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  1. *reads post* meh meh meh meh meh meh meh, Npc pirates in sp, camps, ships, a cat with a pirate hat! ok i approve of this update... carry on
  2. ok so hiding content behind boss fights is a thing mmos do yes, however when the content is a new weapon that can give players a competitive edge is where a lot of people are going to draw issue. Simply put the game is rapidly dying, we are not seeing anywhere near the projected numbers of activity on officials (you know that 40k players you devs bragged about being able to have). This makes it super hard for smaller companies to recruit, the game simply isn't fun in its current state unless you already have a large active group (mega tribes), i mean i honestly laugh at the term because in a MMO having big guilds should be a thing and most players will join big guilds over small ones due to larger amount of activity. The core issue with the game i feel is that its not actively engaging from the start for players just getting into it so there is no draw to keep playing. Get rid of the stupidly grind feel of the game and maybe people will start playing again. If that happens then we shouldn't see these small company woes as much as we are.
  3. I play on a private rp server, aside the cost to build only other thing that concerns me is this promoting the galleon as a meta. Honestly irl there where more schoonies than anything else cause they where quick and could out maneuver but atlas supports the neanderthal "me hit with bigger or more weapon" making any other playstyle pointless. Devs make schoonies faster than galleons despite sail ill change my mind but till then dont bother arguing plz.
  4. I get the shotgun issues had to be addressed but couldnt they of made it so we didnt just loose the existing ones, so many resources just wasted because no shits givin about journeymen + guns, as far creativity goes, welp lets look at this, if you want to seige someones base from a ship now you have to use broadside which means galleons of larges all firing at once... yep sounds creative, and balanced ... not really.
  5. Just simply stating that clearly they want this game for people with no lives and hey thats fine but stop lying to the rest of us that have jobs and families to take care of thus dont have 18 hrs a day to devote to this one game.
  6. so wait, let me get this right, you locked the sub behind a big bad raid boss and now you are giving it torpedoes. Does the concept of game balance elude you that much? If these torpedoes aren't anything else but explosive auto deplankers you can bet you'll see more numbers drop off ur precious official servers. To be clear this isnt little company vs mega this is dungeon dweller neck beard vs average joe works for a living and has a life outside your game.
  7. Believe the new system is allowing factions not allied with you to mark them selves as neutral? Enemies wouldnt really care about this i feel.
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