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  1. They ninja patched the PvE server to remove sleepers last night. There was a massive land grab by all of the major players, im sorry you got eaten up in the process. I think there shouldve been more of a heads up for smaller companies, especially since theyre about to change the timer to two weeks for smaller claims. We cant get you your land back, but we’ve got a lot of land we can offer players like yourself if you’d like to continue to play and have reassurance that your land wont be taken from you. Message me on here or discord ( sigh#3522 )
  2. Alright, dude. This is a thread pertaining to the Official servers. Can we please discuss the topic at hand and not get personally offended because someone phrased something in a way that apparently offended you? Don’t worry “we” will definitely stay off your server.
  3. Just adding my name to the list of people screaming WTF upon this realization.
  4. Because there are only two guarentees in life; Death and Taxes. I dont care if its taxed tbh I was just throwing that out there. Again, I disagree.. Aside from game breaking issues like crashing when changing servers or SoD’s on rapid fire I would like to see the game stay high risk for moving goods! After all if you do sink you have the ability to salvage your wreck which i think is an AWESOME mechanic! Otherwise the sea would be incredibly boring after a few calm, lame ass trade runs. I do agree, NPC trade runs would be awesome, but again there should be a risk of that NPC being sunk. Maybe even give the option of sailing with the NPC to protect it. I would love the ability to attack NPC tradeships in the future, but obviously that wouldnt be PVE so maybe non player NPC trade ships you can happen upon. ( Trade convoys with fleet protection would be awesome! )
  5. Respectfully, I disagree. As I believe the majority of people will always take the path of least resistance. Whereas if someone quits because it’ll take more to trade then they’ll prolly quit anyway. I could compromise and say maybe one Trader per grid but I’d rather say per island tbh. I think this model would allow companies to set up their own trading port at their base or other allies bases using a hired NPC merchant similar to ship crew. Could even have a variable tax rate up to each company to encourage shopping around.
  6. I completely disagree. The second they link every shop to a single NPC is when they kill the social aspect to this game. You might as well be buying NPC goods. The whole point of the game is exploration and socializing with other players. The system your suggesting caters to a moreso single player experience and boils your login ritual to a single stop. I dream of searching distant shores for rare items ive never seen and never knew i needed. Perhaps give me a beacon or some sort of idea where the player NPC trader would be but not much more. Give me a challenge and feeling of accomplishment at finding a great trading companies port or finding a Beastmaster selling high tier creatures. Please dont make me stand in front of an NPC refreshing a menu for hours on end... thats not a entertaining trade model imo
  7. You should try trading with a larger guild! Theres gotta be some friendly folks nearby thatll part with a cannon or two for some materials or other booty. If not come to O9, we’ve got a trade port built and were trading anything and everything!
  8. Darksea is establishing a trading city in O9 and welcome any and all! Place an order for any type of animal or resource and we'll quote you a price.
  9. I can understand the desire for single player gameplay in a game as vast and beautiful as the world of Atlas, but with respect, i disagree. Grapeshot has an opportunity to create a really great sandbox MMO, but imo a single player option would detract from the overall player base. I know i know, thats a super conveluted statement. But if you look at other MMO’s they have plenty of single player content built into an MMO world. WoW, FF14, BDO, just to name a few that ive personally spent countless hours playing solo AND grouped. Splitting playerbase i think will deter player retention. Im not saying single player wouldnt work or that it would ruin Atlas. I do, however, think it would detract from what I hope is grapeshots overall goal to create a large single world.
  10. As the title states, what do we know of the future of trading in PvE? Other than big end game baddies like the Kraken I firmly believe Trading will be what keeps the PvE servers relavent. So please, grapeshot, take your time and implement this the right way! Personally, my company is for NPC traders strictly for Region specific or even ESO style where every NPC has different stock. This is an exploration game! Please do not boil us down to standing in front of an auctionhouse for hours on end everyday! Keep the MMO in Atlas, begging you. That being said i am very excited to be able to peddle our wares. Please allow us to hire NPC merchants for our player trade ports! For anyone playing on NA PvE Hydra’s Den come on by O9 and visit the DarkSea Dawgs port city currently being fleshed out! The tavern is ready for players to dock and relax! Were also always open for new Sailors/Tradesmen/Architechs and Nomadic Explorers! We offer weekly pay for players filling our shops as well as a percentage of their own sales ( this is all tentative depending on how trading is implemented of course )
  11. Im not well versed with server/client network tech, but SWIM has mentioned theres some issues involving your client to server communication. Something along the lines of how the server allows your client to dictate whats shown and what isnt. No clue if thats accurate but it seems to be a known bug for many players! I would suggest you have the player with the issue relog immediately as weve had a ship actually take damage and sink from this issue. As far as a long term fix weve had to verify and reinstall multiple times. Relogging seems to fix the issue temporarily.
  12. This is a serious issue in my companies opinion. Weve had inactive players next to us since December 28th when we move into our island. I can confirm they have not been online. Were not on lawless so as far as we understand after 10 days inactive on lawless players will now despawn if asleep. We need this horribly on claimable islands!
  13. yeah, sorry I have no suggestion for locking down a grid with 150 people.. I've heard that was an issue with EVE online as well? I've never played myself.
  14. I think rentable non pvp enabled plots would be one of the only way to solve that issue. There would have to be something unappealing with said plots or it would defeat the purpose of claimable lands beyond those shores. Maybe enable a bounty system to discourage rampant griefing On second thought I think pvp enabled zones could have perhaps more resources available while having the same resources available in non pvp zones but in lesser quantities could help alleviate a zerg problem. There's gotta be a reason to risk it for the biscuit.
  15. The devs will never be able to do anything about shitty people being shitty people, and this being a pirate themed game griefing will always have an excuse. I'm not advocating it or saying its ok just saying its gonna happen. I think they shouldn't even have PvE or PvP server to be honest. I think there should be PvE zones and PvP zones. I think they should charge gold after everyones first initial land claim as well has having rentable plots of land in freeports.
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