed it for you. Maybe try doing something without hiding behind 49 other people for once. The so called "PvP" in this game is made for weak idiots who excel in literally nothing but can get one man's job done by using 50 people to do it so that they can feel better about themselves. Now return to the circle jerk that is your corp.
  13. As far i know in PVE servers you can harm (with overweight or overcrew) ships only in the anchoring phase (that 15 mins with white anchor sign), and you cant do anything against a ship after its fully anchored (green anchor sign).
  14. Weird, i never seen this error message in Atlas. Just a few idea from me. New windows update? Firewall settings? Your HDD/SSD is healthy? It looks for me your game and the Battleye files are not corrupt, just something is blocking Battleye. Hopefully you get some more comments and ideas from other people.
  15. Just a friendly little push to the top! Our population is growing! PvPers wanted! Come join our balanced server with zero admin abuse. Never pay to win and a great community!
  16. I guess the mods deleted my post because I suggested a private server because they CANNOT police their own server even though there is 75% less of them to deal with.
  17. Yesterday this didn't happen, haven't changed anything on my pc. It crashes after giving me this. Ive tried deleting the battleye folder in the win32 file and verifying the cache and I've tried uninstalling the game to no avail, same thing happens.
  18. can u still sink other players ships with extra weight?
  19. Maps have become almost nonexistent or at least near impossible to find or get to either because they can’t spawn due to walls, spam or defenses on islands. My suggestion is, move the spawn points of the maps in a bottle to the sunken ships in the oceans in each grid. Granted it’ll still be almost impossible to collect your treasures due to defenses on enemy islands but it could be an excellent bargaining chip for extra peace time during combat phases against pestering companies, exchange of resources, or exchanges of maps that are on your island or on a neighboring alleys island. ideas and suggestions.
  20. The Coastal Escape is a custom 20 grid map complete with all quests and endgame content. We offer a boosted server with harvesting at x15, taming at x50 and xp at x10. Join our Discord to take advantage of all our daily giveaways, find info on the custom map and to join in on all the player events. (Discord code= 7xA4RCq) If your looking for a friendly community to enjoy playing Atlas on then come and try The Coastal Escape!
  21. Ahoy Pirates! If you have been looking into setting up a small custom map server or creating a large custom map community server than you have probably ran across the same issues I did when starting out. Finding information or assistance was very difficult for me. Well I am here to help you out. If you need any assistance in creating a custom map on Nitrado servers feel free to reach out to me and I will assist where I can. Cheers
  22. Ironwood i found until now only i H11 (and not much)
  23. Guy holy. I am getting tired of this. Been playing 2 months now. And 4 times I die and beds dissapear. Ships dissapear or are 4 blocks in the wrong direction. Just spent 3 hrs sailing across half the map to find my Galleon which wouldn't show on the map. When I get there. Its finally decided to show up on the map. 4 blocks back the way I came. So I fast travel to it. And wind up at the bottom of the ocean completely frozen cant move. No oxygen bar at all. Just. Stuck there. 4 times now. Ive had to sail my naked ass back to my boat which wouldn't show on the map. 3 times. It was where I left it.. but when I died on it this time from accidentally eating too much fish . This time. It did a magic traveling act all the way from j1 back to h3. Sitting In what looks like the same place it was in j1... just past the border but in h3 instead....as it was just over the border in j1...i am getting reallly super annoyed with this bug
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