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  1. Aegis

    Tame disappear on ship

    i got a horse on ship, want to travel to other region, but the horse disappear when raise anchor, i had moved my ship, but cannot see the horse anywhere, the weird thing is i can hear the horse sound where it was when i raise the anchor, but i just cannot see it
  2. I was thinking of the effect of the number in the captaineering skill work. the % does stack, but does those % only work when i am on the ship? for example, i unlock the cheaper Crew skill, does that mean the skill will only active on the crew when i was on the ship? or does it effect the crew that i hire. if only affect when i was on the ship, does that mean i never going to see the real gold per hour because the number is calculate with the skill. also have the same question with the ship maintenance skill and the rationing skill as well can someone help me answer these please
  3. Aegis

    fall from ship bug

    it is not fun when you try to get to a cannon to attack than fall of your ship
  4. Aegis

    fall from ship bug

    when the ship sis sailing, if you move around, and make a drop, let say from the ceiling to the ship deck, there is a chance of you glitch out of the ship and drop in to the sea. the ship will still keep sailing until the sail fully retract, which you need to swim to it. by the time you might already get eaten by a shark.
  5. The treasure map i got say i can get at less 105 gold for it, but when i dig it out, it only give me 85. is there something i done wrong?
  6. Aegis

    Giraffe cannot go up stair

    i have made a bridge across the other side of the island for easy access rather going round it, i create some half stairs to go up to the bridge, apart from the giraffe, which some how can get stuck in the middle of the stairs, all other animals can go up and down very well. the giraffe will go up half of the half stairs, get stuck and only if you move around left and right, left and right, to find a sweet spot, which the giraffe can go up one step, then left and right left and right again to find another sweet spot, then it finish the stairs. i tried to place another half stairs somewhere else, the giraffe will still get stuck
  7. its been a long time now and i sure that lots of people have the same problem is that when you try to place structure on the front of the galleon deck hole, it will say there in no foundation support, there are people get around the problem by not building all of the deck, but it means it cannot have full gun port with cannon, cannot use the full power of the galleon, if left the hole there, it look ugly. can you fix that issue?
  8. Aegis

    Im out

    Why not just keep everything, just login to reset the timer and feed your animal, then when you want to play again, you dont need to restart everything
  9. I understand there are lots of island in the server, but in C7 there are 2 island that are exactly the same, the Magriden Holm and the The Cheering Isle. there might be a little different on resources, i have not yet discover all resources, but on the map they have the same out line, this will make it difficult for treasure map.
  10. I understand the need to not allowing other players to get on board of another person ship in PvE but if a person with tame had got on the ship, can you change the setting of it so the tame will somehow teleported to outside of the ship not just cannot move or do anything on it, because i was riding on my tame and accidentally jump on another person ship with it, and it knock me off the tame and in sort of landing while jumping position, so i cannot do anything about it. i did get myself off, but the tame has stuck on the boat and cannot get it off no matter what i did, and the boat owner is not online and it wouldn't be online because they only come online to reset the timer on their structure.
  11. Somehow my Tame is stuck on another player ship. i try to get it off and now i am also stuck on their ship, is there someway of getting me and the tame off the ship? In PvE and the boat company owner does not come online, it only come online to reset the timer
  12. Aegis

    Storm Suggestion

    Tornado is a little too annoying, they are spawn everytime when it is raining, i mean storm have rain, but raining does not mean it a storm. Also i notice that tornado will spawn around the player ships only. why? it will be better if tornado spawn in random location in the sea not just around sailing players, because at the moment, there is no weather forecast system, so there is no way the player knows there is a storm coming and to sail to land before the storm hit, so they will sail straight into tornado without having a chance of going back to land, Brigs and Galleon are hard to turn, so is hard to avoid tornado at all, if the ship just went for a heavy fright and HP is low, the storm will sink it. also the tornado will spawn too close to land, i was on a brig just sailing out shipyard, because the shipyard need to build in deeper water, so it will need to place in the at the side of the cliff, and that off cause it count as open sea, but that is where we will need to put the large shipyard to prevent the big ship hit the bottom when release and sink it instantly. when i try to park my brig, the storm come and spawn around me which is like only 3 second of swim to shallow water, that is way too close that the tornado should spawn next to land. Please change that tornado will spawn at random location at the sea or add some sort of weather forecast system, so player will be able to sail around it or get to land before the storm hit, also please change the tornado so that it does not spawn too close shallow water.
  13. Aegis

    galleon in shallow shipyard

    ok i will rebuild another large shipyard out at sea since my base is surrounded with large area of shallow water
  14. I think i placed a large shipyard too close to the shore and i already build a Galleon Skeleton in it, but i dont know if this is deep enough for the galleon when i release it in the water, or it will just brake and sink.