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  1. its not the gold thats heavy its the diffrent dimension inside the coins that holds little gnomes that steal your boots when your offline
  2. bro its a game why u haf to be so serius
  3. peoples age should reset to 20 every time they die, it would add incentive to survive and would fix everyone rushing to same server, of course it would mean that little revamp would be needed for the age when you can use the fountain as no one is going to survive 90 years
  4. how about -999 in polar regions dead in 2 seconds.
  5. If you read anything I posted how does that not add anything? it adds people wanting to survive more and keep better care of their ships without any negative debuffs and you can do well without doing anything that. So it only adds for the core game.
  6. My propose for ageing, everytime you die your age gets to reset to 20, if you live to age of 60 you get one time permanent buff from the fountain of youth, if you live to 90 you get more buffs from the fountain repeatable. Making love with npc lets you remake character appearance and setting age to 20. In every situation your character keeps his levels. Now that I tought this more it would be nice to have ageing for ships too, like if your ship survives 50 years it could be upgraded to better version like all parts would get 2-3x hp buff and if it reaches 100 years old with enough sailing you could upgrade it to ghost ship or similiar changing the plank looks to some unique and add another hp buff.
  7. I have built only one battle schooner and its still going soon 1month old lol, thank god Im in good company, survived several 5h long chinese sieges aswell. To tell the truth it might be one of the oldest ships now on krakens maw.
  8. how about no, plz fix core game mechanics first as land claiming and proper anti cheat systems where no admin acess is possible for unknown users.
  9. Welcome to the hotel Atlas, your room is in 7th floor that has no stairs up or down and there is only one toilet on the hotel and its in the basement, have fun.
  10. 40-60 would be good enough per ship killing 4-5 to pay a crew of 15 for a day.
  11. Will you buff weight sails to make em viable for builds and are you keeping the 30% against wind? Making all speedsails builds the only way to go atm.
  12. TheFailingPierat


    what 20 yeti trains behind you is not fun for you?????
  13. I agree on all points of op and I would like to see buff for plank hp like serius buff and more damaged states for planks before they go gaboom, like leaking, small holes, large holes, partly ripped off, half ripped off, 3/4 ripped off and then finally destroyed, full water leak after large holes state. And only active repair (and buff for the repair skill) while on sea and passive while ancored.
  14. Yeah buff weight sails 750 for small 2000 medium and 3000 for large and someone couls actually use them lol going full weight would give for schooner 4k more for brig 10k more and galleon 18k more.
  15. Parking to shipyard would make new option to refitting ship, it would pick it up demolish all placed items except planks, decks and masts and the ship would retain its level and get a respeck for its lvls.
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