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  2. Yeh you can do the hand painting, but I want the ability to import pictures and save them, like I can on my pc.
  3. From what ive read they lowering everyones level to 80 witch is just garbage development lazy and punishing the whole community because some people abused a exploit
  4. I use a pc account to paint an object then i use my xbox account to save the paint jobs. From then on I can paint them with my xbox account.
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  6. I agree, I hope that only those who abused will be punished.
  7. Will there ever be an option to seat and unseat crew from cannons and sails from the wheel from radial menu? Like if i sink a SOTD and recuit 5 crew and get them on board, i would like to jump on wheel and use radial menu to toggle man cannons and all free crew jump on any unmanned cannons on ship or same for sails and other unmanned stations. Instead of having to drag crew up n down galleon to respectful places.
  8. Hi ! i’m reporting here a difference I noticed between PC/Xbox gaming ; With Pc we are able to zoom in/out camera in 3rd person view, and we strongly miss that control on Xbox, if I’m not mistaking. It becomes kinda very hard to take a look at the environnement without that option, and could easily be added to simplify and equalize gameplays. Thank you very much Djam ; Sainte-Poutine
  9. Perfect Q & A? No. Step in the right direction? Yes, absolutely yes. Heres my question..rough estimates acceptable How often will Q & A posts occur? Sidenote... Shout out to Bluestone for trying to answer some questions on occasion here recently also Ty, have a good day
  10. What I think is very wrong, there are sites that show player location. This information should be private to the server official.The only way to defend yourself is the player putting the name "123". In my opinion, this should not be allowed. PVE Server has no problem, for PvP server this is a big problem, players knowing where you are located. Players are not at liberty to use a name, need always add "123"
  11. as someone who hasn't done the yeti once i find it very annoying i will be loosing 34 levels we got our levels from legitimately killing kracken multiple times we farmed it and now we are getting punished for a exploit we didn't even do gg Grapeshot punishing people who didn't even do the yeti caving in to people whining again
  12. 19 - Can we store our cosmetics in box? I bought some cosmetics for my armor and now I forced to carry it in my pocket. I won't use it in near future, so I'm gonna carry it risking to loose it with no purpose. So can we please store our armor cosmetic in storage boxes? P.s. - This bonus cosmetic hat can be transferred to the box.
  13. As far as I'm aware you only see the floating part of a ship wreck from a certain distance. some of the skills you can unlock increase that range. Then as far as I know if you want to find out the quality you have to basically sail over it. As you say, the annoying part is when you dive down and find it clipped in a way were you can't get to it. However, the very first one I went to after the wipe was a 16.8 one!
  14. Whether you like it or not Atlas is a massively niche game. Even more polarizing is the fact that Ark is its biggest competition and is better in almost every key way. Basically even if you like this game you should be realistic. Low population equals low revenue which leads to less players culminating in an eventual dead game. I think the game needs a complete overhaul, trying to balance the mess that currently exists is just spraying perfume on a turd. As to what that overhaul can be is anyone’s guess but I’m going to share my ideas so that you can tell me how terrible it is. To start I’d get rid of all the lawless zones and rework freeports. You would also no longer be able to buy an island. Instead I would have four (maybe more) zones acting as player hubs equally placed in the game world. PvP and PvE would be merged into one. In these player / city hubs you would be able to do everything you currently can at freeports but with some big additions that I’ll list soon. These PvE areas would be full of fun ways to interact with other players and get quests or jobs. The bank system would be the core of the game. An infinitely sized cache where you can store all of your materials and gold from the game world. This would add a much needed sense of progression even with the devastation of getting sunk on the open sea. The stable system would allow you to house all of your creatures without needing to worry about having them around taxing servers and taking up space. You want to take a bear on your next expedition? Go to the stable and pull him out. Less time worrying about creatures and more focus on exploration. Anything you bring out with you is at risk of being lost but that’s the fun of it. Auction house, here you could trade either privately or publicly with other players for gold, materials, structures, creatures, ship BP’s, etc... The homestead, if you’ve ever played a typical mmo you probably understand what this is. It’s basically an instanced area where you have a house and neighbors etc... Eventually you would be able to buy a custom area where your company lives. From here you can do all of your breeding, building, and ship creation. Ships would now allow you to save the blueprint so if you either want to sell a model that you designed or if you get sunk all you need is the base materials to quickly rebuild and set sail again. After all this you might be wondering what the point of the game even is anymore? Fair enough I’ll do a quick rundown of my idea. Each city hub is a different faction that offers different quests, jobs, and rewards. City one will offer PvP oriented quests to hunt down trade and cargo ships and steal their loot. City two will focus on making risky voyages with more a death stranding style gameplay all while being targets of the pirates from city one. City three will be a military focused faction based around hunting down the most dangerous pirates from city one or protecting those from city two. City four would be based around exploration, taming exotic creatures, and whaling. There would be as much interplay between the factions as possible and you could access your homestead from any of the cities. The blueprint system would still be there. You could collect your materials and bring them back to your bank to make the better gear and ships. Moreover, every ship in the game world would have a leaderboard ranking based around how many player ships it has sunk. This way when you spyglass a ship you immediately know if you should be terrified or whether you may want to try collecting the bounty for sinking it. You could also still build on islands but decay timers would be reasonably short so that players wouldn’t overdo it and trash islands. In closing, I think this sets the foundation for a way more interesting game. Yes it’s more casual and will upset some in the community but overall it’s a far more accessible and FUN game. Also, the Vitamin system needs reworked/removed.
