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  1. Is it just my feeling/problem or ships can no longer go backwards when you keep holding “S” ? That could be a potencial issue for PVP where u need to park your ships inside docks.
  2. Marx_cz

    2 day to reset? No info

    The potential wipe of servers was announced for 20th March. 2 days from today and we dońt have a single info what’s gonna happen or even what’s going on. Did developers give up or what?
  3. Hey. I was forced to play Atlas on a laptop for 1 month due to work and being abroad. During that time I discoveried a huge part of map. When I get back to my home PC everything is covered by Fog of War. It seems to be client side. Any idea which file to copy to make it look the same? Thank you
  4. We are selling tamed Razertooths. If anyone is interested to enjoy some fun and see how they work before wipe. Price is 25k gold per one Razer and 15k for Shieldhorn. We are located at E7. Send me PM
  5. All mates of my company are leaving the game as well. Conan most probably. GG developers. 3 months and more than 700 hours lost. We really loved our place, our base, traveling all over the world. Not gonna do that from zero
  6. Marx_cz

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    its C6 EU PVE 100%. Just returned. the entrance is on the south-west part of the island (under the lake on the map). GL
  7. Marx_cz

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Any idea where it is now?