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  1. hiddenftw

    pve Selling crabs / resources

    lots of resources up for sale let me know what u need up up up .
  2. hiddenftw

    pve Selling crabs / resources

    bear lvl 121 giveaway on discord 2 days left join and hit the button to get on giveaway
  3. hiddenftw

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    you can build base at our island if u are EU PVE i12 venividivici ^^ lots of free place for base + docks let us know
  4. hiddenftw

    pve Selling crabs / resources

    We sell resources and crabs let us know what you need we get it for you . https://discord.gg/cxC85DR We are on EU Pve
  5. hiddenftw

    Open land/ company

    you can settle down on our island we are daily online if you have any problem if u are on EU PVE i12 VeniVidiVIci island or find us on discord https://discord.gg/cxC85DR we can help you start out if you need aswell
  6. hiddenftw

    Island or Server with space

    i12 VeniVidiVici we got enough place left on island eu pve
  7. hiddenftw

    discovery point Discovery point nearly blocked off

    just report it with some pics
  8. hiddenftw

    How many people play this regularly?

    if u are on eu pve then come live on our island i12 venividivici we got place and its all good .
  9. hiddenftw

    Bad landowner destroying stuff inside buildings?

    if u look for a island where to settle down we don't delete our people structures look for us on eu pve i12 venividivici the big island for grid .
  10. hiddenftw

    Tin in warm biome?

    F4 / G4 / H4 / I4 / J4 top of grid F12 / H12 / I 12 / J12 down of grid that's both desert
  11. hiddenftw

    breeding bears

    alright i left before mega update @Sugerjunky and at that point u had to baby sit the bear over 30h+ . any of u sell any offsprings of decent bears?
  12. hiddenftw

    breeding bears

    so back ingame after 6 months what changed? whats the best biome now to breed them ?
  13. hiddenftw

    new map!!!

    to bad there are no players anymore
  14. hiddenftw

    Developers! STOP! PVE!

    they dont got nothing ready whats so hard to understand thats why is delayed
  15. hiddenftw

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    i dont understand how they can announce a wipe with nothing made as a patch just toughs writed on a captain log. i dont care about the wipe passing over it but delaying it cause u cant finish the things u said thats really fked up . second tough i saw alot of post where dollie said "numbers of players doesnt matter" thats fucked up to say about ur customers basicly i bet u wouldnt said that if u would have monthly subscribtion atm is ok copies sold money made . from what i saw community accepted the wipe and most of changes but keep delaying things makes more anger . you guys got bad management and we recive it daily