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  1. Blame the roleplaying idiots who want their beaches clean of spam and pirate ships to be cookie cut monsters. This game will be like GTA mark my words.... buy ur gold packs and precrafted ship/mods straight from a vendor.
  2. The amazing new claim process You know since the kraken ship came out would you still double down on ball licking you did earlier for the devs? Their new claim system is terrible the new boat is even worse than the ramming ship after the community gave great feedback on what needed fixing. But hey atleast you wont have to fight a "shot gun ship" .
  3. This is an issue where the player is asked to constantly create a new character despite whatever fix is being given including shuffling files, directly connecting to the IP and moving the desynced body out of the server. All I, an many other did was log in to the game when the developers said the server were back online. To which we were met with a Create a New pathfinder.
  4. I would not waste your money the developers refuse to implement updates in meaningful ways never fix bugs or problems that have been reported day 1 season 1 and lastly the game continues to break resulting in your character being lost anytime the developers push a patch. Just over all bad developers and game coding. I believe the studio is kept on as a tax write off so they can claim to have sunk hours and large amounts of money into "developing" a game that lost money.
  5. My company is up to 20 characters deleted from this recent debacle created by the developer team
  6. I am in a mega and it still takes us 3-4 months to find the good bps unless someone gets ungodly lucky the sails and now cannons take for ever. Can you list which exploits are plaguing the ships of this seasons? I have seriously not had issues this season with companies exploiting ships... I have seen the new ships put forth by the devs sink when they arent designed to... so ive seen broken updates from the devs but not exploits related to boats.
  7. I agree with allot of what you said other than upgrading a boat to mythic/legendary The amount of time it takes to farm the correct blueprints and find good sails to make it worthwhile could be up to 3-4 months.. If you have done all the work before hand and this is all sitting in a box sure it takes 1-5 hours to build the ship.
  8. The new Kraken ship cannot turn without the sails open HOLY Crap thats terrible the new kraken ship also when the front or back plank are 0 hp Instantly sinks. Man Imagine still having a known bug in the "new" boat system and then adding onto it. ANY BOATS AS THEY WANT.
  9. I disagree with just about everything you said. Their new claim system will be garbage, their new boat system will be garbage because IT CURRENTLY IS GARBAGE, Not to mention still broken on the ramming galley. Repairing a seemless boat is boring AF. What exploits are on ships now currently tell me? They can only talk about placing multiple sails or cannon stacking... Which has been fixed per dev and is a DEV WIPE OFFENSE. Again what other exploits do ships provide that are game breaking let me know because to my knowledge there arent any so yeh it is lazy of the devs to claim exploits. The kicker to this all is fill your harbor with ramming galleys and nothing else. Guess what.. You STILL GET HUGE FUCKING LAG. So AGAIN this new system is garbage, it does not fix current issues like "lag" or "exploits". If you cant fathom why 3 claim flags on one island is bad with mortars and large range cannons in the game Idk how i can argue with you. You dont grasp the issues of land pvp. Everyone posting pictures of boats with house like designs are just cherry picking. Very sad.
  10. Idk what your talking about 100's of pieces it's decks sails and planks your cannons take barely any damage and your not even close to the meta if your out with alloy on your boat. The repair method is fun and enjoyable to people who like to repair. the new system is watered down garbage. Maybe if you could place the repair patches onto your hammer and use that to bang the shit I could get behind it.
  11. hey sorry it took me a sec to get back, make sure your market name is something like 1x1 everything so others know you are a trader on that level. ONly trade other markets named that so you know right off the back they will trade back to you more than others. the cannons balls gems and dif woods alloys are random event generated rewards given to you by the game for successful trades along with gold. you could be making more/less gold depending on how much is in your warehouse. I setup 10 stacks of wood in my warehouse to trade and it last a day or two. I will get back 10x stacks of some other wood multiple types. when you do 1x1 you chose the wood on the left like strong wood but trade it for default on the right side that gives you the option to get back x6 types i.e if you want the ability to trade iron for cobalt/tin/copper/iridum/silver you put it on the default metal and it asks for all those types if you want just iridium you ask for iridium but if no one in your trade partner system has iridium you wont get it. sorry for the huge run on paragraph hope it helps. also make sure YOU HAVE ACCEPTED TRADES in your sysem got to look for new trades sometimes bc your partners warehouse gets blown up or something You are wrong a the average solo player can easily get mythic gear and craft it with markets it's soooo easy Please quit thinking its hard. I can do kraken solo with a right sided brig. repairs and all.
  12. TBH idk how u have such low return on your market. I make 20k gold a day with one 30g trade route partner. 1x1 metal and wood. I think you need to work on that. Tentacles are easy we have an xbox player who got a kraken boat solo the day it came out. Also if no squid are in the trench kill jelly fish and sharks will clear the squids to spawn. Sea horses do work btw
  13. yes this is why sea of thieves is a dead game because all you can do is ride around in a precrafted boat.
  14. Maybe they should address the community on this so we can all stop asking questions. If this is true seems sad and again lazy of the devs.
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