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  2. Pain pain

    Bankrupt game

    I agree. If they took a break or bailed completely on this game, treat us with respect and gratitude and let us know.
  3. Whitehawk

    Why have you left us ?

    The trouble for me now is early access, everything seems to be able to be released unfinished now with a never ending licence to take as long as you like developing the base game.I used to think it was a good thing but now i'm not so sure. Early access needs to have precise development guides and set time limits, otherwise it can be used as a never ending excuse to do nothing or do very little to improve a game. Bannerlord 2 is finally out now as early access, and even though it's a great game to charge almost full price for it is plain wrong, especially as it's the players who will be doing the testing and feedback. i'd love a job that pays me for work I might or might not do for two years.
  4. GoreJar Horizon

    ATLAS Roadmap

    What about PS4 players? i have friends waiting
  5. Jack Shandy

    Why have you left us ?

    They may not have given up on Atlas but do you believe they are actually working on it? Do you believe their lack of communication is at all acceptable? The server problems were a shit show, yes! but the game-play looked pretty good. And when it worked, it ran smoother on it's first day than Atlas runs now.
  6. Nice one LVVIPER. It'll have been the DNS name causing the problem for you. I didn't notice that in your json file.
  7. Jim Prackett

    Ship destroyed but not in log?

    I logged on today to see i have lost 3 planks in my ship, obviously that would make it sink. But there’s a few weird things.. Not even an hour before i logged on for the day, 3 planks were destroyed at exactly the same time stamp. One was actually 8 seconds later. Anyways, my brig was still there on my map. Even stranger, it doesn’t say my ship was destroyed in the log. Only the planks and my bed. I do play on pvp but my 3k gold and supplies were still there. Assuming this was a glitch, does anyone know how i can prevent..whatever this is fron happening again? Building a brig by hand is a pain.
  8. Shadowcub

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    I believe it is one landmass. You arrive by ship, but I haven't heard anything about owning ships. Apparently the crafting system is pretty involved. I don't know a lot about the construction system. I believe video is still under NDA, but testers are allowed to talk about it to some extent. But I suspect it will remain very much under wraps until pre-release. There are some interesting videos up on YouTube, however, discussing what can be discussed and analyzing released footage.
  9. Juddo

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    I'm kind of confused by New World. I saw a ship, but it seems like the whole thing is just about 1 island/landmass. I haven't seen squat about crafting and player housing seems like it will be more cookie-cutter. I wish I could see more of it to get a better idea.
  10. UnderTaker905

    xbox Xbox text chat issue.

    I've been playing Atlas on Xbox for several months now on Gorgon's Gaze (PVE). I used to be able to communicate with other players on my grid in global chat (text, not audio) without problems. As of the last few weeks now, it has become annoyingly difficult to communicate with other players because either my message in global chat doesn't even get sent (not using any foul language) OR it'd get sent after SEVERAL attempts to type the message and send it. There have even been days where I can't communicate at all. I've looked at my internet settings, and they're fine. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to fix it?
  11. Belle

    Why have you left us ?

    Last Oasis was and is a shit show. Nothing to be worried about there tbh. New World, to early to tell, honeymoon phase hasnt even began with NW yet, we shall see.
  12. Bluestone

    new to the game need hell

    Hi, you could join a company to find people to help you learn the game. The website has a company advertising section you could look in: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/clubs/
  13. Bluestone

    Why have you left us ?

    I don't believe they have given up on atlas. The wait is excruciating but I am confident they will be back in action at some point. Let's just hope it is sooner rather than later.
  14. PeglegTheAngry

    underhanded breach of contract imho

    Your last two user pages have been you bagging on other players lmao.
  15. Yesterday
  16. lordkhan4444

    Why have you left us ?

    devs know with the release of last oasis/new world there is no point, they got all the money they gona get from this from pc/xbox so unless they plan on a ps4 release there is no chance of any more time/money being put in this game.
  17. Looks like the adding RCON to match QueryPort and changing my IP from DNS name to IP, things are working. Thx Deepseaduo!!
  18. gumbyc

    Why have you left us ?

    I agree we definitely need new content, but whatever may come will be too little too late. There are still many aspects of the game that I enjoy, so I'll keep playing until it goes to crap. Thanks for the response.
  19. Whitehawk

    Why have you left us ?

    I've been playing atlas on pc since release, and on xbox since release too, and even though I still enjoy the game for the most part I am getting bored a bit now. When I sail to another island now I know what to expect to find before I arrive. I can't say for deffo that Atlas has been abandoned, but regardless of that it's going to take a lot of additional content to keep it on it's feet, and I think by the time the devs show an interest again it will be too late anyway. And if another pyrate game gets released in the meantime then atlas won't stand a chance in the long term, short term yes, but not for the long run. There just isn't enough to do now. Also bearing in mind I've started from the beginning again, 4 times now too!
  20. Hello i started single player aftter 970hours on pvp officials, and hafto say that it has been really fun and challening. My goal is to beat all powerstones and kraken. and get a submarine. Playing with vanilla rules,no mods, 1.5 difficulti and 1.5x xp and 2x taming. i got to the point where i hafto do treasure maps to get my self legendary boat,shipyard,armor,veapons, but at 1.5 difficult the damned are really hard even at 6 quality XD so i hafto get into breeding aswell. And would love to get he speed up a least 2x-3x Thank you. Hartsia
  21. I really love this game. We've come a long way from the time you forgot to put trees on the islands to the time you made climbing on the rope ladders easier. For months and months all I heard was "it's EA, what do you expect, you gotta wait" . No more excuses, although you've fixed dozens of bugs, many still remain and you are silent. Why ? This is a sailing game, and I really enjoy sailing. I don't know what happened but somewhere along the line the sailing mechanics have gone south. Some grids are better than others but the boats goes underwater when sailing and it really takes a lot of the realism out of it. PLEASE fit this. Why do we have to beg for you to continue to support your development?
  22. "port" in the json file is equivalent to "queryport" on the command line. "gameport" in the json is equivalent to "port" on the command line. "seamlessport" isn't needed on the command line. Dog knows why GS did it this way, it's an endless source of confusion. Note that I have RCON and Query ports the same because RCON is TCP and Query is UDP, so they're using different protocols. ShooterGameServer.exe "Ocean?ServerX=0?ServerY=0?AltSaveDirectoryName=Grid00?ServerAdminPassword=xxxxxx?RCONPort=27230?QueryPort=27230?Port=27232" "gridX": 0, "gridY": 0, "MachineIdTag": "", "ip": "xx.xx.xx.xx", "port": 27230, "gamePort": 27232, "seamlessDataPort": 27234,

    new to the game need hell

    just downloaded it on xbox any help? new to this from playing ARK GT : SOLLY CAPONE
  24. Holmes

    NPC pirate ships immortal?

    Haveing the same problem, whatsup with this immortal pirate NPC ships
  25. I have spaced the ports by 1, 2, 4, 5 etc.. I have used 57560, 47560, 28000, 27000 ranges. I have port forwarding enabled on router. Your mentioned items in command line have QueryPort, gamePort, and SeemlessIP.
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