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  1. Tobekan

    Blackwood Resources/Gems

    I found a load of ruby nodes on the island to the east. On the south short there is a lot of ruby nodes with silver.
  2. Hi Everyone. I am trying to find gems, but just haven't found any at this point. Has anyone else been able to locate any gems, or have a resource map to reference? I'm working on one, but I don't want to post it until I have it updated as much as possible.
  3. Tobekan

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Good point and suggestion. I will admit, the issues have been slowly going away, which is great. I just want a smaller map to play on and cant figure out how to get a 5x5 grid to function in single player (show up under map options).
  4. Tobekan

    Anyway to setup a Single player map ?

    If you mean, create a smaller map that is a 3x3 (or whatever you want)? The answer is: yes. I have used the map/grid creator to make a new map (which is fun), but I'm not sure how to get the map installed once I have made it for single player. If anyone has a guide or answers I'm sure many would appreciate the information!
  5. Tobekan

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Maps stop working (you pick the up but they do not go to your inventory), and the current maps you have in your inventory or in storage go to zero gold and do not show up when you go to the location. Network: Single player (official map) Grid: All? I have not identified if this is caused in specific grids Description of issue: Map do not show up in your inventory when you pick them up and all maps you current own go to zero gold and no longer work Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: NA but will update if this happens again (this is second time) Repro steps if available/applicable: The only thing I can think of is traveling more than 3-4 grids without stopping to restart game client, but I'm not sure on this. It's only a theory because both times this has happened I was traveling 6+ grids for a map or golden ruins.
  6. Tobekan

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Treasure maps are no longer working for me. I cannot pick them up and the maps I had went to 0 gold and when I went to the zone, no light, no spawn; nothing. I might try wiping solo player data and start over to see if that fixes the problem. I also repaired the game by checking the local file integrity. That had no effect.
  7. Tobekan

    Anyone else spend 50% in-game trying to combat bugs?

    Nope. Too busy enjoying the game. With early access games (it's a paid alpha/beta) I expect there to be things that don't work properly.
  8. Unofficial servers are the way to go as far as I'm concerned. My experience is that getting into a good community is the best experience; always. Official servers are like the armpit of the gaming community with survival games.
  9. Tobekan

    Lost Interest?

    I am patiently waiting for the "big update" to happen, so I can return.
  10. Tobekan

    stop the tame crap this isnt ark

    Maybe buffing other things instead of nerfing everything is a wiser approach? Can you not implement a feature for some kind of weapon that counters tamed animals? Maybe an increased damage buff to mounted or tamed animals when using a blunderbuss or pistol? That makes more sense to me. A countermeasure is better than a straight weakening of a strength. This removes the issue for PvE and provides a solution for PvP.
  11. Go check the dedicated server forums. They're down a bit and have good information.
  12. Moving to an unofficial server was the best thing I've done. It's a much better experience. Same was true for Ark.
  13. This is a significant improvement. Thank you. Ultimately, if you just do a 3-4 week of inactivity "wipe" by killing the players who are inactive you will have come up with a good solution. Obviously, there are details that would need to be worked out, but what you did by killing off inactive players (as a type of "wipe") was perfect.
  14. Tobekan

    Claim useless in pve Trop de claim !!

    Yep. And it's clear they don't have any other priorities in life other than gaming. Some of us do. That's not a knock, it's just reality.
  15. Tobekan

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Exactly. I am really excited for changes with the claiming system for PvE. This will allow me to take over the land I've been living on for the last month. However, this reads like, "if you are not logged in, people will be able to contest and steal your land after a few hours".