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  2. eeeceee

    Atlas and steam charts

    Sorry... I was being obtuse on purpose. Of course it's not the point. That is blindingly obvious, and if not I pray for your soul. I mean, to reply to your post that says: "Snail games bought Wildcard from Jeremy and Jess. That gave them the right to use its base code in other games, which is what you’re seeing with the old west game. What is unknown is what, if any, stake snail has in Grapecard. " with something that basically tries to say: "remember the reason why snail got involved with wildcard, Jeremy sucks, ark sucks and atlas sucks" which tries to pass itself off as some kind of prophetic or profound statement while not actually furthering the discussion, and is instead furthering some bizarre agenda. Meh.
  3. Jack Shandy

    Atlas and steam charts

    And yet here you are, saying all this. While waiting for console release so you can play this game you describe so elegantly.
  4. Forb Hidden

    Sound cutting out

    If you talk about the music: in the freeport villages is playing some music. If you leave, it stops (out of range). With the sounds I often had a similar issue. When chopping wood or grinding fibers with a bear it often seems like it would desync and stops the sounds until you wait 2...3s.
  5. Thank you for responding, Jatheish. I get the overlay when I attempt to open Blackwood. By overlay I mean a see-thru screen with a timer/current session/past two weeks/total hours on the top left. The top right says ATLAS/game groups/workshop/controller configurations/Force Quit. At the bottom of the screen are the topics for Friends/News/Guide/Screenshots/Community Hub/Discussions. I can't get further than this in the matter of opening Blackwood. In addition to this overlay, I also get a Download window for Blackwood--Atlas expansion map, which won't download anything, which shouldn't even be an issue since I already downloaded and played Blackwood once some time ago. When I attempt to play SinglePlayer Ocean, I just get the window called "The UE4 shootergame game has crashed and will close," Assertion Failed, Version 218.27.
  6. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood Issue FPS lose

    Huge npc City, lot of vegetation and two bosses (hydra/drake). With a medium PC u surely get low fps. With some new hardware it works fine for me.
  7. lordkhan4444

    this is getting sad

  8. Today
  9. Luck0r

    wipe when?

    I'm in for a wipe ASAP
  10. FF14 was first released in 2010, you did play the now successful version. The point i was about is that mmos can work different than other games and can increase their player numbers with time if they receive a lot of content and fix their flaws. Never said the player numbers would be identical and Atlas would reach 1 million subscribers it doesnt even have a subscription system Atlas didnt lack a vision it just didnt work out to provide fun and keep players with the initial system. There is no reason why they shouldnt be able to find another vision for the game that can attract as many as the first and this time keep them, but it takes time and is nothing you do with a hotfix. Pirates arent really niche, but as you said its more comparable to Ark in sales numbers and if they get the same success some day with Atlas that they got with Ark i dont think that wouldnt be too bad for a small studio.
  11. Yeah that is a cool and all but when I played ffxiv i was playing on Playstation and there were plenty of people. We are talking 3 years ago mind you. this game is nothing like final fantasy. It lacks vision and especially content. Final fantasy did not. That is a very bad comparison. there are certain rare games that everyone will buy no matter what because they already know it will be good. Final fantasy, “resident evil”(no matter what it will be awesome), borderlands, etc. this is a niche game that I will never be allowed to be compared to any main success because that is not possible. Even ark can’t be compared to CoD, Halo, GoW. And ark sold so many copies for what it was that it was pure success. atlas is mediocre but not because of the launch. It is because it is a niche game that will be a mediocre game. Nobody’s fault, it just is what it is. If it had any chance at all it would have already shined. i mean imagine if the launch was a success like ark right? Not only would they have maintained people for “the first month” they would still be maintaining that amount. That is drastically not the case. Even with the people desperately trying to either keep new people playing or being old players still playing, people saying the game is “EA” it is like nah man, this is way before EA even 8 months after lol. but yeah, we can’t compare a behemoth like final fantasy wil atlas. That is almost pure disrespect At that point.
  12. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood Bug list

    Another one: In the last few days it happened to me several times. I always thinked, that I unfortunately drop it in case of an accident by myself. But yesterday it confirmed itself as a bug: Sometimes, and I don't know why yet, I loose my waterjar. I had to reproduce four times a new one yesterday. Usually I get him on the "0" in the bar. When I tame an animal - logically - I have to take him into my inventory. After taming an elephant o.e. I came back and stored my taming stuff into a box. Mostly then I realized that the waterjar (who was craftet 10min ago and was filled up) is gone - *poof
  13. Forb Hidden

    Blackwood FoY?

