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  2. Yay! They must be dropping a new broken feature to make gameplay more interesting. Maybe a Superstore! Then we can send things from the farm to the warehouse to the market to the Superstore. The new best way to earn gold is to have checkout lines that go quick. Sanitize those carts people! Do you know how they are going to scan prices? That’s right, lasers! Wheee! I’m actually hoping for rollercoasters but anything will be great.
  3. As far as I back, I'll continue to write my feedback. My last thread was here: This season my crewmate went to WoW so I'm all alone. I play PVE. I always live in LAWLESS. I prefer to live in TUNDRA. 01 - Did you BALANCE traderoutes? From what I saw so far, in LAWLESS PVE players want to capture as much space as they can with their windmills and warehouses. I mean sometimes they wanna have like 10 farmhouses and 3 warehouses around the island. With huge radius around each of building, It prevent another players from building their farms and warehouses. So the question is - DO PLAYERS REALLY NEED THAT MUCH FOR THEIR TRADING??? For example, I built my small village (no more castles etc, just separate houses to make it less pieces), and today I found SOMEONE ELSE's warehouse RIGHT INSIDE MY BASE! All space around simply covered by another players windmills, and his warehouse isn't connected to ANY of his windmills (he has some but in to another part of island). But the guy decide he need this exact spot AT MY BASE to build his warehouse. While he already have few in to another part of island. So... maybe you balance all traderoutes chain so quantity doesn't matter. But the spot is important? IMAO - best situation is, when player or company simply need just one farm, one warehouse and one market. Or maybe you should consider to limit amount of warehouses/farmhouses/markets by 1 per player/company at each island??? 02 - Sad story (The way to loose it all). I understand that ATLAS is "So many efforts - so little reward". But some times it even go to "So many efforts to flush in to toilet!" It doesn't make your players happy, you know? I was on my way to earn first 5k gold for Schooner (no trading for me, check message above), spent like a whole day, sailing and do treasure hunting. I've got jackpot - boosted treasure map, which was on "goldens" few grid from my base. With all caution, I've got there. I was able to deal with damned army, and dug the treasure. I was safely back to my ship, and full of joy, prepared tp departure. Suddenly I've got 3.3k damage to my ANCHORED boat OUT OF NOWHERE. It destroyed my bed, my campfire. Then another 3k hit. I couldn't understand a thing, there were NO enemies around, no drake (it was hydra island), no elementals, no hydra herself. Third hit destroyed my boxes, and throw me and my bear away from my boat. I was able to get to the shore, and only after I called my bear to follow I saw CYCLOP WALKING OUT FROM THE UNDERWATER!!! It means this guy was there for some reason, aggroed me, and right from underwater he started to hit me and land damage THROUGHT THE PLANKS OF MY ANCHORED SHIP. I died. With my bed destroyed, I wasn't able to respawn anywhere near, and by the time I built another ship, and got there - all stuff from my corpse and from all boxes was gone forever. All GOLD I'VE GOT so far was gone forever. So... I just wanna repeat what I was saying before. Expensive ship - it good. It prevent ppl from ship flooding all spaces around, speed up servers etc. BUT. You, SOMEHOW, have to make things, so people WOULD NOT loos all they earned to some monster hidden underwater, and without any warning hitting them through the walls. 03 - Whales do ranged attack. And yeah. This is not all my issues. Just before I arrived to goldens, I was sailing through the cold biomes, and suddenly my ship got several hit to planks 450+ each hit, and star to spinning around. Again - from nowhere, no reasons. I checked around and found that there was whale. He was far. He was out of my ballista's range. But he landed damage to my boat somehow from that far range... It means I could loose all my gold simply because I didn't dodge a whale far enough. I pass like 300 meters from him and he hit me, and I somehow had to guess I need to dodge at least 400 meter right???