  15. Elder Scrolls Online does this, and that is what I love about that game. I can play in a huge MMO environment safe in the knowledge that I can play without being griefed. Yet, if I chose to I could enter the dedicated PvP areas of the map.
  16. I don't know about the trade winds, but my galleon in sp is now slower, I used to get 12 knots now it does 9 - 10.
  17. Thank you devs for listening to your players. Lowering everyone to level 80 is a great way to show you care.
  18. Thank you devs for lowering everyone to 80. Thank you for listening!!
  19. Some of many suggestions for QoL of ATLAS Add delay to shield bash stun (so it can't be continuous), make it so target soft spot can't 1 shot knock people out (overhead swing) or 2 shot knock people out (regular hit), nerf swivel tame damage/eliminate the ability to add swivels to tames, buff end game content (kraken/yeti)/treasure map XP, buff firearm damage against armor, nerf pvp food/alcohol buffs
  20. judging by this lame QA and reading the comments, i think i had made a good choice staying away this new season and not risk wasting my time and disappointment again lol. Here's a real question. 1. Please explain the "trade winds". Is it automated shipping where we can put NPC's on the wheel, plot a course and send the npc controlled boat to a distant grid? Or is it just a patch of water you can go faster on or have better wind in? cause we need to know. automated shipping would revolutionise this games economy, piracy, war and bring vast amounts of player driven content to the game..."better wind patches" is boring and not worth anyone's time and i personally will not be coming back for anything less than automated shipping.
  21. I have to ask first off is the private host feature broken? I have run many different private servers for many different games and this is the only game that will not act as it should. I have opened all the ports I can find from the various posts. I have tried the DMZ, I have disabled the firewall added rules etc, fresh install multiple times. I have used ASC, I have done it manually. I also see there have been many unanswered threads on this issue most seem to have given up. I will post screens of anything I can to help get this fixed (maybe I did miss something) but is the game broken or dead as this forum seems? for anyone currently hosting a dedicated server behind a router please help!
  22. On every single server be it official or unofficial or hosted non-dedicated by a friend across town I have yet to be able to connect to any atlas server or multiplayer part of the game. The game runs fine in single player, however every time I try to connect it fails with connection timeout message. I have reinstalled several times, re-validated the files many times and the only thing that seems out of place is after i get a failed connect/connection timeout ONE file fails to validate and has to be required and that file is very small whatever it is, but I don't know what file is breaking. I have a bunch of friends that play this game and I bought it to play with them, but so far the game has been unable to be properly played except in single player. Given the game basically is designed for multiplayer at its core this make the game nearly useless. I have done scans with ccleaner and virus programs that all come back clean. Restarted the internet router and cleared any caches I could. I also tied to remove the 2 movie files still see if playing those was causing a hung network. The server ping range from 40-160. Here are my pc specs for reference.Tower AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 cores 3200Mhz CPU, Sapphire Radeon RX 580, X470 Aorus Gaming 5 MoBo, G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2 x 8 GB DDR4-3200 Memory, Samsung 970 Evo NVMe M2 SSD, WD Blue m2 SSD
  23. Still losing tames on zone transfer. Lost an elephant from F3 to G3 tonight. This little round of Season 4 was a nice experiment, but this has been a bug for a long time. Not going to continue.
  24. While Moving into D10 from C10 and D9 we got 2 ships stuck in transit. We are at war and we need ever ship and resources we can come by.
  25. Grappled a flotsam on the fly while sailing 20 knots,... Once Felt like MJ for 30 seconds lol
  26. A mechanic to be aware of.. Still current as of 3rd season in June.. Every time you log into your hidden base the island owner will get a message "Jim Bob Mcgee just settled in your territory..." I think it had grid coordinates also if i remember correctly.. Atleast it used to on PVE... Maybe somebody can state the exact, current status and message trigger mechanism better? Perhaps logging in/ out on a ship wont send out the broadcast...? If you play solo PvP I would contact the island owner, build small and slow and have multiple small bases for redundancy or utilize Freeport method. Figured you should know so you don't start banging you head against a wall wondering how they know...
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  28. I realized they do give xp but its such a small amount you only notice it at very low levels.
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