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  1. Right now trading is only enabled within the same grid. As for a market setup: I've had success having both my market and warehouse side by side right on the waterline of a beach. If the warehouse does not connect to your market automatically, you can connect it in the interaction wheel in the market. Farmhouses need to be within a specific range of your warehouse to connect to it. Your warehouse will tell you how many farmhouses are connected. Yes...they all have to be on the same island. Once all are set up correctly, your market will be up and running. You can then select what you want to trade from what's in your warehouse. BE CAUTIOUS -- Trading is kinda broken atm so trade something in return for the exact same thing in a 1:1 ratio (iron for iron at a 1:1 ratio, so like 764 iron for 764 iron or whatever the number is) -- However, you must get trade routes going with other players. There is a "Find new trade route" button you can press, and it will give you a list of markets from other players. Be weary though. Just clicking on the first few routes you see will NOT guarantee successful trades. Look at the number by the company names in the list. It will say things like 5/8 or 17/8 etc ... In my experience DO NOT click on the company names (to request a trade route) that have 8/8 or higher (10/8 23/8 etc). Those routes will not produce trades. If you find a company that shows 7/8 or less, go ahead and request a trade route with that company. Trading will not commence until that company accepts your trade request. You can also ask in chat if there are companies (on the same grid, ofc) willing to trade with you that have an open trade slot. You'd then just look that company up in the trade route list (assuming somebody responds). Good Luck
  2. I don't think the dev team has figured a way to clear them yet...they're not too bright. Only current way I know of is to demo/rebuild the market.
  3. To me, it started happening on my grid (PvE i5) just after the lumberyard came out.
  4. Some players think that this sudden poor performance is caused by all the Christmas decorations that have been placed. Others think it's due to something with the lumberyards. Can it be a bit of both? Possible. Hopefully things improve soon.
  5. I wouldn't really say remove the patch. At least disable the lumberyards, like they did when the same thing happened with the markets (and farmhouses?) until they come up with a fix to reduce the load on the servers....assuming it's the lumberyards creating this chaos.
  6. That's great, and all...but what does this do for the horrible lag/ping/rubberbanding, and red boarder walls?
  7. I actually like that idea.... Tailoring what your farmhouse collects to more suit what you need from it. Tranq Arrows: I've already read that they really don't do anything to help tame creatures. I haven't tested them myself just yet. But if it's true that you can't feed the tame you just knocked out, then why did you add the tranq arrows? Lumber Yard: Probably the cause of having PING spikes of 200+ every 10sec on I5 with only 3 players online. Shouldn't need to share the same restrictions as a farmhouse (you can't put the lumberyard anywhere near your farmhouse with shared restrictions). Opinion on Farmhouses: Some players have suggested limiting the number of farmhouses one can have. I personally think allowing only one or two farmhouses per player is fine. I personally have two, and don't plan on placing any more. On one of the islands I have a small outpost on, the same person has managed to get 4 FH's going....that's a lot of places now where other players can't even have one of their own. Is that many really necessary? I think not. Specially on PvE.
  8. I've said it before, in this very thread, and I'll say it again: Fix your fucking Battleye program!!! Usually I get kicked once, maybe twice per day, but today was inexcusable....in a span of about 4hrs, I got Battleye'd 13 TIMES!!!!! Yes...I actually counted! Forget new content....forget future content.... Get your damn heads out of the fucking sand, sit down together, and figure out the shit that is broken first! How many times do players have to tell you this? We understand it's "early access"...you remind us every fucking time you post patch notes....that's NO excuse to break things every time you add something new! There will be bugs, ofc....but this Battleye shit is no bug....it's a damn nuisance! If you can't fix it, remove the damn program.
  9. It is total BS with this BattlEye shit.... They either need to NOT force BattlEye on us OR take some actual time to find the damn issue. Forget about new content for a while and fix the shit that is broken first!
  10. Yeah....we all got something.....broken trees!
  11. If they'd actually fix the markets, even at this stage of same grid only trading, to the point your market doesn't stop working after a cpl days (or after every patch/hotfix they do) getting that gold for the ships wouldn't be too bad. Right now you have to rebuild your market every time it stops working...which, as mentioned, seems to be at random or after every patch/hotfix. I've rebuilt mine 5 times now. I'll admit, the gold cost for the ships may be a little steep, specially for the solo/small company, but markets do help to get the gold....unfortunately the restrictions they have on farmhouse/warehouse/market placement means not all players can have them.
  12. That is definitely something worth considering, @Ranger1k ... I hope it's something the dev team can fix soon, at least for the same grid trades we're restricted to. Devs: IF you're actually taking the time to read forums (snicker) consider the post above in your testing sessions.
  13. I have yet to get my market to work for more than 1 day.....
  14. Interestingly enough, I had two wrecks yesterday where the ship wreck wasn't even sitting on the sea floor....it was just there.....sitting in limbo. I was able to swim through it ofc, to get the treasure, but never have I seen a shipwreck just floating there, not touching the ground in any way.
  15. UPDATE: I managed to get the setup working, even made a bit of gold yesterday....but today's a different story. I logged on to see there was 0 income during my time offline, and nothing happening now that I'm online. I guess some days the markets work, and somedays they don't.
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