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  2. JakeM

    Galleon cant build

    Thanks for the report! I looked into it and I have forwarded this to the proper people!
  3. Luck0r

    How does aging work?

    I have 25 % Playhours more then someone of my Company who is 78 now while i am 56. We have both been in the Fountain allready, him when he was about 98 and me when i was 92. How does this make sense?
  4. JakeM

    brigantina sunk by a bug (with video)

    Exactly this. There are parts of islands that the land under water is a bit higher than the rest, and beaching your boat like that causes funky things to happen. Generally, if you see bouy's, don't go there.
  5. Dragonhawk828

    Whales in zones 1 and 15.

    Today i went out to kill some Whales, and got to zone I1, we aggroed a few Whales onto our ship and i started shooting with a Balista but my spears go through them and deal no damage what so ever, so after testing more things, we found out that you can only damage the whales with weps and fists, not even cannonballs do damage. I was wondering if anyone else could confirm this to be a bug, or am i just doing it wrong?
  6. Since the last major patch, SotD have become more of a menace than ever! They spawn in batches like the ones that surrounded us last night. You see 8 ships surrounding us, with the hellish glow of a ninth at the far right. What you don't see are the other 6 ships which were arrayed around the front of us. There was NO reason for this; it was NOT a Golden Age Ruin which was nightmare enough when first unleashed. THIS is WORSE by far. And it is NOT an isolated incident. We're getting this with every border crossing and even travelling within our own tile. Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of SotD spawns, or are we just a SotD magnet?
  7. Dunxel

    Powerstone missing

    I just threw my Powerstone out of my inventory while spamming O to empty my inventory. Its gone gone.
  8. Afraid not, it's server side. I can deal with islands requiring a stop to load in, but SOTD you don't have a choice
  9. JakeM

    Hole in prebuilt island that people get stuck in.

    Tp'd to both of those locations and Im not even seeing an island there. Have you verified your files lately?
  10. Yes, the rendering distance in geneal has been terrible since the latest big patch. When i approach an island, i have to full stop for a minute for all the shipyards to load etc.. Its terrible.
  11. I agree. Everyone one I've run across fires on me because I don't have enough time to avoid them. Never had that problem before. Is there any in game setting that can help ? Please fix this quick.
  12. boomervoncannon

    Island availability

    Yeah I know the gardener personally. He does.
  13. JakeM

    cant build on galleon after the patch

    Im not seeing any issues on my end, would you be able to provide a short video displaying the issues? And are you having issues building on a gall or just building one? Just trying to get specifics.
  14. Daish

    PvP and Teleporting.

    yeah but thats two beds they need to build and defend now and even allies cant build with 20m of each other right? and on top of that how many big clans are going to let someone else build in their area might get them back stabbed
  15. JakeM

    Forest Color can't be craft

    Thanks for the report, taking a look at this now!
  16. Same issue here. Luckily I have just been exploring on a sloop lately, so they usually don't aggro before I can turn away.
  17. Yeah, I've spent the day sailing, on a Galleon at least the render range is now less than the aggro range. They will fire at you before you can see them. You can still outrun them but you have no chance to try and avoid actively. @Jatheish @Dollie
  18. signed, got the same issue with almost max settings and it is really annoying with the galleon. please give a seperate option for it or set it back to the former sight range.
  19. Looking for new people to help grow
  20. JakeM

    Knuckles break to fast :(

    Taking a look, thanks for the report!
  21. I don't even understand how people are taming giraffes. I've tried multiple times and it just ends up beating me to death over and over until I give up. That said, yeah, if I had managed to get one I'd prefer it did better than that at gathering thatch too. I had no idea melee affected gather rates, good to know though.
  22. MeatSammich

    Things that should NOT work like that.

    I do wish they'd throw in another set of stone and wood with different textured. The stone on the bank and the footing of the large stone gateframes looks great, and fits the overall aesthetic of the game. As is, cinderblock, or ancient temple is the only look we get on stone.
  23. Graphics settings has NOTHING to do with this. It's a change as of last night's patch. The SoTDs are rendering and then disappearing BETWEEN volleys of normal cannons...they're blipping in and out that close to my ship right now. One second I'm fighting it, the next it's gone...then back.
  24. Beardacus

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    I was thinking the same thing tickets filed as far back as Jan 14th no response.
  25. Today
  26. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    It was 18 pigs. I'm down to 5 all lvl 30+. They sit outside our stable as 'bait.' Any aggressive animal, short of an alpha, that wanders into our yard... gets rootered. We hear a bunch of squealing, a bunch of grunting followed by... Bacon just killed a wolf lvl XX. Double tame, <5 minutes with maize and you have your first soldier. Put them into a tame group and use j and u to move them around. Set them on neutral and they'll assist each other. That group of 18 has lasted more than 2 weeks now and are still killing. And our gardener loves the insta poop.
  27. Lukas1987

    Balista bug on ship

    My mates had same problem today,one could fire,other could not. Place npc and unseat them seems to be working.
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