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  2. Nicoli613

    MiniMap change after XBox Update

    I'd love to have this problem. We still don't even have a working mini map at all =(
  3. Realist

    Family Account

    Ah, he used the tag game share so I assumed that they had two consoles and a pc but he couldn’t get it on both consoles so he had to try it on the pc.
  4. My thoughts on Atlas at this point Really enjoying the game so far but I wanted to share my concerns with current game as well as for the future. Also, please Grapeshot, always approach PvP and PvE as separately as possible. Claiming: Right now I think the claim system works pretty well; however there is one major issue. There’s no safe way to allow others to build on your island which is going to lead to everyone locking their islands down. For example, if you allow everyone to build, your islands will be trashed with structures, bases, and traps etc... And if you add someone to an alliance they can use the declare war feature to destroy you. I believe that in PvE you should either be able to set different rules for different islands or be able to allow certain company ID’s special building privileges. The base will always be the endgame. Everything you do in the game will be directly tied to upgrading your base because everything else is always at risk of being lost. Tread very carefully with this mechanic. If PvE players lose their islands for any reason the backlash will be severe. Sailing: Probably the best and most important part of the game. Lots of impressive things going on with this from a technical perspective but I want to address some of the very frustrating elements of it. I get the feeling that you guys are scared of ocean being empty and that’s understandable. Yet, right now the ocean is filled with annoying disturbances. Sailing needs downtime, there should be activities on the ship to keep sailing entertaining. Not to mention, purely sailing a massive ship you built from head to toe is very rewarding in of itself. Ships of the damned are annoying, you pass them constantly throwing you massively off course, increasing the already lengthy journeys to even longer ones. Most of them are fairly easy to destroy or outrun but still they keep players from creating their own fun while at sea. Fog isn’t really that bad on its own but paired with SotD it’s just another layer of annoyance. Lastly, cyclones are just awful. Having skills based around render distance is not a good idea. The cyclones literally spawn on top of you and occur ridiculously too often. A lot of players focus on getting annoyed with the wind but I feel like that’s only because of the annoyances they’re trying to dodge while sailing. If you want to encourage sailing you need to reduce the stress of doing so. Add more optional and explorative activities like robbing an NPC ship, or things like the sunken ships. Problematic Design: I just want to quickly gloss over some big misc issues. - Getting destroyed by a SotD while loading into a new region - Docking a Galleon is extremely annoying and even risky because the anchor is laughably short. - Large boats having buggy issues with shallow water, sometimes flipping and taking massive damage for no reason. - Treasure maps bugging out completely when the holder dies. - Treasure maps spawning in extremely annoying hard to reach places with the same payout as easy to reach ones. - New maps like Blackwood should be added to the world space as a region even if there needs to be some reworks. Taming: The process is infinitely less time consuming than Ark but I wish that taming methods were actively designed to be more fun over difficult. Think of breaking a horse in Red Dead Redemption over kiting an animal into a circle of billboards and subjecting it to BDSM until you tame it. Skills: Very convoluted and extremely annoying for a smaller company to work around. You guys really wanted to incorporate skills into every avenue of the game even in areas where it feels detrimental to the gameplay. Not everything needs to be allocated purely to skill points. Cooking recipes should be on the loot table for example. Final Thoughts: I would never write something like this for a game I didn’t care about. Grapeshot/Wildcard are uniquely ambitious in their visions and put most triple a developers to shame. I see crazy potential for this game but please talk with the community before making big changes so we can give our input ahead of time. There’s massive investments involved from players, especially on official servers.
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  6. Dissy

    MiniMap change after XBox Update

    I have the same problem and i am on pc.
  7. Vampeal1973

    News Board Bug and All servers not showing

    Had same thing happen to me turned out was my net . I use comcast/Xfinity an it gets blocked . There is anouther post that tells you how to fix it
  8. Allmost all quest rewards look underwelming. Some value you only see when you dont have them. - 20% gold is additional gold, and more importat more XP (form the gold). - 30% taming, OMG compare to without! - EQ buff from squid? I am still not used to not having it, i lose buff on a constant basis. And buff is super important. - encumbered speed, I hate to not have it, it is a gamechanger. - the boss rewards are super nice, but i think they are out of the question anyway. - durability is a must with the basic low numbers, and also for BP goods. - prone speed and stam recovery is ..... can be used sometimes (monkey taming etc.) So you hunt the ghostship for like 1-10 hours, and have some month benefit from it.
  9. Ok, only the bottom middle is the ghostship, the otheres are the merchant ships routes. I have seem one myself on the route.
  10. does reconect fixes this?
  11. Kummba

