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  2. WidowMaker

    Help Please

  3. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    PVE Claim System

    Freeports, Lawless, and Golden Age Ruins grids are not claimable. All other grids have claimable islands.
  4. monkguru

    Blank map, need help please

    Try kill character. Otherwise verify files.
  5. monkguru

    0.5 quality maps

    I disagree I have received many good maps, but yes lately most are for 14 gold, now split and tax that. Pre wipe there was no split. I mean there needs to be balance not every small company should advance to 100000 gold, but cmon.
  6. MasterReaper

    PVE Claim System

    i have beds on A9 in official PVE server and on A10. But so far have not been able to claim land. How do you claim an island for a company? Am I in the wrong area to make a claim? I've tried in both freeport and lawless areas. Is it possible to claim land in PVE? What grids are claimable? Thanks!
  7. they readjusted whales gold so the decrease is 17% not 35% now few high grade maps and a bear really? u cant net several thousand gold in a weeknd ? , a few wrecks on the way to treasure maps can net u 500 + gold thats inbetween on your way to treasure map island , first 2 wrecks i dived for that took maybe 5 mins each netted me 130gold that was while i still had my ramshackle sloop and stopped just to break up the long sail , so to say u cannot get more than 10k in a weeknd solo unless u spend 16 hrs day is wrong , do higher grade maps and wrecks doesnt take long friend of mine did 1550 gold in an hour or so yesterday doing fast low lvl treasure maps its easy if u know what to do how to do it gold is too easy , get established u will be spednding most of your time treasure maps , wrecks etc , gold will build up to the point u will have 100s of days of gold upkeep
  8. same here. not of the solutions i have read so far worked for me
  9. Have the Linux binaries been updated to 100.81? Mine are still showing 100.61 for some reason, and steamcmd says I'm at the latest revision (3748843).
  10. i have over 600 hours in the game , windowed mode for the game , dual montors and sailing = internet browsing , netflix and forums . , i spend most of my time in game going from island to island , there is nothing that is any real threat anymore , they nerfed the predatory creatures right down , in response to players asking for the agession radius to be nerfed not the amount , . there have been far to many nerfs to the wildlife in this game .they have all but removed any real threat for pve players .. players vs enviroment there wont be much enviroment left if they nerf wild life much more , p.s if u cant farm with an elephant and kill the predators then tame a better one or allocate lvl points into things other than weight
  11. 8ball

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Gold is not as easy to get now. Remember the nerf they put on gold pre wipe? Without boosts, no way can a solo person farm that much gold in a weekend. Now, with a bear, doing nothing else but sailing for maps, i can see 10,000 in a weekend spending 16 hours a day each 2 days. Plus, they've now nerfed gold from whales.
  12. Yes, ladders are broken again sometimes
  13. Today
  14. Boradokar

    Ships of the damned and wreck diving

    Ofc you can do it but what with the sea fights for me it give most fun from game
  15. arturka


  16. WidowMaker

    Help Please

    This says it all

    Player shops

    First off thanks for the response. Despite what others say/think in my experience you (GS) have good communication with players, listen to feedback, and I think that is a very good thing. That said I think they need to be more than just "getting them to a better place". Getting them to a better place implies they are actually functioning. These are not functioning. They "technically" work, but a 14k upkeep cost for selling honey, at 1 gold a minute is not even functioning. No one can actually use vendors right now. That is straight broken and unusable. There is NOBODY, that can use these, sell things, and make a profit of any kind. My island upkeep is insanely lower. So you can own and upkeep an entire island, but if you want to sell honey its going to cost thousands and thousands of gold in upkeep? I think this issue needs to be bumped up in priority as basically every one wants to be able to do this. And nobody can.
  18. With how you can pump up your ship weapon damaged now, the slight HP buff on whales isn't really an issue.
  19. DocOlds

    Blocking ships with shipyards/big walls

    This isn't new, I dropped a yard in front of somebody my first week of the game.

