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  1. Yea it’s been like that for while , total joke of a dev team
  2. Another terrible Q&A with no real answers to anything anybody cares about.Seems this game is really at its end , steam charts shows smaller player return every wipe and faster drop off in players , real change needed fast
  3. Shite

    ATLAS Roadmap

    How fucking long is this road map , no updates or communication from devs , game content can be done in few weeks . When new world arrives ,this game is deader than it already is , and tbh I don't think devs care about it , they got there last cash grab from xbox
  4. Damn these forums are just so full of retards it’s untrue
  5. Yes I completely agree with every word you said
  6. I am , no point waiting for atlas to sort it’s shit out
  7. so reset been delayed ,are you guys trying to kill this game , because that what it seems like
  8. Grapeshot games are unable to build a complete game , how many believe this will be last server wipe , yes yes it’s early access but it’s been hardly a shell of a game since beginning . Also let’s be honest ark is still full of bugs and That’s a finished game
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