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  1. Looking to buy MW/legendary maps selling all ressources available ingame . contact on discord
  2. lots of resources up for sale let me know what u need up up up .
  3. bear lvl 121 giveaway on discord 2 days left join and hit the button to get on giveaway
  4. you can build base at our island if u are EU PVE i12 venividivici ^^ lots of free place for base + docks let us know
  5. We sell resources and crabs let us know what you need we get it for you . https://discord.gg/cxC85DR We are on EU Pve
  6. you can settle down on our island we are daily online if you have any problem if u are on EU PVE i12 VeniVidiVIci island or find us on discord https://discord.gg/cxC85DR we can help you start out if you need aswell
  7. i12 VeniVidiVici we got enough place left on island eu pve
  8. if u are on eu pve then come live on our island i12 venividivici we got place and its all good .
  9. if u look for a island where to settle down we don't delete our people structures look for us on eu pve i12 venividivici the big island for grid .
  10. F4 / G4 / H4 / I4 / J4 top of grid F12 / H12 / I 12 / J12 down of grid that's both desert
  11. alright i left before mega update @Sugerjunky and at that point u had to baby sit the bear over 30h+ . any of u sell any offsprings of decent bears?
  12. so back ingame after 6 months what changed? whats the best biome now to breed them ?
  13. to bad there are no players anymore
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