    Ramshackle sloop

    Your are not making a real sloop in 10 minutes solo with metal tools. This is simply not true. I have timed how long it takes to make a ramshackle multiple times. I have made real sloops in freeports (parts, then shipped them to where I was going). Also note you need to make the shipyard as well. Also note you need a loom and to make the sail(s) as well. No way is that happening in 10 minutes, and not 20 minutes. You are exaggerating to attempt to make your point. Record making a real sloop with metal tools in 10 minutes. I simply do not believe that is true. Mabey 20 minutes, but not 20 making a full sloop and a shipyard, and a loom, and the sails (which you have to have). But considering the ramshackle has half the weight capacity of a shipyard sloop, and a little over half the plank health it still seems fairly balanced for what you get with how much effort put in. Rafts have a weight capacity of 800. Ramshackle sloops have 1600 weight capacity compared to a shipyard sloops 3300. The plank health difference is a bit over half. These are meant to be starter ships.
  21. DannyUK


    I can see the claim system changing again slightly because it just doesn't work right now. Nobody is going to come off lawless and leave their homes to live on flag islands, they will have the fear of being evicted within 24hrs. Costs nothing to be nice to someone who comes to an island to tame for example, I'd be willing to give something in return but I don't take kindly to someone who just removes your taming pen when they've said you have 24hrs to tame, log in 8 hours later and it's all gone without warning. People like that are not nice people, I mean in our grid we have limited gems and I was lucky enough to build right next to a big high rock that has gems on it. I built ladders to the top with a cliff platform and left a sign with "access to gems, free for all" that's the sort of thing I like to see, help each other out. I've known people who have blocked all gems off which isn't nice to see but some people just don't like to help one another which is a shame.
  22. kampfer91

    Claim vs Lawless

    Because there are many land lord and not all of them are Mr friendly 9000 . Sure you may be nice to tenant but that doesn't speak for other land lord .
  23. Herasea

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    You shouldn't be able to demolish anything of anyone's, be it an 1hr or 24 hrs on PvE, That's the whole point is to avoid conflict with players, my point still stands, if someone wants, they can destroy your base, if it's outside the time frame they can foundation spam you or do as they please. it's already been said people are noticing more in lawless areas because people don't want o deal with the system. Not saying there's no where at all, but you have to look hard for it or accept you'll be someones resource cow for the foreseeable future. "Btw this game is build about landlord/tenant system" Yes now, before I don't remember being a tenant of anyone. "It is not intended EVERYONE has its own land" Again, only now, before people were able to clam a little area for themselves and that system was fine, it just need limiting. You're acting as if this was something the game started with, when it didn't at all. Also this game isn't kings and queens or about government, it's a PIRATE game, whether it's fantasy or reality pirates never were "tenants" They were rulers of their own fate and domain. In truth it doesn't fit the theme at all, but as i said, i'm happy to with it if they're willing to improve on it make it a 50/50 exchange for both landlord and tenant, right now it's all in favor for the landlord or also allow player to live on their ships comfortably
  24. Winter Thorne

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    Solo players do play in groups. They just don't join companies. (said for the 50th time) Here's another guy with a private hotline to the devs apparently. (After they said they were making changes to make the game more friendly to solos and small groups) It doesn't make things more true the more you repeat them. Otherwise I'd be rich now.
  25. boomervoncannon

    Haunted by Cobra and Pig noises!

    Do you hear them in your dreams Clarice? The awful screaming of the pigs? Do you think if you can save just one pig you won’t log in and hear their screaming anymore? tic toc tic toc
  26. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Upkeep is a joke ... ookee m8 it seems we don't persuade each other. Cya, I will go enjoying the game instead.
  27. zottel

    Claim vs Lawless

    I Dont get why so many People have Problems with landlords. We got Plenty tennants which are happy to live on our island. We keep the areas clear of blocking And Spamming stuff And Allow everyone to have enough Space to Build. They also benefit from our trading Partners,as they can sell And trade stuff too as Most People come to us. Just Need to find good landlords
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