    Which island??
  14. Hey Devs, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us copy and paste things in things like the smithy. I like being able to type in something like "stone floor" then hit CTRL-C and then when I return to the smithy again, I can just hit CTRL-V and boom there it is! I just stumbled upon that feature, for some reason I decided to give it a try and I think it's awesome! Thanks!
  15. i think for atlas an even better comparison than no man's sky would be final fantasy 14 which is an mmo as well and suffered a similar fate but made it into an incredible success. you can see the relative trend in the steam charts but the steam players are only a tiny amount of players in the game there where also high expectations of the game and they tried to do things a bit different. when they released it the system they created did not turn out as planned. it simply wasnt fun for the players and did not keep them playing for a long time. They took the time to redo the gameplay mechanics completely and did a relaunch with the version 2.0 and it was a great success. considering that atlas still is in early access and not a release version like ff14 that also does require a subscription fee and managed to increase its playerbase with every addon for many years now, atlas has more than just a chance to become a really great game. we dont know what the devs are up to right now but even when the gamemechanic doesnt work initially -> fixing it, creating a place for all players and providing a massiv amount of stuff to do can still make an incredible success.
  16. True Sonja

    Blackwood FoY?

    Way above the Mermaid 'pond' on the PS island. In the waterfall.
  17. Would anyone know how to make the Artifact Key last a bit longer on Blackwood? Our keys are only lasting two hours. On the other unofficial server we played on, the key would last for 24 hours but it was not a Blackwood map. Is it possible?
  18. Linea

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Id say sailing is boring because it is a single repetitive task of staring out at the sea and running to the helm as soon as a SotD appears in sight to drive around it. You cant do anything else cause if you take your eyes of the water you run into SotD immediatly. With empty ships you can speedrush past them as well but thats as boring and doesnt make an enjoyable sailing experience. Some things that could improve this: 1. Allow NPC crew in the crows nest to expand vision range to free players stuck in the crows nest. 2. Allow NPCs to sound a ship alarm or notify you when there is an enemy ship or npc or dangerous weather in sight, let us take our eyes off the water to do other stuff. 3. SotD only appear at night and in fewer but smaller and larger groups to give us different sailing experiences -> during day we can do cooking, dancing, chatting with players, organizing cargo, manual repair our ship or even change its layout while sailing. during night we need to be more careful if we run into a large group of SotD we need to dodge them and its more of a challenge but happens more rarely. (SotD for farming can still be in Golden Age 24/7) 4. Different weather phenomena like a random moving giant watercylone that can sink our ship if we dont dodge it, heavy storms and giant waves we need to turn the ship right into to not take damage and stuff to also give us different experiences while out at the sea. Even no wind that can make us stuck could be a challenge but it need to be super rare to not get annoying. 5. We should meet real NPC ships that spawn in higher numbers on servers with low player counts from traders we can robb or steal their ship to pirates that attack us and we need to fend off or surrender our cargo etc. -> since the pirate encampments are said to have ships guarding the waters around them lets hope they will also have trade and travel routes to send ships out on the sea and lets hope they are real ships not like SotD. This would also allow to have different areas where you can meet more traders, more small ships or more pirates or sea monsters to have different experiences while sailing across several grids and they are not all the exact same. 6. Rare events with rewards that happen randomly, small ones like finding someone shipwrecked to get a reward for rescuing them or a trader ship with a special offer to bigger ones like npc fleets or giant monsters with special rewards for everyone that helps defeat them - like the dynamic event from other mmos where all can take part and drop in anytime. 7. The phases with low wind should be shortened it happens to much, rather have more weather with randomly changing wind. 8. Add more activities that can be done on ships more interactive objects and even more RP stuff so we can socialize and gather on ships while traveling. 9. since it affects sailing as well, let vitamins have the same modifier like hunger from doing heavy or light work or idle around its impossible to balance otherwise when your hunger depletes much slower while sailing and your Vitamines do not so you cant eat enough to keep them up. 10. ship combat, is part of the sailing what i think players would want to do with ship combat -> manage crew, ammo, weapons, maneuver your ship fight the enemy ships, and board them sometimes to steal cargo or the ship. plus visual damage when ship parts are damaged to give a better feel of actual combat and allow you to easily see where you need to repair and how damaged the enemy ship is. what i think players would not want to do with ship combat -> keep your ship from sinking 24/7 as it will start to sink as soon as anything hit it. planks break super easily and you only work to replace missing planks and bucket water from a swimming frame during combat. thats not fun its really repetitive as every battle you are doing the same instead of all the stuff above that is actual fun. repairing and keeping your ship from sinking can be part of combat it shouldnt be the main part taking more than 90% of your combat experience. 11. more ships types and models would also improve the experience a lot since we dont sail or meet the same 3 ships over and over.
  19. I'm glad that we can do a respec for our character, but would it be possible to do this for our ships, crew members, and tames? This could be helpful if we realize we put too many points into one stat and should have put more points into another.
  20. eeeceee

