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    Monarch's cake

    Monarch's cake doesn't actually provide any noticeable vitamin C when ingetsted
  2. Stalzer

    Can't log back in

    I'm able to log in after some cuckery, but have other creww members not able to get in.
  3. Stalzer

    Can't log back in

    5 hours and still no fix. only blame from battle eye towards nvidia.... hmmmm
  4. Stalzer

    Can't log back in

    I haven't updated to the latest Nvidia drivers. Graphics cards are not the issue
  5. Stalzer

    Can't log back in

    After logging in for the first time today i experienced the inability to use anything, the inventory would automatically closed, the text to interact with anything was missing and was unable to use doors and other interact-ables. After re-logging, the game will sit in a PrimalGamneData_BP load loop or a snapshot_16 loop. My wife and 2 other crew members are having this same issue. The only thing to change between getting off last night and this morning is a windows update. Thanks for the time! Stalzer