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  1. thelawninja

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    NA PVE E10 During construction I took out a couple rows of walls and turned around to see 3 columns of missing ceiling tiles on the complet e opposite side of the building. Earlier it did the same thing to about 20 triangular ceiling tiles, some of which had been attached directly to a cliff platform.
  2. thelawninja

    Shoulder Pet Stats

    Please put in some way to monitor the vitals of shoulder mounted pets. The seagull, for example, would be great for diving since it helps your oxygen consumption, but you gamble on it dying every time you take it underwater with you, since there's no way of checking its current oxygen level and no warning if it's running low.
  3. thelawninja

    Everyone is being too calm and rational about the wipe.

    Considering the (lack of) transparency we've grown accustomed to over the course of many patches, I wouldn't hold my breath about clear communications going forward.
  4. thelawninja

    Wipe and Claim Poll

    A majority by definition is more than half. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/majority https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majority
  5. thelawninja

    Wipe and Claim Poll

    Man, our public education system is worse than I thought if there are people who think 23% is a majority.
  6. I believe I've gotten them in the northeast tundra as well. Not shoveled, from trees as the local thatch.
  7. thelawninja

    Am I losing all my work?

    Firstly, early access usually means having an advantage over people who wait till launch. Second, we're not just talking about infrastructure. We're talking about total character progression wiped out. Rebuilding bases and fleets is trivial; repeating hundreds of hours of grinding levels and discoveries isn't.
  8. thelawninja

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    So wipe out the claims. Don't punish the entire player base for the cheaters, and don't "reward" those decent players who have been soldiering on through all the glitches, bugs, etc. by throwing away everything we've built. I was miffed when exploiters sunk our ships, but we rebuilt. I was annoyed when we lost upgraded gear to blueprint-conversion and other glitches, but we made them over again. If we have to restart from scratch after all that, just because the devs say so, I'm done.
  9. thelawninja

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    Most of them.
  10. thelawninja

    Bear Flew up into the sky and is now gone.

    We lost an elephant today. It had been on the ship for days just fine, and crossed multiple servers without issue. We anchored and unloaded a couple of bears, and when we got back to the ship, the elephant was flying way out of reach and a bit further from the island than the ship. Tried whistling follow for it to get back on the ship and it vanished. Swam out to where it was, thinking maybe it fell into the water, but no sign of it other than the feces it apparently dropped while floating. 30 seconds or so later, got the notification that it was killed.
  11. Exactly. I'm fine with having to wait a short while to fast travel, but it would be nice if there was some indication of when it is safe, rather than guessing and risking losing good gear.
  12. thelawninja

    Treasure Maps

    Having also collected a lot of maps, I think half might be an overestimation (or you've gotten really unlucky), but agree that it tends to be the higher level ones.
  13. thelawninja

    Whales in zones 1 and 15.

    We had the same experience with trying to shoot at whales with ballistae; we ended up having to aggro them with a carbine, at which point the ballistae would start hitting.
  14. thelawninja

    Bear Mating not working?

    Nah, you need some Beary White to really set the mood.
  15. thelawninja

    Can't Craft Crop Plots

    For some reason, I am unable to craft small crop plots. I have all the required materials in my inventory (and then some). I have the required skill - I can make fertilizer, which requires the same skill. I have tried crafting by pressing "E" and by right clicking and choosing "Craft One" (I also tried "Craft All" and "Craft Custom" just in case) - nothing works.