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  2. TotoAfrika


    If bolas stack will that get rid of the cool down which I believe is 2 seconds before throwing again or will it stay.
  3. Transferred everything over to the server running win server 08 R2, fully updated OS and drivers, a clean install of the server files and launched the server. Everything runs as it should but still getting the same issue. when the server is sitting idle for a period of time and then I join, joining works fine but red walls all around and cannot travel until I restart the cluster. Any ideas, as I am lost with this.
  4. seruum

    The end game

    Gday all haven't played the game since about a month after the previous wipe due to the end game content being so limited. our small company of about 6 finished all quests before we could even got our 1st rejuvenation. i had played since day 1 and this last wipe kind of took away the endgame grind which for many was crafting sets and gear grinding. previously i had spent my end game time running maps and collecting gear to level up and make better quality items. since they removed INT from gear crafting sets are no longer an end game thing and since they considerably nerfed patterns are just not worth grinding out. so this leads me to the point of what is there to do in the way of endgame??? all the bosses are extremely easy with just basic ships and we managed to do hard yeti with 6 people and a little coordination like i said this took less than a month. there is absolutely no reason to repeat bosses since there is no reward (just like hard yeti boss has no reward) and we have had no real patches for about 3 months now and the last mega update was lacking in any additional content (we got a gun and a slightly reskinned boss with no reason to complete it) i was excited for the water mounts but that got dropped. There are literally dozens of threads of small changes that can be implemented to make the game more enjoyable (for a pirate game you have to admit that sailing is one of the most boring things in the game). give us something for tames to do that is more end game orientated (a boss or even an arena that spawns progressively harder enemies and rewards gold recipes or mythos upon completion) simply adding draft nets to the side of a boat would at least add some fun to sailing (collecting flotsam with nets that extend from the side of your boat and scales with boat size) the roadmap sounded good but we have seen nothing come from it (have we started phase 1 or is that already over) there is absolutely no news on upcoming patches why??? has this game been abandoned? what is going to happen to this once promising game? anyway what does everyone do at endgame after all quests are done?
  5. M4RCU5G1850N

    Cliff bases - Height restriction.

    You can build on a mesa just fine: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/eq71tj/goodbye_impenetrable_opvp_lawless_base_i_cant_get/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  6. Veronique Cantin


  7. Yesterday
  8. Batshit Krazy

    removing cargo saddle PvE

    ...still tryin to remove a cargo/box from claimed bears on NA/PvE, anyone know how? The game wont allow it
  9. BurgsideTiger


    by the time they finish ark . . . . this topic will be so far down in the forums that it wont matter.
  10. GhostShottTV


    This guy is a Legend I like the taking parts from boats gives players a reason to engage in theft but I feel like a mechanic should be added for example when taking planks of 180 durability it should reduce the durability of the plank by like 10-15% of course don't reduce 100% to 150% by that much maybe make it based off % like 150 would lose 5% dura then 6% then 7 and so on but good idea's dude!!
  11. Crimson Odyssey 3x3 PVP server with all quests with the exception of the Essences' of Power(aka Hard mode Kraken). 150+ discovery zones that includes the other explorer notes. Meant for smaller playgroups. Each server has 20 slots with the exception of the main freeport grid which has 100 slots but will go down. Difficulty Offset=0.2 (to make golden age ruins more manageable for small groups) x3 Boost (to make it less grindy) Settlement costs reduced by half. Level capped at 60 if no discoveries are made. Every player has insurance; due to the game being unfinished it can still be glitchy and sometimes result in players losing their items, ship, progress and etc. So players will be compensated if it occurs. If you're interested you can join the discord chat for additional info. Invite code is wq7cb5m
  12. Winter Thorne

    Devs broken?

    Oh wait...
  13. Darth_Taco

    Devs broken?

