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  1. they also could have rent house in the freeport that aloud one ship to be safely stored fro companies under like 5 or less ppl in the house/room you can place cafting tables give the small solos something
  2. key note other faction can go raiding in other faction lawless zone, so ghost ships in that zone could be faction base defenders
  3. i think factions actually would be a great idea . so if you had 4 factions and you would be mark by a stream flag off the top of your sails green blue red and black. every faction would have there own starting free port and the lawless zone can only be built in by there faction, forced friendlies. now the fourth faction is special it will be the priate faction there lawless zone will be how they are now same with there big companies total war, limited island claim to one per company and your ranking is base on control point aka the sea forts.
  4. first find a place to place warehouse, if you can do that then get back to me, most like you wont be able to so you not going to be able to do that edit *not be able to trade
  5. do something about the warehouses you added the gold coast becuase you added them but there limited to like 4 an island
  6. yeah chuck I agree wish ppl would demo them when there done it like 2 sec to do.
  7. yeah the pvp servers are very much alive there always ship fights going on in my zone every night
  8. ppl use them to tame and the default with the 123 on them. there're not using them as sign so they don't write anything on them
  9. I spit beer all over myself when I read that. to funny
  10. also if you don't want to have to tame or raise bears you can always trade/buy them ton of ppl r selling level 50 plus bears
  11. yeah the fact you don't need the point in to caft it but you do to wear it seams backwards
  12. I raised 30 -35 bears not so hard just need to be in the right biome and you need zero fires. I think im on 6 or 7 gen at this point. and most I did completely by my self after the first 5 hours your good to log off and never look at them again if you have like 5 to 6 stacks of potato's in them
  13. I was just guessing that the reason. it the the only reason I could think of why they change it
  14. the beiggest thinbg you can do is talk to the owner is they see you talking in gobal chat and you r ok and you follow there rules like don't build on metal spawns and what not they will be more then happy to host you trust me they want you more then you want them
  15. it prevent aimbots from raiding by murdering all the npc defenders
  16. For anybody that wants to window shop or talk to us in game we live in b12
  17. im in agreement that having to put point in to ride or use better stuff is weird like you don't need to put points in caft it just use it is off feeling.
  18. most of them r breed and some wild and yes we will tell you the stats of the bears there just all over the place to try and list them all. there are between levels 30ish to 49
  19. tigers get a lot of low level tiger and use the bleed tic there a health percent tick so the more hp they have the harder the tic and if you get a ton of low levels if they die its not to great a investment. but yes there should be a hard counter the them.
  20. the issue here or from what I see is that there are some "toys" that are Shine in pvp and really are just for PvP, because you play in pve( not judging. you do you) some of the toys will be less then useful guns really r ment for armoured players, like chainshot is not used in pve either so you might as well talk about a rebalance for them to. It hard to rebalance a tool ment foprpvp just for pve when it really doesn't have a place.
  21. sale over thanks everyone will have more bear 50 plus soon
  22. the best way I found is to find the areas that work the best for each animal and breed there you cant breed all the animal in one spot(umless you want to burn a ton of wood aka polar)
  23. update still cannt log in. has the dev said anything there sounds like a lot of ppl with this problem and I haven't hear anything for them(dev). just wanted to know if anyone heared anything?
  24. same, started about two hours ago. I reinstalled and it didn't help. I have three pego bears so help would be great
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