    Delete Cyclones until there fixed

    what, what kind of ship we are talking about?
  12. Kummba

    Free ships and tames

    Nothing like a passive agressive post..... Sorry i had to, enjoy atlas, KuKumba
  13. Well, Looking at your stats your char and your animals are basically non-killable. Not fun on a pvp Server
  14. Starsky

    Free ships and tames

    Nothing like a passive agressive post.....
  15. Atlaneer

    Delete Cyclones until there fixed

    They put your ship under the water so it's glitches out or if you go slow they stop your ship and you can't move until someone can ram you
  16. ship resource box for the materials they do not need repair hammers on them ,, and crew unseated from sails or other , they will after a small delay and ship anchored , provided u have resources needed begin to repair the ship planks , u will know this by the sweeping animation
  17. Xbox Solo world crashes every 15-45 minutes and displays message on xbox home screen that you need internet to do that, even tho in offline mode. Highly annoying and makes a solo world useless. You would appear to have some background code that takes time to activate that crashes the game when not connected to the internet. Even happening on the start screen while looking through tutorials. Seems to occur less while not idel in game but happens reguardless all the time with the same xbox error message stating that "internet is required to do that function".
  18. Percieval

    Delete Cyclones until there fixed

    I have no problems with them. They’re stupid, but I never glitched.
  19. TotalRad

    Game hangs up for seconds at a time

    UPDATE: I've now reinstalled Atlas three times, and each time the game performs well for a couple of hours. After a while however, the "freezing" would become an issue again. In an effort to resolve the issue, I have demolished everything in my area, Including ships. At first, this seemed to do the trick, but now my game is actually crashing several times over without warning. Tonight I am sailing with a friend to completely different island to see if perhaps the area I am currently in is too crowed.
  20. They are just a server pinging piece of crap they are hardly an inconvenience except when they glitch anything out they touch please get rid until there fixed
  21. I have been playing this on xbox now for a few days and cannot help but notice how quickly and how far away the damned ships begin to attack. i was on a sloop and sailed into a new zone only to be met by 3 different damned ships. As you can imagine with 3 ships firing cannons, my ship lasted no more than a few minutes. My suggestion is maybe make them a little more passive, so you'd have to be real close or engage in attacking them before they react and fire back
  22. Atlas the first game with Lag? You never played Ark Extinction? lol
  23. Fezza

    Atlas Causing Xbox One X To Overheat

    This has happened to me twice. and i had it stood up on base. Since vaccuuming the vents and lying the console down, this seems to have resolved the issue.
  24. Jack Shandy

    Structure damage

    You are probably meant to use cannons, and idealy when the boat owner is there to shoot back. One of the reasons I play PvE rather than Pv P (Offline)
  25. So I’ve been mainly an EU PVE player since release, dabbled on PvP As a solo but not heavily, anyway, when the NA PvP server went live before the others, myself and 4 others started and used it as a practice platform to see how long we could go from “game to claim” (2 hrs 5 mins with 2 of us). an unexpected side effect of this Was we found we really enjoyed PVP, I enjoyed the differences in the game mechanics, the differences and strategies in building and defending what is yours, and we have gotten pretty good at it! anyway, we have found a 15 point island We like where the owners are largely inactive, what do we need to do to take the island? I’m not sure how that mechanic works so would appreciate some advice as it’s a fair trek to it from the lawless we currently live on. thanks.
  26. Start. Ships are great, I suggest like, specific roles or different models of one class Instead of Tek, do Steam Tek. Like with modules that let you live undrwater by sucking out water n making O2 (and it needs fuel so its not op) Divers with underwater mines n such raiding a highly valuable underwater player base sounds bad ass as all f get out. (will update as more ideas come) Feel free to add up mates
  27. DivineWolf

    pvp Defiant 2x2 xbox server

    Good day fellow pathfinders! I am here to try and persuade you to join my small section of the Atlas. Server name is Defiant 2x2. Obviously it is a small 4 grid set of servers that I am attempting to run. An Equatorial, Tropical, Tundra, and Desert. I did not completely boost the stats or multipliers, as I am not a huge fan of getting everything for free, so there is still a challenge. Stats all have 3X multipliers. Exp, Harvesting, and Taming are all 3X. This is my first foray into hosting a server, I have created a discord for the occasion. https://discord.gg/AVDqekE If you are looking for a good time for a long time with some good people, maybe even kill some good people because this is a pvp server, then please feel free to come by and say hi! Thank you for your consideration, DivineWolf
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