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  1. ljbendele

    So just to make it 100% clear

    only NA is getting wiped and reset tonight, rest are getting wiped and reset on the 8th
  2. ljbendele

    Can we just get an update?

    no one will be able accuse realist of posting about a game he doesn't play anymore lol
  3. so was it intended to destroy all fences? Makes fences useless to have since by default they are unsnapped structures.
  4. ljbendele

    Tames dead at freeport

    the bear had a cart that was over weighted with 6k weight from all the rare rss I had brought to base in previous week. No one would have been able to lead that bear anywhere. There were 2 elephants, a giraffe , bear , lion, horse. If they were attacked by something they would have defended each other. They were inland a good amout, if someone had a way of leading them to the beach then the bear would have died long before it got to the water
  5. ljbendele

    Tames dead at freeport

    Logged in today to find the set of tames I had recently stored at freeport all died. We had been raided by CSTG a few days before and this was the last of what we could save while we rebuild. Logs show the animal's died but not by what or how. In my experience before when my tames died they would always log who if killed by a player or what if killed by some npc mob. The log just said they died. I have fought and rebuilt many times and if we had lost our stuff to enemy players I could be fine with that But I guess I am just tired of stupid things in this game like this. I looked through patch notes to see if I could find where it was announced anywhere that tames would not be allowed on freeports anymore but found nothing in patch notes. I guess I am done at this point. It was fun playing with you guys.
  6. fair enough, I agree, being larger definitely makes it easier. We are highly active and put in a lot of work but its rewarding for us. Not everyone could or should do it, its really up to what is going to bring any user the most enjoyment is how they should play.
  7. I have owned a mid sized Island since wipe with my 3 man company and we have no problems holding on to it, defending it, enjoying the game. Stay in your Lane Debby downer. Play however you want but don't tell others how to play
  8. ljbendele

    Can we start talking about lowering Map Size

    Add one server that on Saturday and Sunday portals open in every grid to this one server tile, for 2 hours its Free for all Last Man Standing, Battle Royal. Rewards awarded to winner and top 5 with highest kill counts, buffs, gold, tokens, figureheads, whatever seems fitting. Will encourage pvp . Keep track of rankings
  9. ljbendele

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    yetis chasing you is creepy.
  10. ljbendele

    Atlas PTR Bugs

    When starting in M2 freeport and north island is selected it spawns me on a different island and I have to port to the North Island still Not sure if this is a bug or intended but in M2 freeport (new eastern tundra biome) there are no treasure map bottles around the island.
  11. ljbendele

    Treasure only on Powerstone Islands???

    found plenty of treasure maps not on powerstone islands
  12. Recruiting for after wipe. I am a solo player, been playing since the second week after game launched. I am looking for other solo players that would like to still do their own thing. In my Kingdom we are all kings! You do your own thing , I do my own thing we all share the same island and contribute to the mutual defense. Will be making an alliance Called 'Red Solo Cup' for any that wish to join as an ally instead. If you don't want to join but still would like to share an island with other like minded solo players that refuse the join us or die mentality of the zergs then you are welcome as well. The island Taxes will be whatever the minimum possible is to maintain the island. I don't care what your politics are or what your game-style is either, play how you want. There is one rule though and it basically follows the honor among thieves philosophy. Stand by the other inhabitants of our Island. We don't shit where we sleep! Raid whoever you want , say whatever you want, do whatever you want , just keep all aggression aimed at everyone not in our server tile. I have led large guilds in the past and larger alliances (10 + years experience), I simply do not wish to play that way or lead in any meaningful way again. The bigger you get the more leading becomes a job and your playtime work. I am simply recognizing that even solo players need friends , can benefit from a network and mutual shared goals like defending the island together. I put in a serious amount of game-time every week and I refuse to be a mindless cog in some Mega's disaster. If your small and like the idea, let me know. I will be on PTR until wipe. If it ever comes online. Discord Info: https://discord.gg/8PrmNrA
  13. ljbendele

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    Why would you care about getting your old spot on a test server? Its only going to be up for a week at most.
  14. ljbendele

    Ocean framerate?

    i haven't played since they announced wipe, been waiting for the wipe. Logged in yesterday to check something and i noticed it as well. Felt like the choppy waves were going to stroke me out. My frame-rate was over 150 but the ocean is like staring into a strobe light of pixelated puke.
  15. ljbendele

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    The problem with nerfing bear cannons is that in the following day people will then scream for nerfing horse cannons. Then it will be screaming to nerf horse greek fire, so on and so on as each nerf just pushes the players to find yet another meta way to pvp. It doesnt end, people need to stop calliong for nerfs, if your enemy uses bear cannons then you make bear cannons and its even and fair. Its as simple as that, there is nothing that is unfair if you can do it yourself. This is not directed at you, just quoting your post where you offered a suggestion to nerf the bears.