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  2. I think it is around lvl 90 but has quite high damage. Yes i have done those maps solo myself, didn't have to much of a problem but I've not done any for over a week so not sure what has changed. I've also had guardians bugged, a few has either not appeared or glitched under the floor, I usually give it another go if it fails i leave it. Well i have played this game for 1300hrs so far and even I have questioned myself asking do i really want to carry on? I can understand why people are leaving in big numbers.
  3. Forb Hidden

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    how should you know, if there are too less or too small islands? You didn't play the game yet. don't try to change something you don't know.
  4. Konvar

    Increase sailing speed

    Come up with engines for oil. Everyone is tired of these tedious swimming.
  5. Kummba

    2x weekend Friday!

    Just get better, even on 1x it is logistics more then actual farming. Get better gear/tames and 1x harvesting is more then enough allready.
  6. They were asked to remove the fogs - they did every hour. They were asked to remove typhoons - now typhoons are just in front of the ship, you cannot turn, the hero dies. Our administrator always conducts a survey before making changes.
  7. Kummba


    WIKI is not maintained at all, the most accurate side there regarding PS is https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Power_Stone Also just take a look at your atlas. Mark the Quest and so on.
  8. Konvar

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    Tomorrow all our unofficial returns in the ARK. Developer shut down empty servers until December. In the new year, we are waiting for ATLAS 2.0. I hope you will figure out how to give each client to play your game!
  9. UnknownSystemError

    The Damned knock you off of mounts feature?

    They definitely stealth nerfed bears about a month ago. I have since upgraded to bred bears with much higher attack %. Basically where you could solo a pink map before, now the aotd hit you also, not just the bear. We run anything above 20 with two bears. One carrying the map triggers the spawn and lets the other take the initial hit, that way if they die you don't bug the map (every time the map holder has died on a map we have had to wait and respawn it). That is if you can find a high level map that isn't bugged to shit with the return of the missing guardians on every other one, even flat ones on a beach. Irritating. They will eventually figure out that pissing off the playerbase with idiocy in the quest for "hardcore gameplay" is going to unsustainable for population numbers. We have several members who have just noped the fuck out and moved on to other games.
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  11. Realist

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    They don’t necessarily need to add more either. Rework the map and have the existing island formed into bigger islands. That way there is still plenty of sea to sail on. Continents are my big thing. If not continents then yeah I would go with more islands
  12. you need the sotd to keep you on your toes otherwise peole will just watch youtube vids while sailing. tho a 20-30 sec invul when crossing grids would be nice as ive lost a ship like this
  13. what lvl is your bear i have tamed one for this. but i havnt tried it yet
  14. Hello Traders, i want to buy 10,000 Mythos for 30,000 Gold up to a total of 100k Mythos so this will be available only 9 Times hurry hurry !!! (PM me) +++NEW AUCTION+++ doublehelix Int-Set+++starting bid 10.000G, bid step - 1000G if price goes over 25K, free crafting service by doublehelix with Int over 2000% - until 18.06.2019 10:29:59 pm CEST - pick up: N6 +++NEW AUCTION+++ Flashkiller98 Fertilized Grand Tortugar Egg - Parents wild lvl 37 + 5 - Startbid: 1G - until 18.06.2019 10:29:59 pm CEST - pick up: E8 Bids are only possible via our Discord. (PM me for link) +++SALE+++SALE+++SALE+++ All bears (neutered) with less than 216% MD have a discount of 50%!!!
  15. natclanwy

    Elephant taming problem

    We also discovered that taming with a partner and switching off every two bola cycles allows us to feed without the tame attacking us. Your partner needs to stay clear when it’s your turn to feed and vice versa.
  16. Haakon Tryggvason


  17. Has anyone tried this lately? I hope this does not happen also because all my maps are done with a bear.
  18. Willard

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    Aaa for god sake don't add more islands. There are too many.
  19. natclanwy

    Base is dissapearing before my eyes

    No, we noticed some missing ceiling tiles in our dock went around and replaced them and by the time we got the last one replaced the first one the first ones we replaced were missing again. This happened a couple of times and then they finally stayed.
  20. Realist

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    I know you are trying to make a majority/minority argument, but you forgot about the other 53k people that left without making a thread. The ones still playing are the minority. all that proves is the those 30 people actually care and want to see the game get better. They are the heroes in the story
  21. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    With 1300 hours in game which means 10 hours/day since the launch you certainly can't understand players who play 3-4 hours a day (most of players). Its nice advice to plan your trips but that option have only people who play all day long so they can wait for better wind (or go zigzag across 10 sectors instead of going straight). So for these people there are only 2 options, they either have a good wind and they go or they have a bad wind and they don't (and you have to count with way back to your base too). For me its like good wind = going somewhere (3 grids max) vs bad wind = going offline. Edit: I've reported that BP sails bug month and half ago, still nothing. I lost hope in them fixing it
  22. I totally agree with this I don't know what they were thinking adding this into the game when they want more people to return. If they really wanted it then put it in golden regions only but not every grid. I have lost count at how many times I've ran into a fleet of them with galleons and if a galleon gets a hit on you it can be game over in smaller ships. I'd be happy if there was none at all to be honest and rework how you get planks, cannons etc. When the fog comes in I stop immediately until its gone but if i have heavy weight i go along the server wall if i can. To many of these ships in the game, they are supposed to be rare not have fleets of them.
  23. zottel

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    I can spit from our island to the next One And have to Sail Slalom to go through a Grid. If they add More Islands And/ or shrinking the Map we Dont Need ships anymore. I mean my crab can jump almost to the next Island. The Main Problem is that if u Look Into the Forum You can see like 30 threads tellin you that sotds are too Strong or People cant Build anywhere,BUT out of the 30 People writing in the Forums what is Bad atm,you have 2970 People Who Play the Game And enjoy it,while the 30 People Who Dont like it make a Thread.
  24. Haakon Tryggvason


    I cant join Atlas (Host connection Error). My Internet is bad but i always can play without problem (before this) . Sorry for my bad english
  25. This is going to be a bad thing. I am very excited for ark getting a new map but man, this is bad timing. On this thought it is definitely time for atlas to start adding A LOT more islands. And in fact it is time to start adding in the continents that I was talking about. Like whole server sized islands, maybe even bigger. i am hoping console gets either atlas or valguero soon. Hopefully valguero first because I want console release of atlas to not happen till around the December time of the year. i think the atlas devs also need to look into making the world a lot smaller and having different maps as well. Yes I know the whole premise was 40k people on a map but that isn’t going to happen. Not to mention the max capacity is actually 33,750. Chop the world up and make new maps. That will be a good thing
  26. I've been playing a little over a month now and its my main atlas server now. The thing that got my attention was how it's hybrid with pve and pvp zones. Jester is very active, I see him on discord almost every day (and no I'm not really friends with anyone on there for the most part I just stay to my self .) Fast updates, not over saturated with mods like some servers, the x5 rates well that's a personal preference I'd say and it's perfect for me. Overall I'd give it a 9/10 , not because of the server it self, more of the game as a hole because even official isn't super populated (not even close to arks population) so in pvp zones i catch my self spending a little extra time looking for trouble. Like i said over 1 month playing at least , and no wipe yet or any talk of a wipe that I've herd of.
  27. Yeah picking up loot Takes longer than killing stuff. Can understand the Frustration if u run a Cargo Gall tho. I helped myself with just using 10 Cannons on Cargo galls for those situations. And i rather have 1k less weight but a way safer travell, than loose everything because i took that 2 extra stacks Metall with me
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