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  1. Pchela Lesnaya

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    Work now
  2. Pchela Lesnaya

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    Same problem!
  3. Pchela Lesnaya

    H2 Eu PVP stil down!

    Same i travel in H2 and disconect cant join now
  4. Pchela Lesnaya

    Can't Join to EUPVP

    Server online but why i can't join? Just kick me in 5 am and now i cant. I waited 2x and now nothing works. offensively
  5. And gold frames for canvas
  6. Pchela Lesnaya

    Patch Notes in steam

    i DON'T UNderstand!!!
  7. I think they did the right thing, now the stone is more expensive! All sectors are crowded with idiotic gates, people set up blunt stone boxes, or dull high-rise buildings, as if in an arch, with guns at the top, which shoot through the entire map! I'm tired! you swim to the island and it all starts to render, the computer freezes, giant stone gates annoy! Remove the paste and iron? Well let them be removed, but the spawn of the stone should be less, and the stone itself is heavier. So slowly spawned, that would have to carry it and buy in other lands Try building a house like this, or a high wall.
  8. Я хочу больше вариантов для настройки внешнего вида, меньше «фантастики», больше типов шляп. Комзол, униформа. Просто почему-то катастрофически мало причесок. Кроме того, в дополнение к украшениям киля корабля, я хотел бы видеть украшения для стен корабля, лепнины или резьбы по дереву. Черепа, встроенные в дерево, скелеты или украшения (если не пираты)
  9. Pchela Lesnaya

    [Game Giveaway!] Fan-Art competition

    My Name is Denis Graysham Ivanov, i live in Russia and i like Atlas :)