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    sorry, cbf formatting
  21. eeeceee

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Interesting post. I think Atlas is supposed to be a somewhat 'hardcore' game. The challenge and offer of growth and progression over multiple years is a key part of the game. Comparing atlas to ark, however, shows that the difference is basically the time spent in sailing. In ark, the maps are much smaller, it's possible to teleport from one server to another with animals and items, and once the end game is reached, you get access to buildings which allow you to place a teleport wherever you want. I think what I'm trying to say is that the sailing time does not necessarily a requirement for the game to be 'hardcore'. Ark is a challenging, growing, progressive game over multiple years, and it doesn't have 5 hour sailing trips. When I first played atlas, I really enjoyed the change of pace/angle, and it was a bit of a shock as the first thing I see is that my ark buddies are happy to just sit on the schooner basically doing nothing while sailing. I logged in and sat on the ship with them, in a few minutes time I was taught the very few things that are needed to know in order to sail, then i just stared at the ocean. I thought, wtf, did the ark guys really make a simulator of a sailing simulator? Is this a microsoft sailing simulator 2018 mod? A shallow 'exploration' game, like NMS was at it's launch? Am I supposed to get enjoyment from pretending that I'm actually sailing, taking in the atmosphere, and being immersed so much in a real life activity? I still have not been able to think of a mechanic which would be fun in the more conventional way, instead of sailing simulator. This reminds me of the argument when the flyers in ark were nerfed. The devs said that they wanted us to 'experience' the environment that they had lovingly crafted for us, instead of just zoom by on our flyers. The nerf made it so that you had to land for stamina 2-3x more often. This increased travel time up to the point where people on one side of the map would now just do their best to avoid flying to the other side of the map. Instead of having an active map full of people flying around on their dinos, visiting each others bases, creating community, everybody avoided the dullness and time sink of flying. The devs ignored people when they pointed out that, ironically perhaps, in practice they were able to experience the environment much better when they could fly around with less restrictions, and had previously already experienced plenty of the environment as landing 2-3x less than what is now normal is still a significant amount of landing. People pleaded with the devs by saying please, we don't want to spend 1 hour flying around the map when it previously used to take 15 minutes, for no apparent reason, we don't see any added benefit. The real reason for the flyer nerf was because the flyers were too fast for the auto turrets to shoot, which is legitimate reason, however the devs never offered that reasoning. I think what is needed is emergent gameplay, but also the 'time thing' and 'make fast travel better' is a thing to consider. I will keep thinking strictly about gameplay "ideas to make sailing less dull" so that I can contribute to the thread.
  22. Realist

    Livestream Q&A

    Yeah this is a big reason why atlas is ark. The wiping. Nobody wants that. It is pointless.
  23. That is sad. Not on your part but just in general.
  24. boballama

    version.txt is not being updated

    It has been over 3 weeks since my version.txt file was updated. It shows 215.2. There have been several updates since then, including today's 218.27. It is simply lazy integration that this file is not being kept in sync. If you cannot properly attend to the simple stuff how do you expect to handle more complex integrations (updates) in the future? The little things matter!
  25. Realist

    Atlas and steam charts

    Yeah, unfortunately it was poor choices that led to most of this. Wish he didn’t do it but he did so now we just have to deal with it. That will always be the point moving forward.
  26. Realist

    It's not too late.

    Sure it’s dead right now. Wait till the console people come in lol i take no responsibility for pc players and their lack of pirate activities. I didn’t force them to be in Megas. The weak will always cling to each other for support.
  27. boomervoncannon

    Atlas and steam charts

    He talked about Jeremy's unethical behavior that led to the lawsuit which led to Snail Games involvement with Ark and maybe Atlas. I said it's not the point for the reason already stated.
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