  4. Cant really do anything till someone posts a update for the chat bug
  5. Same for me. No solution, even via Xbox app or a keyboard... Play help us, we don't pay a game to not play
  6. All the banks on the seaforts continuosly crash xbox players. Not sure why but I'm hoping they have a fix soon!
  7. I'm not sure I like the idea of reskinning Atlas as Steampunk MMO. I know that the dev's had aspirations of this and that's why thinks like Dino's and Tanks were leaked into the code. I think another layer of tech will just push more new players out. There is a insurmountable disparity between noobs/small companies and larger companies due to the way BP's are handled. Just adding another tech level will extend the gap, in my opinion. Limit land building and simplify breeding further if you want to make this a sea adventure game.
  8. Rumors are spreading that there will be another wipe on 14th of december? Can anyone confirm that?
  9. Same thing is happening to me and friends you can’t search for a server eitha
  10. Can’t type anything into server search or in character creation (Xbox)
  11. It appears that it is an Xbox issue... hopefully it gets sorted out and I can actually try the game
  12. Lol that you think they cash grabbed at $15 or less per copy. I'd be surprised if we even covered 6 months of overhead. Cash grab? See star citizen at some $60+ per copy before the P2W kicks in on that 11 year alpha. They are over $300mill in revenue so far and counting. Or how bout Baulders gate 3 at full price for EA? No kid, we got a great deal and they got *some* money. How many hours of game play has your $15 got you so far? I'm willing to bet it's a lot of hours. For me it's easily one of the best values I've ever seen for an entertainment budget. Thanks devs for keeping it real.
  13. So I just bought the game on Xbox because it is in sale. Booted it up and started a single player session. After I made my character I went to name him and the game just freezes for about 10-15 seconds then goes back to blank name so I can't even try the game. Ive restarted the game, I've restarted the console, I even completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game... nothing worked. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Ps... wasn't sure where to post this asking for help
  14. The below is in response to the recent implementation of gold costs for ships: My suggestion is that Blue Printed items (i.e. planks, sails etc) cost gold to make, that way we're still able to shit out common ships and have a blast at sea, while still making gold highly valuable and allowing players of all tribe sizes to spend the time investing into higher quality ships. This would also indirectly add a 'maintenance' cost to Blue Printed ships, because if you were to lose a few planks/sails on your mythic Galleon, you're going to need to spend gold to re-stock said planks. This could apply just to ship-related Blue Prints, or just Blue Prints in general. In my opinion it's the most balanced way to keep naval PvP fun and constant while still offering opportunity 'climb the ladder' in regards to ship development. At the moment naval PvP is completely stale and boring because either people don't have the ships in the first place, or they're too scared to bring them out to fight (and rightly so) after spending so much gold to build them.
  15. Hi I am currently Level 49, I don't often respec just because I always forget something important and end up wishing I hadn't
  16. 1.Well the Sperm Whales automatically aggro when you get too close. Youll see a healthbar, ominous music will begin playing and youll see them come swimming straight for you. 2. The Blue Whales just swim in circles and mind their own business until you damage them. I was taught to use a carbine. Ive seen a flintlock used also. Never tried a bow but maybe. My advice would be to respec and craft 5 or 10 carbines w ~500 ammo. Then spec back. What level are ya? Playing PC?... Im on xbox. If you send me a message on here maybe i can take you on a whaling trip. Just be aware its alot like fishing, you may go 3 hours without finding any then land only 1. Next time you might get 4 in 90 minutes. Might be some videos on youtube..
  17. hi Ranger is it possible to agro the whale with an Arrow as the carbine is way to many skill points ATM and How do you know which type of whale you are attacking and does it matter?
  18. PS @Garfi catch a good run of whales and/ market starts producing that schooner might not feel so expensive. Best wishes
  19. Good luck If the ping is consistently bad for everyone ya could try a bug report. Maybe theyll have a quick fix or they can put it on their list for review. Take care
  20. Well, i actually did a whaling sloop after this wipe. Few pointers. 1 EVERY ship point has to go into weight, dont try adding ballistas before level 15 2 i ran 3 ballistas, so 3 balista npcs, 1 sail npc and me driving, perfect since standard sloop crews 5 3 Seek safe harbor when the wind isn't cooperating under 7 knots is the real beginning of the danger zone 4 Even 2 ballistas may suffice 5 Diving platform on boat is fine 6 use a carbine to aggro the blue whales 7 I exclusively use the handling sail, so 1 medium handling sail 8 just a bed, resource chest, ammo box, small chest, diving platform, 2 walls, 3 ceilings ( i did 2 as catwalks) and add side rope ladders then 2 to3 ballistas. Only carry like ~250. Bolts 9 the boat WILL probably get sunk eventually so have a second sloop built or in a box ready to go lol Good luck
  21. Ok, thanks, i will set private when the partners are online, so we can correct if need. Probably when the system will use more grid than the local one, that will help reduce the lag a lot, youre right. Atm, my grid we have only a 8-10 warehouse only, but the ping is alwas 220-255, unplayable and with rubberbanding, the sailing is off the table too.