    There's plenty of games like it for one, and for two dont confuse your opinion with others opinions. Its a cash grab, the whole "game preview" is proof of it, if it wasn't ready it shouldn't have been released on PC over a year ago now. This new era of 5 year betas and game previews are a disgrace to the entire industry.
  14. I made a new company and didn't realize I'd lose control of all my boats and structures. They say they're owned by my old company now. Is there any way to reclaim my stuff? I can damage it, but can't demolish it or anything else. Edit: It's a non-dedicated session that I play with one other friend, if that makes a difference.
  15. eeeceee


    IDK, my wolves just stare into the fire. p.s. your words sure are purdyyyyyyyy ;)
  16. eeeceee

    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    Please be sure to vote in the "best use of farm animal" steam awards!!! HYPE!!!!
  17. Darth_Taco


    So is there any plans on addressing this ? I kind of feel like I'm explaining the birds and the bees to my 6 year old here but here goes. Animals mate when the female is in heat, yup it's really that simple, sure they need to be in their desired Biome but it has nothing to do with temperatures. The Daddy wolf smells the Mommy wolf and they do the deed. They do not set candles and campfires or blankets, it's not a romantic night out on the town that requires the perfect settings. You guys seem hell bent on making this game "realistic" (because hydras are a thing) so stop over thinking things that make the game less desirable (see what I did there). Get rid of the stupidity of temperature gaps fro mating because they are not "realistic" and do not work a large percentage of the time. You want us to use more defined temperatures for raising young then fine but even that is so far off the deep end its not even close to realistic. Summary, there is such a thing as going overboard (again see what I did there) Mating should have the temperature restrictions taken out of them game, games are suppose to be fun, traveling for hours to get your pets to do the dirty is not fun, pushing E or Y to light numerous fires (that they would clearly run away from in real life) is not fun. Stop over complicating the simplest of features, and literally punch the person in the face that works there and thought this would be a good idea. Disclaimer; I'm aware its been posted before but, they clearly aren't listening because here we are with the same BS mechanics.
  18. Viktor Ferrahgo

    Freeport lodging

    Why not just charge gold per hour to keep a ship safe..that could actually solve alot of problems. Keeping gold in the res box pays for safe anchoring in a Freeport..it could even be a pretty high rate to help balance larger/smaller groups. Simple fixes are great imo.
  19. eeeceee

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Wow, animal trackers would be nice. So many things make this game feel like a massive downgrade from ark, such as command groups. Why is the group option even there if these guys cbf to fix the code that was copy pasted?
  20. eeeceee

    How does one find unclaimed islands?

    You use the map to find an island. It's very straight forward. The problem is that even though plenty of islands become available every day, they aren't worth owning.
  21. eeeceee

    Devs broken?

    Or hats like tf2 or something. This game is still better than most other games though, there's no other game like it, which makes it even more sad.
  22. Nyra


    Hello, I wanted to know if we always had a bag on the ground at the level of a flag when we unclaim an abandoned island?
  23. NoTown

    Dealing with land squatters?

    Yeah seems you are just going to have to bite the bullet on that one! With the future plans of Atlas i dont think they worry too much about that stuff due the fact they are going to change it where you spend more time at sea than land anyways. We have tons of boats just sitting around our island. They are people that came to claim the island but we beat them too it. So they just abandon the boats.
  24. NoTown

    Boat Decay!

    oh thats strange. Should make the timer the same as Tames/Construction. Not where if anyone gets on it it resets the timer. Wonder if a bird lands on it, it will reset the timer. Lol.
  25. Winter Thorne

    24 hr. timer is borked

    I have beds showing up on my island on thatch foundations, where the foundation shows it's still within the 24 hr. timer, but the bed is not. Can't demolish them. Pls fix, and provide a method to get rid of the ones already there. NA Pve A3 Barracude Refuge.
  26. Winter Thorne

    Dealing with land squatters?

    There's also some sort of bug with the 24hr demo timer. I patrol my island every day because people keep putting a damn bed on a thatch foundation all over the place. I'm finding them, but often the foundation will still be in the 24 hr. window but the bed will not. How does that happen? It won't let you demo the foundation because the bed is not in the window. Guess I'll try opening a bug report on it and seeing if I can get anyone to come get rid of them, but it's pissing me off.
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