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  1. Hold H is how I check if the building is in range or not, and yep it is in range, I guess they still need to fix this issue
  2. I build a few farmhouse type of building, total of 5 and all are in range of the warehouse, but the warehouse says only connected 4 of them, is it a bug or something? and yes I triple check that all buildings are in the range of warehouse, no mistake
  3. Well I guess I am NOT going to play Atlas again
  4. What the hell my whole base say it is belong to another company! what is that about
  5. Does anyone have problem when they try to edit the trading offer currently? I cannot edit or add new trading offer atm try to change the trade from iron to iridium into iron to copper, but all it give after trying to update it is a blank trading offer list
  6. Currently when the ship is dock, if you have NPC crew on ship that is not mounted to anything, it will start repair the ship once it is on fully dock, but they only repair the gunport and plank of the ship Can you make them so they are going to repair all structure on the ship? I mean everything that put on the ship, cannon, sails, deck, wheel, all wall type, ceiling type, roof type structure, etc I don't see any reason why NPC crew cannot repairer them
  7. lost level 44 lion in I8 or J8 at sea, Company name is Digital noob breeder if anyone found it, please go message us in J6 or H8, J6 have a better chance of reaching us, if you are so kind, our main base is in J4
  8. Aegis


    there are some island owner which allow people to settle if you ask them before building, but if you build without asking, most likely the building will get demo (IF you can find a place to build) and most of the time, there are foundation spam on the island
  9. I have breed lion on my ship for map hunting mission, but some how it disappear from the ship completely when sailing, the last I saw it was on ship is that it keep doing the jumping or falling animation, then it disappear completely. that was my best breed lion and just gone without any warning at all
  10. there will not be a problem with sub-divide companies, because if there is no warehouse prevention radius and the range of a silo, there is no point of sub-divide the company, the main reason why there are many warehouse around is because their warehouse cannot reach the farmhouse on the other side, so they build another warehouse to cover it, since farmhouse still have prevention radius, so there are limit on how many farmhouse an island it can have. For example, let say the company able to build 10 farmhouse, if the want to sub-divide and build another warehouse, to make that warehouse work, it need farmhouse, so they need to take away 1 of the main company farmhouse and give it to sub-company, which is quite pointless, the only profit is to make gold to trade between them. but local trading only gain low amount of gold, so that does not effect the game that much
  11. ATM the ware only have 100 stack number with 250000 weight but I think that is not a good combo number, apart from if the warehouse is only to store metal, which is highly unlikely, because the warehouse recourses are gather from farmhouse, and farmhouse will get everything that around them, the warehouse will have large amount of every different type of mats and weight are different, and after 100 stack are used up, the weight is not close to used up at all, mine still have around 100000 weight left, so I suggest to increase the number of stack able to store in warehouse, that way we can fully use the weight of the warehouse
  12. I have an idea of warehouse placement Atm we can build a number warehouse on an island and the radius cover of that warehouse determent how many farmhouse it can get the resources from. But since trading is the main sources of gold income now, warehouse become more important and every company will want 1 at less, but because the warehouse placement prevention radius, most company will not be able to put a warehouse down. So I think a good idea will be ...... only allow to place 1 warehouse per island per company, do not need the prevention radius, and coverage of the warehouse will be the whole island, just like the silo, so that way company will not spam warehouse everywhere, since only allow 1 warehouse per company per island and other company will be able to place the warehouse down as well
  13. Come on now not just Atlas, it is same as Ark as a fully release game, the update space is always not what it says it needed, such as today I try to play Atlas and it needed update, it say there is 1.5GB of update, so I still have 10GB in my hard drive, so I think there is no problem at all, but then it keep saying I run out of space, so I release some more, in total I needed 35GB of space for a 1.5Gb of update
  14. As I understand mod are not available on official server yet, at less not change the game itself, maybe there are some HUD mod allow I don't know this maybe wrong or it is not a mod, but I discover another company galleon's large deck are completely different to the standard deck I can put on my galleon usually the standard large deck have a few holes in the middle for us to build ceilings and stairs or ramp to our liking, but these holes are small compare to the size of the deck, unlike the top deck of a schooner, the the entire middle section are empty for us to build, galleon large deck will have the standard deck area we cannot modify, but on this company I discover, their galleon large deck is like the schooner large deck that the middle section are complete empty, first I thought they might be just normal ceiling, since a lot of people don't like to build deck and just ceiling all the way, but as I get close to see the detail of the deck, it is a deck. Am I wrong? official does allow mod on them or are that company is using hack and cheat
  15. when used the sextant, you can see the map on the top right, thats normal, but with the new fort update, now there are huge letter coving the island on the map, so you cannot see the map, all you can see on the sextant map is a huge red letter
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