  22. Hi Ranger, My main cash stream has been treasure diving for ages. I haven't tried Whaling as the cost in skill points for Ballista and catapults would prevent to many other skills I need as a solo player. I may have to rethink that soon, as I am getting seriously bored with most areas of the game I use to enjoy. The Minecraft building thing is to easy now. Any dickhead can build a huge base to keep their chickens in. Taming the big three is now such a pain I really cant be arsed with it any more. Sailing a ship above the sloop is to risky, crossing zones is so risky I wouldn't risk it in my dreams. One little glitch (or Galleon of the Damned on the border) and between 10 and 100 more Treasure dives (Probably 2 weeks of work) to build a useless schooner. And I really do not want to endure teaming up with people, I know this makes me sound like a grumpy old man (I am one) but I have been online gaming since the days of Everquest and ran Guilds in the past on games such as Eve, WoW, WoT, Planetside, Everquest etc. and I don't want to get drawn in to that or get involved in any of that shit ever again. Plus the wife would definitely divorce me this time
  23. I forgot that, your right, we made sure to have all trades prepped BEFORE connecting the routes. Also yes we did a 3way invite loop. I invited a neighbor, neighbor invited a friend, then friend invited me. This yielded 2 routes for all 3 participants. I strongly suggest you keep the markets set to private for 2 reasons A reduce general traffic/ noise/ spam/ lag generated by your markets B Reduce the load on the market "file" when 800 people send you requests Thought of a few other caveats. All 3 participants were on console My Warehouse ran out of fuel, i restocked it and things returned to normal shortly after... Lol derp
  24. In the last 2 weeks i had an active Market with one or two routes (dont know why, never had 3 or more routes at the same time), in Lawless grid. As i saw, my and my partners income was 100-120 gold / hour / partner. We talked about the offers in the grid chat, so we set up offers with same input and output. Strognwood for strongwood, copper for copper, granite for granite, etc. - we had no other choice with the actual trade limitation (working for same grid only, set by the devs, we all have same goods). We both had public market, not private. As we noticed, the important thigs are: - same input, same output - well, you do this for gold at the moment, not for resources - same ratio in both side, 1:1 working well - same input/output means you will no run out for resource, because you sent 1300 strongwood and you will get back 1300(ish) strongwood. In some cases random event came (fire on board, mutiny, captain gambling away the goods, etc) and you will loose your goods, but if you start trading 100k resources, that will last long enough. - Usually after 2-3 days our trades always stopped. We had still an "accepted" route, we had enough resources, we didnt go beyond the 8 trade route limit, but still, the system stopped working. In these cases we had to destroy the market structure, redeploy it and set up again the offers and send/accept a request. After that, everything worked again for 2-3 days. - Looks like its important, to set up offers first in your "right side panel", then accepts offers or send request in the left panel. Maybe im wrong and this was only unfortunatly accident, but when we both modified the offers with an active trade routes with active ships, the whole trade system soon stopped working. If we didnt modify the routes and the first offers, then it was working for days.
  25. Ok lets subtract the anti spam line of reasoning. Id be curious to hear your thoughts about the rest of the discussion.... Ty
  26. The trouble with the anti spam argument by paying for ships, is the fact that it's the large companies who constantly ship and shipyard spam everywhere. And they don't care as much about paying for ships anyway. Strangely it fit's perfectly into 2020, doing something without any logical reason what so ever and not caring who you aggravate. The devs should go into politics, while there is still a demand for people who think like they do.
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