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  1. When I was forced to go to the EU PvE server, things were doing ok. The server ping was only a tad higher than what I was used to playing on the NA PvE server that was taken from us. I was getting maybe 30-50 ping then. When starting on Whale's Solitude, I was getting a tolerable 50-90 server ping. However, I've noticed that ever since these minor updates you have been pushing through, the lag has gotten increasingly worse. 90 ping went to low 100s after one patch. Not too bad. A patch or two later, the ping went up to 120-130, sometimes 150. Today, the ping is constantly above 170, and staying in the 200+ more constantly. I suggest to stop pushing these minor patches if they're causing the ping to go up until you can find the cause, and bring the ping back down. I'm going to go ahead and say it's nothing on my end, being I haven't changed anything in my network setup since the new map launched. If the ping can't be brought back down, then perhaps give us back NA PvE so that we can play without rubber banding every three steps.
  2. Ok so I've crafted a large shipyard to get a brig going. I start looking for a spot to put it so that the blueprint turns blue (no obstruction, etc)...but when I try to place it, the outline disappears and the shipyard is put back into my inventory. It's very annoying, because I've been trying for quite some time. It happens in two spots near me. -- EDIT -- While we're talking about bugs, fix the issue where next to no fish spawn. I've seen two fish over the last several hours of gameplay
  3. Ok, I got my situation resolved -- asking in chat, I was suggested to just stand there punching the air until I die (stamina still drains). They told me I'd respawn in a Freeport, then do the same thing again (punch air until death). I should then be able to spawn at my home/bed. I did this and it worked. I also got to skip the Freeport part, bc my home grid was the grid my bed is on. Hope this helps others.
  4. I'm having the same issue on the EU PvE server. Up until today, things were going fine. Started building a schooner. I log on today, started gathering mats to continue building. I went to my shipyard to see how many more planks I need to make. After leaving the shipyard, I wasn't able to interact with anything. Couldn't ride my mount. Couldn't access my smithy, or close my door. Also found out that I was able to swim without depleting any oxygen. I figured relogging would help. Log back on, I'm back at my shipyard, still can't interact. Log out, restart laptop, relog...same issue. Verified files on steam, it said two files failed to verify and would be reacquired. Logged back in, same issue. My current move is to uninstall and reinstall (just waiting on the reinstall) and try again. After that, I'm not sure what to do if it doesn't work. -- EDIT -- Uninstall/reinstall DID NOT work. Not sure where to go from here.
  5. Same thing for us on H4. When looking at the rocks, it says you'll get some copper, but when harvested we get iridium.
  6. So I'm just going to assume that a new map also means for the second time in...what....a month (?) there will be players who've lost everything and will be starting fresh once again...but this time we all have to start fresh.
  7. They're forcing us PvE players to move to the EU servers if we want to continue PvE...albeit with more lag I'm sure.... They should allow us to transfer over (for free) and not only keep our levels, but at the very least keep our tames as well. Ships and bases can be rebuilt....finding that perfect tame you worked so hard to get isn't exactly easy to get again. Yes, the game is "in early development" but I'm sure they can do something like this for us, otherwise it's true what many players have been saying: they'll lose a lot of players.
  8. Must be doing an update now then…..Servers are not showing up on the list, and I'm supposed to do an imprint in 5mins. Don't recall seeing anything about servers going down either. GG guys..... Dang......a 54.33GB update O.o
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