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  1. Did they not say.....and please correct me if I'm wrong....that they won't wipe servers unless they absolutely need to? It seems to me like they broke things in the game so badly that they can't fix them without wiping, all under the guise of "hey look, we're going to wipe the servers to give you another thing (pyramid) that nobody wanted or cared for! " They figure that if they wipe the servers, the stuff that is broken will work better with their version of a fix -- partially fix said item(s) break even more. GG Atlas devs.
  2. If you or your friend ever get into that situation again (assuming your friend gave up, or found a work around to get them out of the situation) try this: punch the air until your character dies. Then respawn where you need to. Happened to me before, and that is how I fixed it.
  3. When are you guys going to fix Markets? In the last few weeks I went from making x gold daily to less than half now, but the quantity of traded goods hasn't changed.
  4. I noticed that as well... I also can't build anything anywhere!
  5. Sooo...when can we start placing more than just gold and berries in the crew silos? It'd be nice to place crops in them too, or other food sources that crew eat.
  6. You're still here? Damn, I thought they got rid of you when they did the wipe
  7. It somewhat works for me, just doesn't seem to be all the time.
  8. Well in that case, you'll be gone for a loooooong time! Cya! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
  9. And who are you again? I'm sorry, but I don't see any badge beside your name, or on your profile, that shows you have any authority on deciding what is considered "playing the game right" Have a nice day though
  10. I can only put them on the front two, and last mast.
  11. Ok, so I'm not really new to building on a ship....however, on my latest ship, I'm trying to place wall hooks (to place lanterns on). When I try, it tells me that I can't place structures on this platform. It doesn't say I've reached the structure limit. I can place the wall hook on other parts of the ship (first and last ship mast), but not where I want to place them. Anyone else encounter this? Any advice to be able to place the hooks, since I haven't reached the ship's structure limit? For reference I'm talking about a galleon.
  12. It's typical that after most patches the markets break in some way. I've heard many players say in game they've had to replace their markets after this patch. Myself included.
  13. If you're talking about the farmhouses being turned on/off by random trolls, I do believe they've already taken care of that previously. Otherwise your farmhouse will turn itself off if any of the following happen: It runs out of fuel, it reaches its weight capacity, or it reaches storage capacity.
  14. Sloops are free to build. You can build one and start doing shipwrecks. Get yourself a bear and do low level treasure maps. You'll need a bit of luck to find a suitable place to build. Don't bother with the farmhouse/warehouse/market combo because....just no. You'd have better luck punching a shark to death and surviving. You'll have to decide whether you want to save 5k gold for a schooner, or 18k gold for a Brig......or 50k for a galleon... Keep in mind that if, for example, you build a schooner in a Fine shipyard or higher, the gold cost will increase a little the higher the quality. This is assuming you're playing PvE (given the post IS in the PvE section)... if you're playing PvP, perhaps one of the PvP players can give you advice on staying alive long enough to build anything. Good Luck
  15. Right now trading is only enabled within the same grid. As for a market setup: I've had success having both my market and warehouse side by side right on the waterline of a beach. If the warehouse does not connect to your market automatically, you can connect it in the interaction wheel in the market. Farmhouses need to be within a specific range of your warehouse to connect to it. Your warehouse will tell you how many farmhouses are connected. Yes...they all have to be on the same island. Once all are set up correctly, your market will be up and running. You can then select what you want to trade from what's in your warehouse. BE CAUTIOUS -- Trading is kinda broken atm so trade something in return for the exact same thing in a 1:1 ratio (iron for iron at a 1:1 ratio, so like 764 iron for 764 iron or whatever the number is) -- However, you must get trade routes going with other players. There is a "Find new trade route" button you can press, and it will give you a list of markets from other players. Be weary though. Just clicking on the first few routes you see will NOT guarantee successful trades. Look at the number by the company names in the list. It will say things like 5/8 or 17/8 etc ... In my experience DO NOT click on the company names (to request a trade route) that have 8/8 or higher (10/8 23/8 etc). Those routes will not produce trades. If you find a company that shows 7/8 or less, go ahead and request a trade route with that company. Trading will not commence until that company accepts your trade request. You can also ask in chat if there are companies (on the same grid, ofc) willing to trade with you that have an open trade slot. You'd then just look that company up in the trade route list (assuming somebody responds). Good Luck
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