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  1. UnderTaker905

    xbox Not gaining experience at level 52?

    Ooooh alright. Just took a look. It says "Discoveries: 74" … I'm assuming those are my discovery points. If I understand correctly, I need 8 more to unlock the next level > 42 to unlock 52... 40 per level after that, so a total of 82 to unlock 53... Thanks a bunch
  2. UnderTaker905

    xbox Not gaining experience at level 52?

    Ok thank you. How do I find out how many points I have?
  3. UnderTaker905

    xbox Not gaining experience at level 52?

    The title should say it all. I'm level 52, playing on Xbox. Noticed a few weeks back that I stopped gaining experience once I hit level 52, but also noticed it says I needed to make new discoveries to continue gaining experience. So last weekend I spent the majority of Saturday/Sunday doing treasure maps that took me to islands and grids I've never been to before. Discovered about 7 new islands across two or three new grids. Even discovered some of the landmarks on a few of the new islands. Unfortunately I'm still not gaining any experience at all. Is my character bugged?
  4. UnderTaker905

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    Must be doing an update now then…..Servers are not showing up on the list, and I'm supposed to do an imprint in 5mins. Don't recall seeing anything about servers going down either. GG guys..... Dang......a 54.33GB update O.o
  5. UnderTaker905

    xbox Xbox text chat issue.

    I've been playing Atlas on Xbox for several months now on Gorgon's Gaze (PVE). I used to be able to communicate with other players on my grid in global chat (text, not audio) without problems. As of the last few weeks now, it has become annoyingly difficult to communicate with other players because either my message in global chat doesn't even get sent (not using any foul language) OR it'd get sent after SEVERAL attempts to type the message and send it. There have even been days where I can't communicate at all. I've looked at my internet settings, and they're fine. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to fix it?