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  2. Crafting stations look for nearest resource box, and/or an option on resource boxes to allow using materials from them to craft. Yes it's lazy, but it means less lugging stuff around. Could even make it possible to assign a crewman to grab needed resources once a check is completed to make it "Immersive". Though you could just make it possible to use them like "tubes/chutes" from other games. Would make bases feel more alive as well when someone's crafting XD. Just a thought and a dream, take it as you wish. Hazard
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  4. I went through this problem several times over the years but was always related to the screen mode I couldn't use full screen. However this time it just happened out of nowhere and had me thinking about the post above.So I did a google search for corrupted windows files and found a fix I have seen before.So I used this Microsoft link...https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/topic/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system-files-79aa86cb-ca52-166a-92a3-966e85d4094e Then after running those two file checks it did say there was corrupted files and then reboot computer and everything was ok again and the game sound was back.I think we recently had a windows update but really leaves us with concerns as to why we would get corrupted files after an update.
  5. I have played since Xbox crossed over at the beginning Sad to see everything going wrong. The good types of ship types of animals. Having alliances. The bad more then 10 in a company and allowing more then 5 alliances. Allowing a company to own more then 1 island in a grid. But allow max 3 owned islands per company. Attack time should be limited to 4 hours daily 7 makes it a full time job...it's a game not a job!!!! Allow for companies to file vacation periods twice a year 7 days each. Let us bury our company treasure and you can find our treasure if you catch and release...as a reward for letting you go. Must be the leader. Boats need to all be customizable. Animals should be allowed to be killed after claim no cool down. This will help maintaining our animal/garbage ones numbers.
  6. Removing player tracking from a gaming environment can enhance privacy and foster a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Striking a balance between data collection and player autonomy is crucial. A system that prioritizes user consent and transparency ensures players feel comfortable and in control, contributing to a positive gaming atmosphere.Fm Whatsapp
  7. correct about the stuff. But u didnt realize that peace phase islands themselves are already the issue. THey shouldnt even exist in the first place. I went into detail about all of this in my posts (including player tracking tools like ship icons, join notifications etc.). Look them up
  8. No I totally agree with you, report the every single one in that company. I was posting on this comment so one of those cheaters knew it wasn’t me who posted this.
  9. If they use a glitch then others will and it takes the fun from the game. All I’m saying is if people aren’t happy about me posting this it’s not my problem. I don’t care what chase is doing that’s all they do is bitch about things. If there’s bugs and game breaking glitches I’m going to report it. It’s dumb crashing servers with ritual stones and it’s dumb glitching your ships just to be able to stand up to another company because they can’t win ship battles otherwise. Im posting the issue to get their attention I’m not posting it for anyone’s approval
  10. This is me moron, just to show you it wasn’t us who reported you. Iron chase from RID is crying we are cheating. Un glitch your ships and then talk smack.
  11. ship icons on map, logs, player join notifications : REMOVE THIS BS!!!
  12. it crashes for me on sp grid a7, but works fine in a8 and freeport. no idea if there's a fix.
  13. Stuff built everywhere lol. Maybe no more wipe lol. Not so bad. Prolly about to drop atlas ascended on ya and make you re-buy so they can pay for server space. New engine wouldn't be so bad.
  14. There are two things in Atlas that so badly need to be fixed first one being ritual stones. They need to be disabled because when used they crash the server and erase what happened. There’s a company on one of the Xbox only pvp servers who’s at war with mine. They use the ritual stone to crash the server and save tames of theirs we killed or ships we sank. They’re also doing a ship glitch that gives their ships max ship damage and max resistance. It makes it difficult to sink them and it is an unfair advantage. Now my company is using it to combat them and I don’t want them using it. The console pvp server is emerald coast and the company abusing these bugs and glitches is called R I D. These need to be addressed immediately please. The ritual stone just has to be activated to crash and to do the ship glitch you respec the ship to 396 durability, bottle the ship after 48 hours you unbottle it and respec to full damage. Now you have full durability and full damage it just doesn’t affect front and rear castles. Server resets and gridding do not erase the respec only a ritual stone crash will. Disable ritual stone and fix the ship glitch please.
