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  1. hiddenftw

    new map!!!

    to bad there are no players anymore
  2. hiddenftw

    Developers! STOP! PVE!

    they dont got nothing ready whats so hard to understand thats why is delayed
  3. hiddenftw

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    i dont understand how they can announce a wipe with nothing made as a patch just toughs writed on a captain log. i dont care about the wipe passing over it but delaying it cause u cant finish the things u said thats really fked up . second tough i saw alot of post where dollie said "numbers of players doesnt matter" thats fucked up to say about ur customers basicly i bet u wouldnt said that if u would have monthly subscribtion atm is ok copies sold money made . from what i saw community accepted the wipe and most of changes but keep delaying things makes more anger . you guys got bad management and we recive it daily
  4. hiddenftw

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    thats togheter with unnoficials
  5. hiddenftw

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    basicly u cant give a real date nothing new delay is ur favourite word .
  6. hiddenftw

    Not even 1k ppl

    people still need to understand from that 50k what atlas had alot was on unnoficials also so 20k or 40k what people writed here prolly not gonna happen ... sadly tho
  7. hiddenftw

    Not even 1k ppl

    stop being that delusional lol say thanks if this game gets back to 10k togheter with unofficial lol
  8. hiddenftw

    Not even 1k ppl

    well isn't like a lot of enthousiasm left over here aswell since we all know 20 march isn't the real date for wipe they just delay it ...
  9. hiddenftw

    Not even 1k ppl

    not even 1k ppl online at weekend on official network so yeh for that people who keep dream woaa people will come back this game went to bottom … ^^ how much u think they will come back ? 1k maybe? still for 4 offi servers with capacity of 40k players each that's nothing . worst management ever game had future devs buried it . live statistic for each svr : https://atlasgame.info/
  10. hiddenftw

    Official PVE Wipe, we are leaving this game.

    i counted couple of days ago 1.4k players in official network so yeh people are leaving alot for who is happy to get some land there is no players with who tp enjoy the game . we are not leaving but still the game loosed so many players what will never come back . also i dont see new players picking up the game with so many negative reviews .
  11. hiddenftw

    pve EU PVE - WTB 2 Giraffs

    I give u for free if u sail to us anyway is wipe soon idk why people still tryhard to sell things ?
  12. hiddenftw

    pve WTS Razertooths and Shieldhorns

    you tame them in max 2 bolas witth the x6 event but u ask 25k gold damn guys XD anyway is wipe give it away to others ppl ? cant understand that kind of people like you ...
  13. hiddenftw

    Say hello to your new claim

    because is only 1 server and u cant really know wich players stop by at ur islands yea those things can happen u might never see that guy he just come for reset to troll everyone else on that island . isn't like u say a lot of douchebags at this server Ill just hop on and find another one na doesn't work like that in atlas sadly .
  14. hiddenftw

    Say hello to your new claim

    as i know the pve players and what i saw the flag spam and foundation spam in lawless i must say after wipe doesnt look that good if u are not fast to take what i want . probably u will need to go again on lawless ^^
  15. hiddenftw

    Say hello to your new claim

    players will always find ways to keep the timers good without decay rate to increase . I remember when they changed the timer on ark for pillars after 3 hours u saw pillars with ceilings on top and still was on original timer . they cant really stop those kind of things … Like I said there will always be a way to keep ur timers good and for upkeep should be that hard...