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  1. My guess is they're working behind the scenes on content that nobody wants, asked for, nor suggested, to which they'll claim will make the game better....Look at taking down the NA PvE server....nobody wanted it down... nobody suggested forcing all the NA players to connect to European servers...yet they did it anyway...why? They figured it'd make the game better. What I really hope they're doing is working on already existing issues that need fixing...fix what they already have before adding new stuff to break things even further.
  2. Can I assume you're a fellow Torontonian (or a city near Toronto)?
  3. Wait...what's wrong with solo players (assuming that's what you meant by "filthy solos")? I'm a solo player, but I don't take up 3,742 acres of land for a grand castle/palace with courtyards and grand entrances etc, and enough space for 1,967 tames (knowing the tame cap is 300)...
  4. You mentioned new players getting a free tame....you've now at least got my attention....what are the choices for free tames, and what are the tame levels?
  5. My single player crashes every time I exit the session. Made a ticket about it including the crash report, but bc it has nothing to do with what they're currently "focusing" on, I doubt the ticket will ever be read. I'm almost certain that it even says (just before making the ticket) that the "team" is currently focused on X,Y,Z aspects of the game, and tickets not dealing in those areas might not get read. I personally hope I didn't actually see that part. -- EDIT -- Thankfully I don't see that messsage about what types of tickets will be read, and what won't.
  6. So I loaded my game, and on top of the usual "connection to hos lost" error (which usually kicks me to main menu, where I just rejoin atlas with no issues), I got an unexpected game crash. Can any of you devs (or other people who know how to translate these reports) tell me what's going on?
  7. I think the AoD is meant to be killed quickly. I'm with you on the markers that are on top of those towering spires.... I hate sailing to a destination only to find that I've gotta be Spider-Man to even get to it. Waste of time. I really enjoy when I get the chance to dive. Maps have mediocre payouts, but give a bit of experience too. Only some shipwrecks are a waste (3.0 quality with maybe 50 gold and grey bp's...oh, and a touch of food).
  8. Companies.....yeah....let me throw this out there..... There are obviously good companies and bad companies.... Good companies want you to invest in their product, whether it be a game (this case) or something else, but they ALSO read/acknowledge/respond to customer (us in this case) feedback. They appreciate what you say, whether it's criticism or a heart felt compliment. They act on what you say, taking your feedback seriously to improve their product. Bad companies just want your cash. That's it. Just your cash. They change their product according to what THEY want, with little to no regards to what their customers actually want or suggest. Feedback of all kinds, good or bad, gets ignored 99% of the time. When they just so happen to get something right, which would be rare, they act with "See? We listen to our customers" .... So.... Which category does this company fall in? You decide....
  9. Atlas was running rather smoothly on my laptop, with no screen tearing, or choppy game play etc (lag was and is still ridiculous). Then that las t patch came out that "fixed" things - ie fake SoD's - which in some part was okay. However, since the patch, Atlas has been very choppy on the laptop. Moving around is no longer smooth, but very choppy instead. Anyone else have this issue? Any resolutions to the issue?
  10. It's not just you. Placing shipyards now, specially the large shipyard, has become very tedious.
  11. Can't they make it so the Army of the Dead ONLY aggros on to the player (and their tames?) who has the map? If the player moves out of a specific range, the AoD could disappear. If the player decides the AoD for that map is just too hard for them, and drops the map, the AoD disappears...something like that so that somebody else's tames don't get harmed/killed because of a blocked spawn, or too high of a level for the map holder. I've seen many players' tames killed because of this. Just a thought.
  12. C7 is still at its limit? Dang.... I visited C7 from H4 last weekend for a couple of days, and couldn't even tame a sheep there to bring back home. That's actually how I personally found out about server/grid having a tame limit.
  13. You guys want to put (regular) arrows back in the game.....or?......... I don't remember reading about arrows being taken away.
  14. Here's my Ask A Pirate question: When are you going to focus on server performance issues, rather than add "new and exciting things"? We currently do not need new things added to the game. We need what we already have to be fixed first, including the ridiculous lag. Fix the game, then add new stuff.
  15. When I was forced to go to the EU PvE server, things were doing ok. The server ping was only a tad higher than what I was used to playing on the NA PvE server that was taken from us. I was getting maybe 30-50 ping then. When starting on Whale's Solitude, I was getting a tolerable 50-90 server ping. However, I've noticed that ever since these minor updates you have been pushing through, the lag has gotten increasingly worse. 90 ping went to low 100s after one patch. Not too bad. A patch or two later, the ping went up to 120-130, sometimes 150. Today, the ping is constantly above 170, and staying in the 200+ more constantly. I suggest to stop pushing these minor patches if they're causing the ping to go up until you can find the cause, and bring the ping back down. I'm going to go ahead and say it's nothing on my end, being I haven't changed anything in my network setup since the new map launched. If the ping can't be brought back down, then perhaps give us back NA PvE so that we can play without rubber banding every three steps.
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