  15. There is so much stupid bullshit in this game, beside these. Like Player join notifications, Ship symbols on the map etc that make the game stupid. THey basically allow cheats for everyone. when will all this junk be removed?
  16. allow it. I am done placing mortars on the groudn and not being able to pick them up again and not being able to place at all, bc enemy has pillar spam near. Allow placing mortars on carts, so we can move them around and dont have to waste them!
  17. I agree they don't know what they're doing, but I don't think a person that can't spell 3-letter words is going to do much better.
  18. Crab is shaking like a mother fucker when I try to aim wiht cannon on the crab platform. whats the damn point of this platform if the cannon aim isnt usable?! FIX UR SHIT! Besides, fix the tramp, u ruined it by ruining th control. It is always dragging to one side, i cant use full sail.
  19. Hopefully, they'll listen to the community and make the necessary improvements.
  20. also: LANDFIGHT blackjack throws riders of their tame. wtf is this broken nonsense? This neeeds to go
  21. I understand your frustration with game development issues. It can be really frustrating when it seems like the devs aren't addressing important balance problems. Hopefully, they'll listen to the community and make the necessary improvements. If you want to get any feature earlier, I'm pretty sure you can find it at CS2. Keep the faith and fingers crossed for better updates!
  22. Claim Towers could have fixed this game. So much lag to do spamming of things everywhere. Claim towers was the way to fix the game, but they like building spam that uses so much memory they make the game look like puke and worse then Nintendo 64 graphics on XBOX. Does grapeshot not know that is the major problem of the game is the SPAMMING of every piece of structure people throws down every single place possible. CLAIM TOWERS, CLAIM TOWERS. Refine claim towers dont give one person 30+ claim towers. Give them 5 if they want more each tribe member they add gets one more claim tower to a max of 15 claim towers. Also have the grid like it was day one if the map was to big then make it a 8x8 or 9x9. Also the passive mining of materials should not have to place them 5 miles apart it was nice touch to the game but its why i claimed a whole island to my self because had to if i wanted all the passive production of wood, stone, metal and whatever else. REFINE it. Everyone wants to enjoy every aspect of the game. So allow us to with out giving us the world. If the game actually ran right and looked good people would play this. I would play it again but it need some type of ad on XBOX to bring back players because it ran off so many XBOX players. I had like 20 friends that wanted to play it and zero want too now.
  23. I am xbox gamer and it so horrible looking the graphics I cant put my self threw the pain to play. I was hoping it could have been almost as good as ARK. I prefer pirate games. So this basically ruined my dreams of enjoying a survival pirate game. Sea of Thieves is not a survival game really. Xbox does not really have a survival pirate game now. Such a loss there it makes me sad like very sad. Because when it released i thought it was one of the more pretty Xbox games. Now its worse then Nintendo 64 graphics. FUNNY why its so laggy and buggy because they dont know how to control building spam. It was a simple fix but they went the wrong way. The Claim towers was the way to go. CLAIM TOWERS CLAIM TOWERS CLAIM TOWERS. if you have claim towers people can not build out side of it. Refine it and make it work. FIX IT!
  24. Last time I tired Atlas on Xbox. The graphics was worse then Nintendo 64 graphics. It was such an eye sore that I could not play it. When it came out thought it had the best graphics. What happened to it and will it ever be fixed? Right now it feels I wasted time and money on the game. Anyone know how the game is now and is it bad?
  25. Get your Sail and Tame skins without the hassle of building them yourself. AtlasGame.skin
  26. There isn't one. This is as far as i can tell the last season. And chances are there will not be another wipe or a release. If the game stays up beyond November I'd be surprised.
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