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  1. Pchela Lesnaya

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Hey, It looks like I won the last "Show 'N Tell" but I'm not sure how to proceed further with getting the prize. Could you provide some info on this please?
  2. Pchela Lesnaya

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    60% of the gameplay should be sea, sea trips, discovery of land, sea battles! Construction of all bases, fortresses, should be long enough! And then again millions of gates of giant walls and friezes together
  3. Pchela Lesnaya

    Captain's Log 22: March Milestone & Official Server Wipe

    little submarine without quest kraken and fog of war should be (imho) (spirit of discovery and adventure)
  4. And it is very important to do something with a gate! Speaking again about the hardcore server, make the respawn resources slower so that they even had to be transported from other places or bought from merchants (players for example). And the gates themselves, for example, if they stand in water, they are gradually destroyed. Why the ship is rotting and the gate is not? all that stands in the water of the buildings, also rots. Let slowly but still
  5. when I launched the Atlas, I dreamed that I would now board the ship and go far where no man’s foot had gone. I was very surprised and saddened, everything is already built up and captured
  6. We just one more server hardcore! whithout fast travel! spirit of discovery and adventure with limit for calim flags! empty islands? - OK! it's will beter than shipyards everywhere! everywhere stupid gates gigants stone gates, i have friz and lags because of them! for why we have a sextant? we need serious server! And we need reputation system!
  7. Pchela Lesnaya

    WTF...You really think thats the answer?

    my vot for "no fast travel" spirit of discovery
  8. Pchela Lesnaya

    Show 'n Tell #5 Deadline Wednesday 6th March.

    I wann more than 256x256 for canvas Captain room
  9. Pchela Lesnaya

    Drawing Requests

    Mate it's too early for you to draw people
  10. Pchela Lesnaya

    Show 'n Tell #5 Deadline Wednesday 6th March.

    My fan.
  11. Pchela Lesnaya

    Creature Designer

    You will crucify me, but I would remove the opportunity to ride on predators. No tiger or lion will ride on horseback. Now this accumulation of animals, turns the romance of sailboats and piracy in addition to the ARC. People are building ugly boxes again and storing animals in them.
  12. Pchela Lesnaya

    Ghost ships

    Agree. i think damned ships looks like ghost ship maybe bones ship
  13. Pchela Lesnaya

    When are we getting rid of the hackers?

    Ivanarmy - not russians dont touch my nation!
  14. Pchela Lesnaya

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    Work now
  15. Pchela Lesnaya

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    Same problem!