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  1. Aegis

    Leaving Atlas

    I cannot believe you done everything, my tribe have left months ago now and I only go in to keep the ship timer up
  2. Aegis

    taming Taming Elephant

    that works well tamed 2 elephants and 1 giraffe with this method
  3. Aegis

    taming Taming Elephant

    I cannot tame elephant at all i tried to use a normal wall trap, but cannot feed the elephant even i see the (Feed Wheat to Tame), keep pressing E, nothing happen using a pillar trap, also does not work using billboard trap, i did manage to get to feed it, but need to feed from the inside, and the elephant hit box are so big, you will get hit everytime you get close to it. they need to fix this issue
  4. Aegis

    ship disapear

    i understand there is a system that ship will despawn after sometime past. but my brig had disappear even i had use it two days ago
  5. Aegis

    Galleon bug is there

    After a number of update, i still cannot build structure correctly in the front of the galleon have you ever listen to players bug report?
  6. Is it possible to get another ship type fit between the Brigantine and Galleon, Brigantine have much Lower HP than the Galleon, but it is much more maneuverable than galleon, but only have 2 gun more than a schooner. Galleon have very high fire power, but it is useless in turning, so if you kill SoTD with it, it will take a very long time to turn and get the loot. if there is a ship type that can have more HP, fire power of the Brigantine but just a bit less maneuverable still more maneuverable than a galleon but lest HP and fire power, that will be great there are number of ship type in history can fit for it can look it up
  7. Aegis

    PvE gamma change

    I mean should NOT allow player to change the Gamma setting in Official PvE Server
  8. I think you should not be able to change the Gamma setting in the console command in Official PvE server. as name said it is a Player VS Environment, and darkness is one of them.
  9. Aegis

    Tame disappear on ship

    i got a horse on ship, want to travel to other region, but the horse disappear when raise anchor, i had moved my ship, but cannot see the horse anywhere, the weird thing is i can hear the horse sound where it was when i raise the anchor, but i just cannot see it
  10. I was thinking of the effect of the number in the captaineering skill work. the % does stack, but does those % only work when i am on the ship? for example, i unlock the cheaper Crew skill, does that mean the skill will only active on the crew when i was on the ship? or does it effect the crew that i hire. if only affect when i was on the ship, does that mean i never going to see the real gold per hour because the number is calculate with the skill. also have the same question with the ship maintenance skill and the rationing skill as well can someone help me answer these please
  11. Aegis

    fall from ship bug

    it is not fun when you try to get to a cannon to attack than fall of your ship
  12. Aegis

    fall from ship bug

    when the ship sis sailing, if you move around, and make a drop, let say from the ceiling to the ship deck, there is a chance of you glitch out of the ship and drop in to the sea. the ship will still keep sailing until the sail fully retract, which you need to swim to it. by the time you might already get eaten by a shark.
  13. The treasure map i got say i can get at less 105 gold for it, but when i dig it out, it only give me 85. is there something i done wrong?
  14. Aegis

    Giraffe cannot go up stair

    i have made a bridge across the other side of the island for easy access rather going round it, i create some half stairs to go up to the bridge, apart from the giraffe, which some how can get stuck in the middle of the stairs, all other animals can go up and down very well. the giraffe will go up half of the half stairs, get stuck and only if you move around left and right, left and right, to find a sweet spot, which the giraffe can go up one step, then left and right left and right again to find another sweet spot, then it finish the stairs. i tried to place another half stairs somewhere else, the giraffe will still get stuck
  15. its been a long time now and i sure that lots of people have the same problem is that when you try to place structure on the front of the galleon deck hole, it will say there in no foundation support, there are people get around the problem by not building all of the deck, but it means it cannot have full gun port with cannon, cannot use the full power of the galleon, if left the hole there, it look ugly. can you fix that issue?