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  1. LifelessGamer

    One week is not enough for the PTR

    Much shorter PTR than I would have thought. Short PTR is probably the result of the game hemorrhaging players. I can't think of any other good reason for a short PTR.
  2. LifelessGamer

    Server wipe - At what time?

    Tons of good reasons too play PTRs I agree. Big problem I see it they just confused a lot of people with "server wipe with patch soon .......... scratch that PTR then server wipe no eta." I agree with the wipe with big changes to claims. It feels like they are going about it in a way that I would not though in their path to this update.
  3. LifelessGamer

    Server wipe - At what time?

    I totally agree with a PTS/PTR. Wonder what their plan is to get people to play on the PTR? Devs announced official server wipe and 2/3 stopped playing because why try for stuff that is going to go away. Others PTRs I have played on the games gave you maxed out everything and then people went on to say how that doesn't represent live servers.
  4. LifelessGamer

    Server wipe - At what time?

    Am I reading this right? Sounds like the new plan is they will setup a PTS server to test the patch. Then wipe the server after the patch is deemed ready?
  5. LifelessGamer

    New claim system

    My mental image some flag holders just removing doors and demolishing the persons ship storage box. Like someone walking in and helping themselves to your fridge, only they took the entire fridge.
  6. LifelessGamer

    what Graphics card

    One that is the best deal. I grabbed a GTX 1080 for $325 on ebay 2 years ago. Really comes down to price and what you are willing to spend. Decide on what you want to run. 1080p? 1440p? 4k? What are you fps goals? Ram means a big difference. I have 8gb on my card and have seen games use over 7gb without mods. Know what games require and plan accordingly.
  7. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    I could really care less what the numbers are, I have no effect on what they are. I have a vested interest in the numbers being high actually (I paid for the game/own a copy/game itself is fine and the problem is with the rules.) I have no want or need to tear the game down. Ones tearing the game down so far are the devs, all what you see is the result of them. Can they get people to return? Time will tell. If you like the numbers then why the excuses for them being low? Why so defensive if they show everything is fine? That was all said in a positive way though right?
  8. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    Who was claiming numbers to be disingenuous? Synonyms of disingenuous are distorted, misrepresented, twisted, ect. Almost like you don't like what you see. The truth is, numbers are what they are. They are neither low nor high. I find the numbers very telling in a number of ways. One example is we know there were thousand strong companies, they're gone. Will the come back-some-but most won't because it is a pain to. If the small groups left and are in the middle of a different game I'm not sure they will drop that in numbers to return after the patch. Lets be frank, idk if the patch will even be an upgrade to the game.
  9. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    Correct, I said you don't like them. The numbers are real, you going "ya butttt" means you just don't like them. You go on to misread the data: True playerbase is not what that site gives, it gives the current online players for the official servers-nothing more. You can check out the site during peak time. I found it interesting in not the numbers I was expecting when I checked over the weekend.
  10. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    You not liking the numbers doesn't make them disingenuous. The best anyone could say is after the patch they would like to see where the numbers stabilize.. We all know that more won't return than will. After the patch hits look at the numbers, that will be the best it will be for this game.
  11. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    Real time stats on the live servers are disingenuous how?
  12. LifelessGamer

    Developer Math

    https://atlas.hgn.hu/ At the rate players are leaving next will be an island for each player.
  13. LifelessGamer

    Landlords and GMs

    Why would they appoint GMs and not just have an NPC on each island?
  14. LifelessGamer


    To clarify. 1440p in medium/high settings is better than 1080p ultra (60fps goal.) Same with 4k, medium/high settings is better than 1440p ultra (60 fps goal.) It all costs money. Goal for all is they best they can with what they have. Same goes for the the 144hz and 240hz, just moves the bar higher.
  15. LifelessGamer


    What resolution? I run 1080p because I'm to cheap to buy new monitors. What I found is my gtx 1080 has 8gb ram. On high atlas uses over 7gb. Medium it could still be maxing out gpu memory. wn10-task manager-performance tab-click on gpu-shows gpu memory usage.