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  1. LOL JUST LOL you know this game has like 5000 more important problems but NO we have to nerf bears ASAP!
  2. oh thats good know. i own an island but i am solo player and i dont wanna pay for it anymore (i have the gold but its a waste really) so if i let the flag run out of gold and whoever takes the land cant destroy my already built base right?
  3. ignore that braindead white knight even steamcharts are wrong because you cant count all the players on privat servers. only the players on official servers are important and these numbers are super low.
  4. my home is polar region with tons of tin but i am looking for tin in warm biomes (equator/desert/tropic). around northwest side of the entire map. anyone know?
  5. see there is the problem. YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERY FUCKIN DAY. i am not playing pvp because it forces you play like a nolifer. THAT IS TERRIBLE GAMEDESIGN. the game needs full offline protection or it will never succeed.
  6. my base is build over water on pillars and i have this problem too. i saw only walls and floors vanishing. so it can be anything?
  7. you can do maps up to blue with tigers too. just needs good amount of hitpoints. spam the jump button and you can climb most mountains. watch our for stamina and your position its not as easymode as bears ofc.
  8. can you link me the discord? i wanna see the pics btw should i login and check if my tames and ships are fine or better wait for a fix?
  9. fuck your 2X event. i want 5X or atleast 3X TO EVERYTHING. GOLD, TAMING, GATHERING AND XP 1 year anniversary and christmas are pretty much at the same time so give us somethig BIG. i know there is nothing to celebrate for this piece of softwaretrash but still dont be lazy!
  10. lol good morning. it already failed you cant put up such a big trailer and then deliver hot garbage.
  11. yup happend to one of my tigers half a year ago. he went into space. he is probably on mars now
  12. no i want to solo but its super hard me vs 10 mobs without bow. WORST CHANGE IN HISTORY
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