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  2. zubov56

    Resource Stack-Mod

    sadly it seems too many people have given up on this game.The mod section is full of more unfinished or bugged work than completed. To answer your question there is another mod in Steam that works,albeit i believe i had to add another mod from same author but not sure if that mattered.Anyhow the mod author explains it in his thread. Anyhow when you click on a mod in Steam,they pretty mush explain the mod.You need to find the command line somewhere in your files,i can't remember exactly because i got a headache from working with the file structure.Anyway it will be something like ModID={}.So then you take the MOD ID numbers shown on the Steam mod and can add as many as you like.So your line might look like ModID="1234565.234567,679483"."3 different mods example"You need a comma between each mod and no spaces.Then on top of that there is usually a few lines of code that have to be added to maybe your game.ini section.usually around 5-10 lines of code that are kind of easy to read/decipher but most the time you don't have to edit those lines of code. Then you can also change settings on how much you harvest /harvest damage multiplier or how much health your harvest node has which will allow you to harvest more from that node.Usually all the easy to see files are in Game.ini or user.ini .,known as initialization files. Where it gets tricky is in the grid files/map files ,that has been giving me a headache because it appears to me that sometimes the actual map setting is overriding any settings you make in user and game.ini sections.Hence there are override code lines all over the place.
  3. ThunderGod97

    quality of life map box

    V19 - ETA: LATE FEBRUARY New Features and Content - New Structure: Bookshelf. Store and sort your high-quality maps and blueprints.
  4. I have been stewing over tons of script and it gives me a headache. ifeel the problem is the structure on how the code works and doesn't work. Quite often we hear people say THIS WORKS and others say it doesn't.Well it depends on how the file structure is setup,many are renting servers and many are creating their own from home.The point is that simply putting in some commands in the exact same place as another person is not going to always work. This is why the developer needs or should have designed a server tool structure so that everyone is on the exact same page.Everything should be done in real time and without the need to FTP stuff.The original Unreal editor was more useful 20 years ago than what we have to work with right now.I saw some download on the site and was like 130+ gb or something,i was like whoa that would eat up the res of my HD lol. Even still,not knowing the command parameters for each section just makes it all pointless.It is not that hard to setup a working server but to get it setup perfectly the way you want is like going to get 5 limbs cutoff lol.I understand a lot of what is going on, i can understand numbers and stuff that i can see but the tough part is knowing when and where to add lines of code and what is possible in the blank fields. Example...temperatures,i thought ok it's too cold or too hot,i want to calm down the settings,i somehow made them worse lol.Engrams,many people have no problems getting their own numbers,others can't get those same lines of code to work no matter God himself came down and entered them.We simply need a way better structure for game servers with highlighted tool tips.
  5. UDO

    Animal transport

    u an already do that hold e then select board (shipname) when close to ship , i do like the idea of the pen though , always pot luck if animals make it when crossign grids
  6. I personally love the game but there are reasons i can see why many don't. One area is this very thread,WHY is the game developer not doing more like giving us a detailed outline of server structures,what do the numbers mean etc etc.What has happened is a lot of potential has been lost because people simply can't deal with the complexity of setting up a server the way they want it to run.Heck i had an easier time of figuring out the entire Unreal Engine 20 years ago then i do now with the Atlas game structure. So here is what has happened the past 8 weeks.Play on official=horrible settings.Play on private,they close down a couple weeks after playing so all your game is gone.Make your own server=too complicated,sure anyone can make a bare bones server but that would be like playing on official servers=no good. Anyhow,honorable idea here this thread and game server idea but the developer should be doing a lot more for THEIR game.Running a gaming business is long term,you lose faith in customers and you may not have a long term.Really too bad,the game idea is great on paper as was Dark N light as was Ark.Is Smedley part owner or something ..lol..j/k. It is just frustrating for me to watch all this unfold,a great game will get swept under the rug.I hope this server idea can maybe save the population and bring back some players.
  7. did we ever figure out how to change per lvl modifiers for ship?
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  9. Yiyo30


    Want to buy giraffe let me know how much
  10. Important thing i've seen running the servers is the number of islands on each grid also, the more islands you put on a grid the more creature spawn you will have so demand is higher a bit. Also how many claims you allow per company / size of their base.
  11. Thor Ragnarock

    Too many Ships of the damned?

    We have 2 variants on the brig and the galleon. We also split the cannons into Left/Right/Large for command groups. Pretty much drive near/past them get agro, turn the rear towards them and kaboom. Then stop and pickup loot/crew and continue on. Brig And Galleon Galleon turn's very slow though I honestly prefer the brig but it's fun either way the Galleon is stated heavily into weight so it can carry a LOT of ammo. We used triangle decks at the rear of the galleon to get the larges back far enough to hang off the rear of the ship otherwise it's hard to get them back far enough and the square ceilings say out of bounds for the very last row.
  12. trqfreak350

    pve NA WTB Elephant

    we've got some 30+ wilds for sale here in C7 hit me up if you're interested.
  13. Wurger

    Bowsprit Spar

    Can you install an Bowsprit Spar on an Sloop?
  14. JC67

    Animal transport

    You could also just tell the tame to get on board the ship if its close enough. You don't need ramps really. But having some dedicated ship "slots" for animals is a good id'e.
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    This is not fun!

    What would be better is just making a better taming system. This one sucks. I know not one person in this game who likes it, aside from a few fan boys in this forum.
  16. Frexis

    Lost discovery points

    Had the same thing happen to me with Kraken posted a support ticket and this was the response i got below. You can't recover them, if you're lucky you'll be able to kill a whale and get them again, that isn't always the case. Oh and once again huge shoutout to our boy Voodoo for the GrEaT SuPpOrT he does. Lel jk copy and paste for the win. Changed Status to Closed At this time we are unable to provide assistance for this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be utilizing the information you have provided to assist us in resolving this problem via technical/development resources. @Voodoo
  17. Jozzie McTowel

    Devs - New Players think Official Servers are Dead!

    2 servers for each player? Do the servers play on the players?
  18. Mùffíns


  19. Rootrick

    Accordian song macro creation tool!

    I only now the very basics of sheet music, i think thats my problem, and i tried the sheet you linked as well its sounds decent, but not good enough for someone to recognize what it is... DustInTheWindIntro.ahk
  20. kerrigan

    Lost discovery points

    17/01/19 i have 220 discovery points and kill whale and get 270 total points, in one our lost point and now i have 219 points discovery.... how i can recovery¿
  21. bigfishrob

    The War of B5

    U recruiting...lol
  22. Hicks

    Animal transport

    Thumbs UP from me... I like it..
  23. Stopsigns

    quality of life map box

    225 grids for maps that expire, would be nice if we could put all maps in map box ""similar" to a resource box and then organize by folder.
  24. overtyped

    Fatal issue with tamed birds

    how come i can never see my thread in bug reports.
  25. Nolan Tangcalagan

    Ship Anchored 300% resistance suggestion

    Agree with your idea also @Nightstrasza , buff only applies when ship is within range of claim areas. Yes @RogueLdr, they did that to protect ship while we offline, but some company will use it as advantage to raid any base near water too as they can easily anchored and tank all damage of the harbor defense (e.g cannons and mortars)
  26. Kyovolk

    Mobs not Spawning

    I have set up a custom 3x3 server and for some reason no land mobs spawn on the islands. Even the power stone island and cave was completely empty. Sea mobs spawn just fine everything else works but not a single land beast. I had thought that land mobs were tied directly to the selected island. But I am at a loss. Any help would be great.
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