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  2. Ships should have two more Sails at the front on the figurehead, and window planks at the rear of it,for maybe a Captains' quarters. Crew should be able to wander around as if they're patrolling and somehow allow them to equip Guns,the Navy Soldiers in POTC hold guns,or just add a specific Gun they can equip, plz consider it!!
  3. Hello, does anyone know what the Item ID is for the puckle tower? i would like to be able to spawn them in single player. Thank you.
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  5. We are controlling a pirate camp.Enemy strength and loot are different from the numbers shown, the level of pirates in the 8.2 pirate camp is low, and the rewards are around 200 for normal and gold.This has changed from recent patches.Is there a way to get this back? I'm playing single player with my friends.
  6. Anyone else having a hard time placing cargo racks on a galleon? Either says no snap point or obstructed.
  7. How do you know and accept if someone has sent you a trade route? I know how to set mine up but have no idea how to see if someone has requested one from me.
  8. Hi, I have more than 200 hours of gameplay on Atlas PvP all in solo and now I would like to join a company and enjoy more this great game. is there any big company looking to recruit new people? We can speak more about it on Discord. Thanks
  9. Lol couldn't tell ya what bad decisions were made being haven't made any. Devs tho that's another story. And yes you wipe turds when then been stale with barely any players the last several months better yet prolly best to take the game offline completely.
  10. Hello, I have a question about where I can set up a 4x4 server to always have a treasure map in the bottles. Currently, it rarely gives.
  11. Hello, I have a question about where I can set up a 4x4 server to always have a treasure map in the bottles. Currently, it rarely gives.
  12. Then you put ship points like a retard. You also clearly don’t know how to repair your ship either. I highly doubt just one volley completely destroyed your ship you just didn’t know what you were doing and you sunk your own ship. Get better and don’t be a quitter it will help. The only way this would happen is if you made massive mistakes. you probably got planked and didn’t have a bucket, repair resources, spare planks, and cleverly had no points in resistance.
  13. It’s funny that people think wipes actually solve anything, they don’t. Whatever bad decisions you made this season and haven’t yet corrected you will just repeat next season. If you open your mind and really think about the game mechanics you will find a solution to this problem just like we did. Good luck.
  14. hey, I have a Chromebook, and it cant run servergrid editor. have a server for me and my wife to use. currently using a 2019 map I found on google I was wondering. if someone has a custom 2x2 or 1x1 map with a lot of things that are current like trade winds. also with a good free port starter island and a big starting area because currently on have 1x1 but planning on upgrade once I have a better map and get used to new things. I won't use it for a server that's public. so if anyone has a map for there server I won't use it for my own gain. also, a map that can run on an Xbox server thanks and sorry for the bad grammar. need both the configuration file and the map images cant edit none of them wouldn't be asking if I could. also, the default map or the other ones provided maps are black.also if not comfortable posting on the forum my email is cullenharrison@live.com and if you send me one then can you please say something in the form thanks. sorry also if someone could just make me one that would be great and be very appreciated.
  15. I have created a tool that is completely open source to mass apply edits to INI config files without overwriting parts that need to be different such as SessionName. This tool will work with any INI files for any game but I created it to help manage Atlas servers. The copying of settings is near instant. I hope this is useful to at least one other person. Please leave submit any bug reports or feature requests on the github page for this tool and I will take a look at them. Version 1.3.0
  16. Pve make quest for pvp player for trade and protect etc...
  17. hey dude yea we tried with all sort of sails dosent help
  18. One. ONE! Volley from a level 8 SoTD destroyed my level 54 ship. Now I remember why I left this game. You guys havn't given a single thought to player retention and reward versus effort. You're too busy catering to the mythical shipyard crowd that you completely lost touch with reality. I'm sorry, but I have zero faith in this dev team in making Ark 2. You guys need outside perspective or some kind of wake up call. Goodbye again. I hope everyone is doing well and you're safe. :)
  19. Same thing is happening to me. As far as I'm concerned, the makers of this game can go fuck themselves. There are plenty of games out there that actually work.
  20. Has anyone been able to tame a spider? I can get to the bola stage but not prompt to feed it, all I get is the un bola prompt, tried rotten meat, insect meat. thx in advance
  21. PvE and Single Player is no longer "supported" by the Devs as mentioned in previous posts as they focus on PvP. Good Luck Matey. It's the reason for me uninstalling. Lost hours of progress on my SP World and PvE content (One of the Dev Teams) promised has been scrapped. "may your skies be clear, waters calm" I mean they delivering here when all you see is Clear Skies and calm waters right?
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