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  1. I have seen a clip on Youtube where someone explains that Bears only mate when temperatures are between 16 and 9 degrees. I really think they need to rework that system or the spawns, why spawn an animal in a biome where they can't mate?
  2. This was not a Stealth Nerf, its in the notes: Creature health regen rebalanced and changed so that they no longer regen health when forcefed or from consuming corpses.
  3. If stuff happens on a Private Server, it will be out of the control of the devs. That said, did you know the admin(s)? Could they have done this just because they can?
  4. I use the same command I used for the rest of the updates, it should work fine unless they somehow changed the appid. If I run the update bat file it just validates and doesn't add anything new. I just took a look at the Unofficial Server List and it seems pretty much no Unofficial Server has 9.35, seems they did not release that onto the Anonymous Steam CMD Branch.
  5. Cpu(s):Intel Core i7-5930k at 3.9ghz (6cores 12threads) Ram: 32gb DDR4-2133 I/O (size, speed): Samsung Evo 850 500gb SSD running on SATA 6.0GB/s Current user base: Only 3 atm Grid Size: 2x2 Approx Number of Islands: 42 Bandwidth (up/down): 100/100 Fiber I do have to say something about this, I am running this on my own Gaming PC which also runs Atlas at the same time. Initial Bootup of the Servers eats a sick amount of ram, up to 80%, but as soon as I boot up Atlas, Windows 10's Memory Management is doing its thing and ends up a lot less. I added a screenshot of how much is used when windows 10 has done its magic.
  6. I noticed on the Patch Notes area that it says "Server: 9.35", yet when I updated my Server I still sit on 9.33, is there some mistakes made on the Version or Releasing?
  7. I found a fix for this issue, add AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True under [ServerSettings] to the server's GameUserSettings.ini, this will allow a lion to grab stuff. Screenshot to show lion holding horse and that it is indeed PVE.
  8. I have managed to change Grow Up Speed, Mating Cooldown and Hatching/Gestation Speed but the 1 thing I somehow can't get working is reducing the Imprinting Timer, anyone found out how to do that? I tried using the one from ARK but it doesn't seem to register it and it remains 8 hours regardless of my values.
  9. I was just messing around a bit with spawning in creatures and I found a few small things that could be improved. The Tigers have visible Seams: Dragons have a weird animation on their Left Hindleg when biting in Air, it clips through tail: Dragons also seem to have a random roar which is not a dragon roar but the same sound as the T-Rex from Dino D-Day as heard in this clip There is also a building issue with the Stone Walls, when placing them on an Inner Corner you end up with this:
  10. So I added Ship Paths but, I just have 1 question, will it automatically be a Trader Route or will it end up being a Ghost Ship Route? There is no info anywhere regarding the ShipClass field, and using google is a pain, as there is thousands of things linked to the name "Atlas".
  11. Same issue here, running PVE Server myself, right click only does damage and nothing else
  12. I have had the same issue, weight also said -0 / xxx, only option was to delete it and try spawning in a new one, which sucks as we got no blueprint codes to set level.
  13. You can also delete the Server Save files, if you edit an existing map and move an island, it will leave a ghost version on the save for some reason. I had the same thing with a none Freeport island and deleting the save of the grid holding that island fixed it for me.
  14. You could try using the template 1x1 and add some islands yourself, if you really want a challenge then add a map with PVE at the end, those have the Hydra Boss and other dangers.
  15. I also would like to know, why do we even have the ability to tame creatures in a biome where it is too hot to breed them? Wouldn't make sense for them to even live there either then.
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