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  1. Elrood

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Not only I have no idea what exactly you want to add to discussion, i have strong suspicion you managed to contradict yourself somewhere there...
  2. Elrood

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    That idea i actually really like. Something akin to WoW "rested" mechanics where the longer you are offline the higher "rates" you have would be perfect solution, when capped at something reasonable. I don't have time nor will to crunch math right now, but something akin to 0.03 rate per hour increase and 0.2 decrease per hour, capping at x4 could maybe work out well. From my quick excel calculations, it would allow someone who pay 3 hours per day accumulate enough (after week or two of regular playing) to always start with x4. But someone who play 4 or more would actually use all accumulated time from day before. Plus longer breaks would actually allow to catch up a bit easier. Edit: Actually allowing x4 for constant 3h per day playtime is to much imho, so rate per hour increase should be probably lower. How low I'm not sure.
  3. Elrood

    SP items disapear

    The only sure solution I can think off is to close restart game. We could also test going to main menu and loading back the game - should work as well. Unfortunately 3rd party programs will not be able to help because save folder is reserved for atlas application instance Not sure if whole time or only at "random" intervals, but either one possibility is creating a host of issues. So even if I wrote some simple program to 7zip save game folder it and copy it somewhere safe windows would prevent it from doing its job because atlas is often (if not constantly) using it while game is running.
  4. The only thing I'm confused is why the hell they didn't ban you yet....
  5. Elrood

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Well, thats Welfare/preschool faction you are so scared would do both weekends and weeks. So you are maybe maintaining status quo on weekend and still have at most half of what they have. Actually even less, cause sailing is a thing and its not 2x faster on weekends. So they loose time on week on gathering but sailing goes the same time, which means you still got you ass kicked by those preschool/welfare/24h streamers. On the other hand those of us who has completely random time for playing, are screwed if would be screwed if we could not play on weekend. Fortunately single player exist now, so you can have your x10 weeks too without me saying anything about it
  6. Elrood

    Increase sailing speed

    Just be sure to give a slider for unofficial server and single player.
  7. Elrood

    Max level of animals question.

    Isn't that depending on server / single player settings? Sure, official can have max lvl 30, but if you play with difficulty setting on server/ single player you can get up to few hundreds level creature.
  8. A lot of people mate... A lot of people. Some of us were actually waiting for something like it without having to setup whole server grid from the moment they allowed unofficial servers. What you failed to know earlier, this is Ark with ships. End of story. Doesn't matter what the vision was. Something akin to single player was inevitable . It was just a question how irritating it would be to set up and devs made it trivial.
  9. Great example why I'm staying single player for foreseeable future.
  10. Elrood

    SP items disapear

    Thank you. Fortunately I don't plan on bed traveling (guess its the culprit)...
  11. Elrood

    How Atlas died.... :(

    Had exactly the same with the thing that I've started on PvE and after all the drama decided that pvp amount on pve was not worth it. Single player for the win.
  12. Elrood

    SP items disapear

    Are you going out of grid and coming back to see stuff missing? Or is it on ship? Where is it, what was you doing between last check and it disappearing? It has not yet happen to me, so probably we would need to do specific thing to trigger that kind of bug and I would rather know how before i lose to much stuff.
  13. Elrood

    Rain inside house

    I doubt that, otherwise it would rain in huge parts of the house instead of very specific spots. Right now my indoor buff is similar to extreme case of swiss cheese. On that note, I have to say indoor buff in itself is strange, true, but i will wait until i have window frames and doors installed before I will comment on it - looks like empty doorways and windowed walls have big impact on it when placed directly on floor level I'm standing. But its enough to place window/door empty on halfwall (even with half stairs into the door) and its promptly ignored.
  14. + Peasants (NPC), hire-able, who could milk cows, gather manure or automate farming, etc. main usage would be for single player obviously, but it would also cut a bit on tedious on PvE and PvP. It would also add sense of progression (making things easier for well established player).
  15. Elrood

    Rain inside house

    Varied, very varied. In all spots its about 4 stories. But i have 19 stories height tower and its not raining inside it. So i rather doubt its about height, rather connection between specific elements.