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  1. Ok, since launch I have defended, helped, cajoled etc, tried to be a decent member of what can be an extremely challenging and toxic community. Today, I logged in, after 48 hours away, I logged off in my house which I have done many times before. Nothing, all my stuff gone, dozens of hours of work, rebuilding, thousands in resources, all gone. Time to uninstall, I'd wish the devs the best but honestly, I have had a skinful. The broken claim system will be the death of this game, that and the absolute lack of feedback from our so called 'community managers'. I predict 6 months if the game carries on at the current rate, then they'll be amalgamating servers. I wish i could get the lost time back.
  2. Staceh

    Galleon Gone

    Just - gone - poof. Brig and sloop still there, but the Galleon has gone - err... that's a lot of work, please explain.
  3. Hi All, I'm owner/admin of a company, I've just logged in and I'm no longer admin/owner of that company. Whats going on?
  4. Taxes is fine, no problem with that, if you don't want to pay tax to the landowner, go elsewhere. However, after a evening dealing with some serious stupid and playing whackamole on claim flags instead of working on my galleon, I give up, take the claims. Very disappointed there's been no dev input anywhere on this.
  5. 56 views, nobody's seen anything? Embarrassing?
  6. Hey All, There's obviously an issue with the Claims at the moment, has anyone seen any communication (LOL - yeah, I know right!) from the Dev team regarding this? At the moment people are stealing, winding up, rage quitting and generally getting annoyed with losing their hard graft to people that have no lives and can sit online all day playing with their bits. It'd be nice to hear something on this issue.
  7. What they've done is realistic, and appears to be functional - now, granted they did not expect the amount of players they got (next time, phone me guys, I could have called that one for you....) They currently have 150 players per grid (server), that's reasonable, the area I play in usually sits around 60 players online at any given time.
  8. Not hugely constructive, and totally off topic Kolonelu, could you please keep your vitriol to the many, many threads about it.
  9. I hope that will happen, but there is one thing involved in that that I don't have any faith in - People, for it to succeed, especially on a PVE server where I cannot stab people in the eye, there has to be a framework for trading laid down as part of the software, even EVE whilst the economy is player driven has stations and some stations have more stuff than others due to location on major trade routes, or other areas of interest. But you can do a region wide search for prices and stock levels (Advertising) which currently could only be word of mouth for us.
  10. We are recruiting, drop into our TS if you would like to apply - staceh.ddns.net Or any of us in game. If your a dick, don't bother, we only want people that can hold a conversation, and don't take offense at everything, we believe in unbridled adult banter.
  11. That's all well and good, how do you advertise those wares, regional hubs is not a bad idea, certain areas have certain types of resource after all. I would suggest its all physical, in that you have to ship your goods to market to sell and not just "right click, sell on auction house" from wherever you are in the world. Suddenly you have a real risk of NPC's dicking you on the way to market, you'll need armed ships, you'll need security, brings a whole new aspect to the game, one I'm sure the Dev's have already considered, I just cannot find any information on it.
  12. Hi All, Am I being daft, are there any Market places or auction house type facilities in this game, or are we expecting them further down the line? I Can see localized trading going on, but it would be nice to be able to take my sheep to market..
  13. Honestly, 1 claim per company is enough, with perhaps a 'CEO' tree that will allow further expansion?
  14. We signed up totally to early access, its clearly on the front page. What about the thousands that have just got on with it, like myself and my crew, are we to be penalized because others cannot knuckle down and crack on. Personally, I see it as a challenge, I like hard games and this game is brutal. I'm saving PVP for a little further down the line when the game is in a better place, for now the challenge of PVE and learning the mechanics is enough. Bottom line is, nobody forced you to buy it, nobody forces you to play it, if you don't want to wait for enhancements and fixes, then please go play a bug free game (Honestly, is there such a thing?).
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