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  1. yup they duns broke it major this time, best they be fixin quick before they loose off the rest of us scallywags...
  2. also had issues with bps i unlocked not showing in build menu, i removed the game completely, did anyone confirm reinstall can potentially fix?
  3. This is why i just only play single player...when it works. No other players to mess with my enjoyment...this game is bad for mp.
  4. K im grumpy about ur changes to elephant taming.....tried taming one last night with my girlfriend in player hosted world and felt like no change in distance for feeding....im tired of elephants being such a chore to tame due to their annoying spaztic head butts.
  5. I found out you cant even place them in SP and theres no check box to allow it from what i could tell, here i was thinking i'd need one cause all islands are basically lawless in SP but now i have a darn tower sitting in my small lockbox i cant refund resources on cause i cant place it. No warning about this so TY Devs, maybe not let us even build the towers in SP if you dont want us using them and fix the darn silos cause mine dont work with ships anchored near by.
  6. Im getting blank maps for cells with free port islands, i feel this may be related to one of their bug fixes with npcs spawning in structures as this was quite common for me when doing said maps in the past. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue?
  7. Bug fixes for sp..... *raises grog mog in approval* theres hope yet...maybe...
  8. pvp wise this game is intentionally designed to favor larger groups, the devs have this idiotic dream their games going to become some super awsome hardcore pvp mmo when the truth is .... There aint enough dedicated players for that, look at the pvp servers, its really the same dedicated large companies its always been, sure limits have forced them to break up into smaller groups but its really just splinter cells of the same darn company. Its why i keep my happy arse off official servers. Just would be nice if SP and local host worked better so i could still enjoy the game by myself or with friends.
  9. just my salty 2 cents but ship building is currently rampid with several exploits, granted in mp some of these they have worked on weeding out a little but in pvp there will always be meta designs and here its a darn turtle ship with chasers. My small amount of time on official pvp this is what i saw most the time, it really takes away from the fantasy aspect of the game. I love the custom ship building but i do feel it should be way more limited so people are forced to build more realistic tall ships and actually be good at naval combat.
  10. Iv'e always just chucked them on masts, would be nice if we could get a hang from ceiling option ( i havent seen one). Haven't had much exp with gallys though cause i mostly play sp and gally is too much ship for one person.......(unless of course you love going full ham with cannons on sotd of course =D ). I'd suggest just putting the latern holders on the ship masts.
  11. only bug i've ran into so far is the stupid beds and ships vanishing on map selection after death. (the ships are still physically in the world they just dont show icons), this bug is old and has been in the game for a long time, not just sp. If grapeshot really cares about its player base it would focus more on these annoying bugs that break game play. Not everyone wants to play pvp on their stupid official servers....
  12. honestly the fact that building ships costs gold now bothers me to no end, if i take the time to gather resources to build a schoony, brig or galleon i shouldnt be concerned about gold outside of crewing it with npcs if i need to. Most people will run a schoony anyway if they are sp'ing cause brigs and gallys are a bit much to farm for solo, these ships are pretty much worthless to smaller companies and sp players now with the costs as they sit. In order to farm gold decently you need to get around decently to do maps and farm wreck spawns, floatsum is a joke now and sotd are a deathsentence to anything with less than 3 cannons the way the game randomly spawns their dificulty.
  13. I'd balance the game more around smaller companies, i feel to many decisions have been made to work in favor of larger corps groups, competition drives economy so more companies should make for healthier servers and sp players feel less daunted by all that is required to injoy the game. Things like the farmhouse where a good start, blocks that gather resources without killing sources add more life to the world and make the players less involved in the grind for resources needed to build up their structures. I'd prob also put focus on expanding Npc utility allowing them to harvest resources, manage crops and man store fronts. This wouldnt be to replace players fully but it would help add more life to the worlds we build as well as add more assistance to smaller companies. The ultimate goal of a game like this should be allowing the player to choose how they want to play in the game instead of being forced into some predefined roll thrusted apon them due to limitations of their company as well as the games more boring and grindy mechanics.
  14. The armored ship dock is a welcome sight, even for sp mode offline as SoTD have a tendency to get annoyingly and uncomfortably close to islands on occasion and there are so few safe coves on islands near freeport cells. Now lets just see if it can go a few patches without immediatly getting nerfed to oblivion.
  15. You nerfed the farmhouse.... it barely supplied enough resources at a decent rate to build a flippin schoony!, these devs start to make progress in the right direction to get more willing to play the game then its like they panick cause "oh no, building a decent ship is easier now" so they nerf it. What part of the fact that few players actually enjoy spending days / weeks building stuff just to have it wrecked in seconds either by npcs or players do you "NOT" understand! I guess the game is just an other sad title that had potential but thanks to the blundering of the people making it is a bust.
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