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  1. the hand harvest skill increases the amount of every tool u use. Blueprints dont grant more resources afaik. Most tools (if not all) have two stats: Durability and Damage. Damage increases the amount you harvest from a node per hit not over all! Durability makes the tool last longer. The amount per node is defined by the node itself. Only farm multiplcators increase the amount you harvest per node because it targets the node not the tool. Thats why the hand harvest skill makes indeed sense with some resources (metal, seagrass, aso) since u either cant use a tame (seagrass) oder there is no tame with a resource bonus (metal). There is one resource which is kinda a hybrid to that imho: Flint! With flint its basically the same like with metal. Pickaxe + hand harvest is best per node. BUT since stone is massivly available in most areas it is in fact more effective to farm it with a rhino due to the overall amount per time (it farms massiv more nodes per min then u with a pickaxe) even the rhino has no bonus for flint. I hope that answers your question
  2. Absolutly right, Sir! For Wood(elephant), Fiber(bear), Stone(Rhino) and Thatch(giraffe) -> tames are the weapon of choice For metal pickaxe + hand harvest is best because the rhino has no extra on metal just on stone.
  3. The problem u describing is happening to me as well but under complete different circumstances. Our bears glitch off the deck (no mather which saddle they have) with your described behaviour when we travel through storms. For me it seems that it has sth to do with the height of the waves of the ocean. The higher they are AND the smaller the boat the easierer bears glitch off. I think the game has a prob to locate the bears ground positition relativly to the deck the more movement between those two components happen. Following the idea: Maybe cargosaddles make this worse then normal saddles since a new component is added in this calculation due to the cargosaddle which also has to be mapped to the deck.So maybe the cargo saddle "drags" the bear off board. -> Just a thought
  4. @Jatheish could you maybe enlight us with this that patchnote?
  5. really? All my ships turn down sails and stop right the moment the last player left the ship. I often count on that behaviour when for example i approach an island and just jump of the last meters before the shore beeing sure the ship anchors automatically then. Will have an eye on this from now on.
  6. I started to go there for SotDs the moment I had legendary planks in my brig with roughly 9.3k Hitpoints and legendary cannons under deck with roughly 180% dmg. I always carry 10 medium planks and 12 gunport planks with me to be able to react fast if sth goes terrible wrong. I also added some levels to sturdiness to expand sinking time. So, I was pulled off two times while fighting serveral mid and high level SotD. Once from a good mermaid. Once from a evil one. Even with the evil one i could make it back onto the ship kinda on time (4 planks were gone and 3 or 5 were leeking but she still was swimming ) Then first thing I do is I set full sails get out of range and take care about the repairs. Was tense though. :) But I have to add I already sunk to mid class brigs before I found a setup which is working for me soloing(with NPCs) the fleets in golden ages sectors.
  7. For the Hydra imho the best way is to do it with a ship. Build some cannons or balistas on the back of the ship. Then lure the hydra to the shore with naked runs and kite her in the deep water via the ship. Kite her out to the ocean until you have shot the heads down. ->loot the mythos and bring the artefact to the cave
  8. my personal experience is that the mermaids often can be found in golden age sectors. When i go hunting for SotD in golden age I nearly have one everytime. As Hakaisha89 stated its completly random if it is friendly or evil. Good luck
  9. even had a sector where 3 Islands was more or less the same. sadly i dont remember which sector it was. was recognized during doing treasure maps on one of those islands
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